Zariaha is the coldest part of the Mainland. It's the home of many different tribes, and at it's center, the city of Zariaha itself. It's king, Ryon the Trailblazer is one of the strongest warriors on the Mainland, and is by far the greatest king the Realm has ever seen.

Zariaha is also quite dangerous and is full of Demons and shadowy creatures called puppets. Zariaha is co-ruled by two kings. One human, Ryon, and the other is a Demon named Brozol Maximus. Brozol one of the three sons of Astriloth, one being Ashura, and the other is unknown. Brozol is quite a young Skril', only 231, and hasn't grown any extra arms or any wings yet. His power is much different than Ashura's, Brozol can warp space, allowing shapeshifting and teleportation. However, he cannot fully grasp his power at such a young age.

Overall, Zariaha is cold, but has wonderful rulers. The danger is very real, but with guardians like those two, it should all end up fine.

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