This page lists and describes the different kinds of Magic, and the most common spells learned and taught under each category.

Each spell is listed with a tier, each requires more Mana, which is listed to the side. T1(1), T2(4), T3(16), T4(64), T5(256), T6(1024), T7(4096), T8(16384), T9(65536), T10(262144), T11(1048576), T12(4194304), T13(16777216), T14(67108864), T15(268435456), T*(1073741824)

Each spell also has a type. If it is a plain damage dealing spell, it will have a (D) label. If the spell is a ward type, it will have a (W). If it's a buff/debuff spell or other auxiliary effect spell, it'll be labeled with a (B). If the spell summons a being, it'll be tagged with an (S). If the spell's main effect is healing or restoring something, it will be marked with an (H) tag. Most spells will have a (D) tag. Some (D) tags will have effects from a (B) type, however this is only a secondary effect.

When statistics are reduced, the stat change effect decays by 0.5% a minute, after 10 minutes, unless stated otherwise. Stat reduction assumes the current value, not the base value. Reducing 100 by 10%, twice, will reduce it to 81.

DoT effects last for 3 minutes, dealing the DoT damage every 18 seconds, unless stated otherwise.

Enemies who are immune to stun will instead be dealt 50% of what the spell initially dealt. If the spell deals no damage, it will deal damage following this equation: ([user's level] x 3) + ([target's level] x 0.5)

Basic MagicsEdit


Fire Magic is based around decent damage and damage over time. All fire attacks deal damage over time, unless otherwise stated. All Fire Magic has a 10% chance to ignite the target, which in turn will deal 10% of the spell's initial damage, over time.

LV1: Fireball(Launch a small ball of fire that does light damage)(T1)(D), Flamelash(Coat your fingers in flame and lash your enemies with a short-lived whip of fire, dealing light instant damage and light damage over time for the duration of contact)(T2)(D), Fire Shot(Coat your fingers in flame and fire it like an arrow, dealing light-medium damage)(T2)(D)

LV2: Heat Lance(Throw a javelin made of fire at your opponent, dealing medium damage, and has a 10% chance to ignore armor)(T3)(D), Flame Mirage(Create a special flame that cannot be seen by normal eyes. This effect can be applied to any fire spell, when learned)(T3)(B)

LV3: Triple Fireball(Launch a fireball with two orbiting around it, dealing medium for each fireball)(T4)(D), Fire Smash(Slam your weapon into a target, causing an explosion doing medium damage)(T4)(D)

LV5: Blazeball(Launch a massive fireball of scorching black fire dealing heavy damage and stuns the opponent, with an increased chance of dealing DoT(25% instead of 10%))(T5)(D)

LV6: Rapid-Fire Shot(Coat your hands with flame and loose a flurry of flaming arrows(+3 arrows every 5 levels), all of which deal medium damage)(T5)(D), Ragestorm(Create a frontal shield of searing black flame that deals heavy damage to anyone who cross it. It lasts until ten minutes have passed)(T6)(W)

LV7: Inferno(Heat the air around you to extreme temperatures, igniting the very air, dealing heavy damage, with a 75% chance of DoT)(T6)(D), Firestorm(Cause a storm of fireballs to circle around you until dispelled or you run out of mana, deals heavy damage every second, this spell drains 2 Mana per second, after being cast)(T7)(D)

LV8: Pyromancer(Gain heavy defense against fire damage(Fire deals 10% normal damage) and increase fire-based damage(Increased by 50%) until you leave combat)(T8)(B)

LV9: Volcano(Cause a massive explosion of black fire, deals amazing damage, with a large chance of applying DoT(50% instead of 10%))(T8)(D), Blazestorm(Cause a storm of black fireballs to circle around you until dispelled or you run out of mana(draining 25 mana every second), deals massive damage every second, with a large chance of dealing DoT(50% instead of 10%))(T8)(D), Wall of Hatred(Create a mobile sphere of intense white flame around you, and separate ones around your allies. The flame sphere deals amazing damage when an enemy touches it, and it can be refunded for half of the mana used to cast it, even by your allies. It lasts until refunded or after ten minutes. This sphere has an increased chance to deal DoT(25% instead of 10%))(T9)(W)

