Greetings DSZC Fans, today's news is:

A recap on background info on the events of the past 6 months of work.

We constantly jump from host to host because of one issue or the other. Once I figure out how to host one, I will try to find an effective way to set it up and be on at the same time. I'll have regular Bukkit as well as some other useful server-sided stuff. If at all possible, soon I'll try to make a Mod. If it is made, we won't officially release it. If we do, it's for certain people face to face. If we do release it, it'd be only for Donators. Yes, I realize people could distribute it. No, I will not be happy about it. On another note, I plan to add more cool content soon to the server idea list. Soon to be added for sure: A new quest that will determine the men from the boys, a new event, and a special surprise!

At last, I thank anyone who is here reading this, anyone who follows this server's activites and to anyone who cares about it altogether.



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