Werewolves are victims of Lycanthropy, a disease which was made by the Black Dragon King of Disease, Nalrut.

Werewolves have many hightened senses, such as smell and hearing. They also have the ability to sense the presence of other Werewolves, Vampires and Demons using cloaking or disguise magic. Werewolves have no control over when they transform. In most other Realm systems, Werewolves would transform at night, under a full moon. Not these Werewolves. They transform whenever there is no natural light from the sun touching their skin.

When in Werewolf form, they gain many more benefits. These include incredible stamina, the inability to feel pain, and the ability to let loose a bone shattering roar.

However, there are also many downfalls to being a Werewolf. Sleeping is bad for them, shortening their lifespan by about a year for each hour they sleep. They're always hungry, and eating does not satisfy them for long. Last, and definitely the worst, when they finally die, they are forced to live as a Demon thrall for eternity.

Overall, Werewolves are dangerous, and a danger to themselves. There are only a few ways to cure Lycanthropy. The only easy cure is make a deal with a Demon. This is unwise, as you'll most likely just become a Soulless. The other way is to make a trade with Nalrut. Typically, he sees curing Lycanthropy as killing a beast. So, in return for the cure, you must bring a sacrifice; a living sacrifice.

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