LV10: Infernostorm(Cause a storm of meteors to rain down, dealing ludicrous fire damage in a 50-foot radius, with a 50% chance to inflict a stun on anything hit)(T10)(D), Heated Rain(Summon forth a cloud of volcanic ash, above, to rain white flame on the battlefield. Upon landing, each flame causes a wave of flame to quickly spread over a 50-foot radius. The waves deal ludicrous damage, and the drops deal God-like damage, if they connect directly)(T11)(D), Incinerator Cannon(Launch a fireball of white flame at blinding speed. For any target that is less than 1/4 the level of the caster, the fireball will pierce straight through them, dealing 90% of their health in damage, or, for any other target, it will deal God-like damage upon impact)(T12)(D)


Water Magic is based on deadly, but avoidable attacks and cutting defenses. Water Magic ignores 25% of armor.

LV1: Water Sphere(Create a ball of water to launch at your opponent, dealing light damage, and damages armor(Reduces defense by 5%))(T1)(D)

LV2: Water Pulse(Send into the ground a pulse of water that will track opponents, dealing light damage. Can only be avoided by blocking or avoiding the ground where the pulse is)(T2)(D), Waterfall(Jump into the sky, and drop onto your enemy's head with the power of a waterfall, deals medium damage)(T3)(D)

LV3: Hydro Pulse(Send into the ground a deadly pulse of water that splits into 5 different pulses, each dealing medium damage and can only be avoided by blocking or avoiding the ground where the pulse is)(T3)(D), Flood(Wash out your opponent with this heavy attack, stunning and dealing heavy damage. It can be avoided by using Magic or the environment to split the stream or by jumping over it)(T4)(D)

LV4: Deluge(An intense flood filled with debris and mud, deals heavy damage and can be dodged by using Magic or the environment to split the stream or by jumping over it)(T5)(D), Tsunami(A dangerous flood that stuns the enemy and shatters their defenses(Defense reduced by 25%))(T4)(B), Water Dance(Increase your attack power by 50% and gives a 25% chance of reducing defense by 10%)(T3)(B), Drown(Drown the target, draining exactly 15% of their current health, and cutting all stats by 10%)(T6)(D), Water Pressure(Build up pressure and launch yourself at your opponent, dealing massive damage and decreasing their defense by 50%)(T6)(D)


Earth Magic is built to break through shields and armor to deal high damage. Earth Magic has a small chance, 3%, to pierce Wards to deal reduced damage, 25%. Being a skilled Earth Mage, you also have the ability to eat some non-edible things.

LV1: Upheaval(Send rock spikes into your opponent, dealing medium damage)(T2)(D)

LV2: Crunch(Make jaws of rock to shatter your opponent's armor completely(100%))(T4)(B), Leveler(If used on a target wearing metal armor of any kind, all stats are decreased by 20%, otherwise all stats are reduced by 5%)(T5)(B)

LV3: Tremor(Cause a small earthquake, stunning your opponent and dealing light damage)(T3)(D), Power Crush(Shatter an opponent's armor by 50% and decrease their attack power by 30%)(T4)(B)

LV4: Earthquake(Cause a massive earthquake, dealing heavy damage to both friends and foes and stunning everyone near you)(T6)(D), Earthshaker(Stun any enemy, no matter what, cannot fail, even if the enemy is usually immune to stunning and even if the enemy is immaterial, however they must still be in range of the attack)(T7)(B), Destroyer(Decimate an opponent's stats, decreasing all stats by 15% and wiping out exactly 5% of their current health)(T7)(D), Boulder Storm(Throw a barrage of boulders at the opponent, dealing heavy damage each hit(+boulder thrown every 5 levels). All boulders that hit collect into an unstable mass, and once reaching critical mass(10 boulders), the mass will explode for amazing damage)(T6)(D)

LV5: Split the Earth(Awaken the rage of the world by splitting open the ground, all around you. The area around each crack becomes infused with the unstable Mana from the world's core, causing amazing damage every second to anyone who is in said region. Falling into a crack will result in God-like damage being dealt to the enemy, before spitting them out.)(T10)(D), Skullcrusher(Does amazing damage, and completely shatters armor(100%))(T9)(D)

LV6: Conditional Destruction(From the moment the spell finishes casting, all magic cast in a 100-foot radius around the caster will empower the caster with a 10% buff to STR, ARM and damage, per each cast. The buffs max out at a 100% boost. Additionally, the first time the effect applies, the amount of Mana used to cast the spell is refunded)(B)(T11)

Sky (Sky Magic uses crushing and brute force)Edit

Sky Magic is used to deal decent damage and inflict stuns on opponents, every spell has a 15% chance of dealing a stun, unless stated otherwise.

LV1: Gust(Send forth a weak gust of air, dealing light damage)(T1)(D)

LV2: Steam Burst(Send forth a gust of extremely hot air to scald your target, dealing light-medium damage)(T2)(D)

LV3: Skybolt Rush(Send forth an extremely fast gust of wind dealing medium damage)(T3)(D)

LV4: Tornado(Make a gust of wind powerful enough to move boulders. Sucks up nearby objects and beings. For each thing inside, each being inside takes light damage, multiplied by the amount of things inside. Once they land, they are stunned)(T4)(D)

LV5: Storm of Dramae(Call forth a storm of Light. Deadly Light/Sky Magic strikes hit opponents without fail, dealing heavy damage each hit(+1 strike per five levels), and stunning them)(T7)(D)

LV6: Storm of Raptoris(Call forth a storm of destruction and creation. Godly Nova/Sky Magic strikes opponents for amazing damage, and friends for a quick heal(+1 strike per 10 levels))(T9)(D)

LV7: Siskar's Wrath(Call forth a clone of Siskar to aid you in battle. This clone's level is 3 times higher than you and as long as it's alive, you gain a 5% boost to all stats and nearby allies get a boost of 1% to all stats. The clone follows your instructions, and always acts in your favor, but also has a mind of its own)(T11)(S)

Air (Air Magic uses slicing and cutting force) Edit

Air Magic is similar to Sky Magic, but uses cutting force instead of crushing force. All Air spells have a 10% chance to completely ignore armor, and a 20% chance to ignore 50% of armor.

LV1: Wave(Send forth a weak blade of air to cut the enemy, dealing light-medium damage)(T1)(D)

LV2: Air Dart(Coat your fingertips with a raging storm, and whip darts of air at the enemy(+3 darts per 5 levels), dealing medium damage each hit)(T2)(D)

LV3: Whirlwind Sickle(Sling sickles of air at the enemy in a single barrage(+3 sickles per 5 levels), dealing medium damage each hit)(T3)(D)

LV4: Raging Storm(Plant a seed of destruction at your feet, giving you an aura of air that will deter targets who get too close, dealing heavy damage if they get too close and will push them back. This lasts until you run out of Mana or until dispelled)(T4)(D)

LV5: Glazed Lancet(Coat your fingers in a raging storm and use them as daggers or throwing daggers. Every hit deals heavy damage. This effect lasts 10 minutes)(T6)(D)

LV6: Mountain Splitter(Awaken a storm of legendary proportions that engulfs the entire battlefield for ten minutes, continuously dealing a medium-heavy DoT to anyone the caster sees as an enemy)(T9)(D), Dissipator(Summon forth a sphere of incredibly fast winds to deflect 75% of incoming spells onto nearby entities)(T7)(W)

LV7: Eye of the Storm(Create a storm barrier around you ten meters wide. Touching the barrier from the outside does ludicrous damage. Being caught on the boundary when initially cast will deal God-like damage and throw the unlucky target away. Passing through the barrier from the inside will push you a safe distance away, and being the caster will incur no damage whatsoever)(T11)(D)

Soul Edit

Soul Magic is less of a traditional magic type, and is more of a spirituality. Through the pursuit of self truth, one can advance further into Soul Magic. Even a mortal could be a Grand Soul Magus, if they had a deep enough understanding.

Although, at the basic level, you can only make an empty Soul, devoid of any memories or knowledge, assuming the lack of special tools.

Advanced Magics Edit

Darkness Edit

Darkness Magic is built to deal decent damage and also steal health, Mana and other things from your opponent. Darkness Magic, similar to Light, will ignore armor altogether. Wards are your only defense against it.

LV1: Dark Strike(Hit an enemy with a health stealing attack, dealing light damage, steals health equal to half the damage dealt)(T2)(D)

LV3: Dark Beam(Send a target seeking, mana stealing beam, steals health and mana equal to half your level every second it connects. Connection can be broken by physical objects between the target and the caster)(T3)(D)

LV5: Dark Pulse(Create 3 pulses that decrease attack by 25% and steals half of your level in health)(T4)(D), Dark Smash(Slam your weapon into the ground, reducing the target's attack by 25%, dealing heavy damage)(T4)(D)

LV6: Stinger(Coat your hands with Darkness, and fire bolts of darkness that stick to your target(+3 bolts per 5 levels). On impact, each dart does light damage, and each bolt that sticks will sap 10% of the damage dealt per second, and lasts 10 seconds before disintegrating)(T5)

LV7: Dark Lotus(Crush a single enemy's defenses by 75% of their current armor value, and deal medium damage)(T6)(D), Clone(Summon an immobile clone, enemies will attack this first no matter what, does not work in PVP)(T2)(S), Summon Shadow(Summon a dark creature which will follow your commands, follows until it is dispelled or killed, it's attacks do light damage. It is always equal to 10% of your level)(T5)(S), Dream Thief(Used on sleeping targets, it steals dreams, giving you 30 mana and 100 health or 100 mana and 100 health plus 5% of your maximum health)(T5)(H)

LV8: Dark Meteor(Drop a meteor that inflicts light damage, slowness and cuts defense and attack 25%)(T4)(D), Rapid Dark Pulse(Send 20 pulses that do light-medium damage in a 1.5 meter radius, each having a 10% chance to create another pulse)(T7)(D)

LV9: Hellbound(Damn the enemy's soul to hell, decreasing attack and defense by 50% and stops any Mana regeneration, including stealing Mana for three minutes)(T9)(B)

LV10: Rose Dance(Call upon the Lesser God of Death, who will then steal 10% of the target's current HP and Mana, cuts defense and attack by 50%, and renders the target immobile for 5 seconds)(T11)(S)

Healing (Healing Magic goes through armor, but doesn't ignore it) Edit

Healing Magic is used to restore you or your team's health.

LV1: Cure(Heal the target for 1% of their max HP)(T2)(H), Cureall(Heal the entire party for 1% of each members max HP, multiplying the cost by 2.5 for each extra member outside of yourself)(T3)(H)

LV2: Heal(Heal the target for 5% of their max HP)(T4), Healall(Heal the entire party for 5% of each members max HP, multiplying the cost by 2.5 for each extra member outside of yourself)(T5)(H), White Knight(Give gleaming white spectral armor to your target, giving them a 25% buff to their armor. If they happen to take lethal damage while being a White Knight, they will be revived at 10% HP, with the White Knight buff consumed)(T5)(H)

LV3: Panacea(Heal the target for 20% of their max HP)(T6), Blessing(Heal the entire party for 20% of each members max HP, multiplying the cost by 2.5 for each extra member outside of yourself)(T7)(H)

LV4: Zephyz' Touch(Heal the target for 50% of their max HP)(T8), Zephyz' Blessing(Heal the entire party for 50% of each members max HP, multiplying the cost by 2.5 for each extra member outside of yourself)(T9)(H)

LV5: Rejuvenate(Create a ring of Healing magic on the ground. Anyone who stands inside the ring, including enemies, will be healed by 10% of their max HP per second. This spell will damage undead at a rate of 25% of their max HP, per second)(T10)(H)

Light (Light Magic ALWAYS ignores armor) Edit

Light Magic focuses on ignoring armor for decent damage and annihilating undead and Demons.

LV1: Solus Lance(Send forth a peircing bolt of light that ignores armor for light-medium damage, dealing double damage to undead and Demons)(T2)(D)

LV2: Morning Light(Send a pulse that crumbles undead, dealing amazing damage to them, others take light damage)(T4)(D), Holy Lance(Send forth a powerful bolt of light that ignores armor for medium damage, dealing double damage to undead and Demons)(T5)(D), Dispell(Dispell an enemy summoned being and disable future summons for 5 minutes)(T4)(B)

LV3: Holy Light(Crush enemies with a powerful blast of light, heavy damage in a 6 meter radius, and ludicrous damage to undead)(T6)(D), Morning Star(Drop a star on the enemy for heavy damage, shatters armor completely, dealing triple damage to undead and Demons)(T5)(D)

LV4: Hero Strike(Summon an ancient warrior to unleash their holy wrath upon your enemy, dealing massive damage)(T6)(S), Light Cannon(Fire a destructive beam of light that instantly kills undead lower leveled than the caster, otherwise doing ludicrous damage, and severely harms anything other than light creatures, amazing damage)(T9)(D), Prismatic Pulse(Blind your enemies with every element, dealing massive damage, dealing triple damage to undead and Demons)(T6)(D), Seal(Seal away an enemy that is lower leveled than you to use as a summon later, this only works on non-sentient creatures)(T8)(S), Pact Breaker(If the enemy has made a blood pact, soul pact or body pact, this will make them become your summon, this DOES work on sentient and sapient creatures)(T9)(S)

Curses Edit

Now, those were regular spells that affect ONLY the targeted person, persons, or area. Curses are on another level. Curses harm the user to add a powerful effect to a person, persons, or area. Curses are one of the only written forms of Magic, and they're written in the most recent Voratian dialect. As such, they use the Voratian language to actually perform the actions you write, and are acted upon by an unknown force.

Curses are very versatile. They can do nearly anything. However, they cannot specifically target living beings with souls. It can target traits very well. An example could be: A wall that will stop anything that has blue eyes. Another could be: A wall that will stop anyone with blue eyes that is between the ages of 26 and 40. If they meet this criteria, they will be pushed backwards and will be pelted with fireballs. The criteria can be intensely specific.

These effects can also be used to make turrets or enchantments. In these circumstances, a statement that will always return "true" is used. "If 1=1, return true", for instance.

If the caster has more than two Curses active, the caster gets a slight headache. After four, it's a pounding headache. After six, their eyes will begin watering and they will begin feeling nauseous. Finally, once they activate a tenth, they will collapse and their curses will be disabled. It is not recommended to have more than two. Curses must typically be written.

For every character written, it costs 1 mana. This can quickly add up, if making elaborate traps or enchantments.

Silver Edit

Silver Magic is often used by saints, paladins and priests as an alternate form to Light Magic.

LV1: Saint Knife(Throw a dart of pure light at the target for light damage)(T1)(D)

LV2: Saint Blade(Send forth a wave of pure light to hit multiple targets for light damage)(T2)(D)

LV3: Benediction(Enhance your melee damage by 20%)(T2)(B), Saint's Sickle(Send forth a wave of pure light that will seek out darkness for medium damage)(T3)(D)

LV4: Saint Knife Omega(Throw a powerful dart of pure light, it will seek out darkness and deal heavy damage)(T4)(D), Piety(Enhances your melee damage and your defense by 25%)(T4)(B), Silver Spear(Summon a holy spear that can parry Darkness magic, it does medium damage)(T5)(S)

LV5: Saint Knife Alpha(Throw a wave of 10 darts glowing with godly light, they will seek out darkness, and deal massive damage)(T6)(D), Silver Greatsword(Summon a holy greatsword that can devour Darkness magic and give Mana to the user. This greatsword deals massive damage)(T7)(S)

Soul Edit

At the advanced level, Soul Magic can allow you to sense if you're near other Souls. In order to advance to this point, you must strive to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Expert Magics Edit

Dragon Edit

Dragon Magic is based on yourself and stat increases and decreases.

LV1: Forgotten Rage(The memories of a past life haunt you. Utterly destroy your foes with a Magic explosion dealing heavy damage to all enemies nearby, your attack is also increased by 30% until the end of combat)(T3)(D), Blackened Memories(Increase your attack by 60% until combat ends)(T4)(B)

LV2: Total Chaos(Call forth a storm of hatred. Foes that are weaker than you, that are struck with the hatred bolts, become your mindless slaves until the storm clears in ten minutes)(T5)(S)

LV3: Confidence(Find your inner peace, and increase all of your stats by 100%)(T7)(B)

LV4: Dragonfire(Use a breath attack based on your strongest Magic. If the enemy is wearing Mithral Armor, the attack does light damage, if not, it does God-like damage to a single target. If using Lightning, the opponent is stunned. With Light, you ignore Armor. With Earth, you shatter Armor. With Dragon, you break the opponent's vitality, decreasing their maximum health by half for a day. With Nova, you decrease their stats by 99%)(T9)(D)

Slayer Edit

Hunting Grounds - A spell to force your foe into your eternal hunting grounds. You can hold them in this state as long as you have Mana to spare, draining 5 mana per second. Casting spells in this state will either weaken or stop the effects of this spell. Physical attacks or spiritual attacks have no affect on the spell. While there, your foe cannot fight back, as it will injure them for medium damage.

Blood Moon - A spell used both by Vampires and Vampire hunters. It siphons the foe's blood in order to supply you with enough power to unload on them. It works better at night. It works at it's finest during a blood moon, allowing you to siphon Mana, health and even their Soul.

Cold Knight - Your skin becomes colder than hell frozen over. Physical damage is negated completely, and your weapon freezes your foe solid. This power, however, is difficult to use due to it's massive Mana cost, at 100,000 mana for 5 minutes.

Seal of Trap - Your Soul becomes a trap. Any who dare touch you will find themselves without a Soul, and you'll have an extra source of power. The body of the foe is transmuted into Mana, and their remaining Mana is split evenly into Mana and health for you. This technique only works on enemies weaker than yourself.

Seal of Blood - Your blood becomes Steel. You cannot be hurt for a short period of time, and any magical attack that hits you is transmuted into usable Mana, at a 50% conversion rate.

Thousands Swords of the Slayer - The Thousand Swords of the Slayer summons countless blades to attack your opponent. The blades follow your orders, which you need not speak. The stronger your Soul, the more blades will be summoned. This ability is similar to Enigma's Thousand Lost Blades technique, however his blades are actual weapons, not just magic, and he isn't limited to the amount he can summon.

Hawkeye - Hawkeye allows you to pinpoint all of your opponent's weaknesses of any kind, physical, mental and others. Whether or not you can exploit them is up to your ability as a fighter.

Astral Edit

Astral Magic is used as a slightly weaker alternative to Nova Magic and is also used as a decent crowd control Magic. However, there is a stronger form of Astral Magic that is not taught, due to its overwhelming power.

LV1: Starfire(Drops a curtain of purple flame on the enemy, dealing massive damage to all enemies)(T5)(D), Starlance(Summon an incredibly heavy lance that can explode for a massive AOE when the wielder wishes, or can be used as a regular weapon for heavy)(T5)(S)

LV2: Starburst(Drops stars on the enemy for massive damage, which then explode into heavy splash damage, and then turns into medium damage over time)(T6)(D), Shooting Star(Grow wings made of stardust to fly at intense speed. Colliding with a target at this high speed will deal amazing damage to the target and heavy damage to you. Landing an attack while flying at high speed will summon a meteor to strike the enemy for heavy damage)(T8)(B)

LV3: Meteor Lance(Although it takes a while to charge, it cannot be blocked, rebounded or absorbed, the spell has a 5% chance of success. If it succeeds, it will instantly kill the target, causing massive splash and DOT. Despite its power, if the opponent can stun you, the spell loses its charge. The other 95% of the time, it will do heavy damage to the caster. Keep in mind that certain things may somewhat stop or completely negate this spell)(T8)

LV4: Starfield(Call forth a whirlwind of stars and nebulae. Those inside the whirlwind, when cast, cannot exit until dispelled, and those outside cannot enter under the same circumstance. Targets that are immaterial, or have pre-set portals are able to escape. Those inside the field, except for the caster, are 50% more susceptible to Nova and Astral Magic.)(T9)

Revival (Usually referred to as White Necromancy, or just Healing in some cases) Edit

Revival Magic, for a very long time, was both controversial and misunderstood by the uneducated public. Often, and even still, called "Necromancy" or likened to "evil". It is similar, but not the same as reanimation, or true Necromancy. It involves both repairing the previous host's body, and capturing and returning the Soul of the host, in order to bring them back from being dead. Revival Magic is incredibly draining, and is considered quite dangerous by its practitioners.

LV1: Life Thread(Retrieve the loosed Soul of a target and repair their body to a state where it's conscious, but barely functional. Will require additional healing effects)(T5)(H)

LV2: Revival(Retrieve the loosed Soul of a target and repair their body to the point of functionality. However, they are still quite vulnerable, and may require additional healing effects)(T8)(H)

LV3: Resurrection(Retrieve the loosed Soul of a target and repair their body to a point where it can defend itself to a greater degree. While unnecessary, healing can be applied to ensure full functionality)(T10), Guardian(Apply an automatic Revival spell to a target. Upon the circumstance where they would die, instead, they will be affected by a Revival spell)(T11)(B)

LV4: Immortal Soul(Retrieve the loosed Soul of a target and repair their body fully, along with applying a finite Mana shield to absorb incoming damage. The shield depends on how much extra Mana you spend, with a conversion rate of 5 HP per 1 Mana, with a minimum shield of 200 HP)(T12)(H)

Animation Edit

Animation Magic is the blanket title given to any magic with a similar effect to either reanimating the dead or creating Golems. Necromancy is under Animation as a sub-category, and thus, Animation is widely considered to be an evil magic.

LV1: Raise Dead(Raise a dead body, who, in life, was of Level 10, or less. This being will constantly sap away at your Mana, at the rate of 1 Mana per hour, unless you repair their mind. This being can be commanded by thoughts, and will enact any orders you may give it through your mind. If the order is impossible, it will still attempt it. It will remain until destroyed, or you run out of Mana)(T4)(S), Charge Golem(Charge a Golem that is already built. This can only charge basic Golems, specifically, Golems of smaller size than a normal Human, and can only complete basic functions such as moving objects or collecting data arbitrarily. The charge is weak, and will power the Golem for three days)(T6)(S)

LV2: Control Corpse(Raise a dead body, who, in life, was of level 35 or less. This being will constantly sap away at your Mana, at the rate of 1 Mana per hour, unless you repair their mind. This being can be commanded by thoughts, and will enact any orders you give it through your mind. If the order is impossible, it will still attempt it. It will remain until destroyed, or you run out of Mana)(T6)(S), Overcharge Golem(Charge a Golem that is already built. This can charge most types of Golems, except Golems that have personalities. It is possible to charge combat Golems, but will only provide half the Mana to them. For most, it will provide three days of charge, and for combat Golems, it will provide one and a half days)(T8)(S), Command Flesh(While unable to generate flesh, this spell commands the flesh of nearby corpses to collect into an amorphous blob, capable of following simple orders. It can consume other beings to fuel itself, instead of requiring upkeep from its owner. If not, it requires 1 Mana per hour)(T6)(S)

LV3: Corpse Thrall(Raise a dead body, who, in life, was of level 100 or less. If raising a being of level 90 or above, the upkeep is 2 Mana per hour, otherwise it's still 1 per hour, unless you repair its mind. This being can be commanded by thoughts, and will enact any orders you give it through your mind. If the order is impossible, it will still attempt it. It will remain until destroyed, or you run out of Mana)(T10)(S)

Master Magics Edit

Nova Edit

Nova Magic is based on explosions of Magic, dealing high damage and also dealing out stat decreases.

LV1: Nova(Send forth a mixture of all types of Magic, dealing massive damage to a single target)(T7)(D), Black Hole(Torture your enemies with the absence of existence, dealing medium damage to many targets and decreasing all stats by 10%)(T7)(D)

LV2: Supernova(Send forth a powerful mix of Magic, dealing amazing damage to up to 2 targets(The spell will chain to them))(T9), Supermassive Black Hole(Destroy the enemy's morale by dealing heavy damage to them all, while decreasing all stats by 25%)(T9)(D), Superposition(Swallow the force of a Supernova spell, boosting your stats to three times their normal amount)(T9)(B)

LV3: Hypernova(Blast your foes into oblivion by dealing ludicrous damage to up to 3 targets at once)(T11), Ultramassive Black Hole(Decimate the enemy forces by damaging them all for massive damage and decreasing their stats by 50%)(T11)

LV4: Meganova(Crush foes with heavenly might. If the enemy is lower leveled than the user, the enemy is 1-hit-killed. Can hit up to 15 targets)(T*)(D), Foreverzero(Stamp out all hopes for the enemy as you deal amazing damage and decrease all stats by 99%)(T*)(D)

Special Edit

Special Magic is used as a buffing Magic, usually used by spellswords, priests, paladins or even team leaders.

LV1: Rebound(Bounce back 50% of the damage you take the next time you get hit)(T7)(W), Vis(Your magic attacks do double damage for one day)(T7)(B), Propero(Your physical attacks do double damage for one day)(T7)(B), Munire(Your ARM is doubled for one day)(T7)(B), Hyperion(Using a magical crystal, your enemies become distracted and more open to attacks. In this state, they receive double damage, if they fall victim)(T7)(B)

LV2: Obruo(Your magic and physical attacks do double damage, and hybrid attacks do x3 damage)(T8)(B)

LV3: Extreme Speed(Your next attack cannot miss, no matter what)(T9)(B), Bulwark(Your defense is increased to x3 until you run out of Mana)(T9)(B)

LV4: Blastback(Bounce back x10 of the damage you take the next time you get hit)(T12)(W), Smite(If you die while you still have Mana, a ray of destroying light will deal your maximum health in damage to anyone who gets hit and you are restored to 1 health)(T13)(B), Active Action(Once activated, friction and air resistance no longer act on your body, allowing you to move incredibly fast and also allowing you to slide across the ground with minimal effort. To initiate it, you have to spend a large amount of Mana, and afterwards, you need to supply with upkeep(5 Mana per second))(T12)(B)

LV6: Retribution(If you die while you still have Mana, a ray of destroying light will deal x5 your maximum health in damage to anyone who gets hit, and you get revived with 1% health remaining)(T14)(B), Omnotois(Increase defense, physical, magical and hybrid attacks by x2, your next attack cannot miss, and the next time you get hit, 50% of the damage gets dealt to whoever hit you)(T14)(B)

LV7: Soul Force(Depending on your level, you gain temporary stats that last until the end of battle. From Level 1 to 30, you gain 30% attack. From Level 31 to 80, you gain 25% attack and defense. From Level 81 to 150, you gain 15% in all stats. From Level 151 to 400, you gain 20% in all stats. From Level 401 and on, you gain 40% in all stats)(T15)(B)

Rose Edit

Rose Magic is based on inflicting pain, with either a swarm of small attacks or damage over time. All of the DOT effects will increase in duration as the victim moves more and more. It's also used as a decent alternative to Darkness Magic. It often uses flowers or plants to attack.

LV1: Death's Dance(You become less focused on attacking and more on lulling your opponent into a false sense of security. You gain a 50% chance to dodge all attacks. When distracted, you may use a rose thorn to poison your target for heavy DOT)(T6)(D)

LV2: Rose Garden(When cast, countless rose bushes will hide themselves about the ground around you. If you step on them, you will not be hurt, but if an enemy steps on them, they will become ensnared and will suffer massive DOT until they escape, where they will feel heavy DOT. This ability will differentiate between friend and foe)(T9)(D)

LV3: Solemn Gift(Give the gift that keeps on giving... Poison. If your opponent falls for it, when they touch the rose you give them, the rose will wrap itself around whatever part of them touched it and begin injecting poison for ludicrous DOT. While the rose can be removed, massive DOT will continue for a day)(T11)(D), Gift of Truth(Give a rose, depending on your feelings for a person. If it's a red rose, the rose will convey their feelings for you and vice versa. If yellow, it will help strengthen the bond between you. If pink, both of you will receive the gift of a day-long 10% boost to maximum Mana and maximum health. If white, it will purge them of any illness. And, if it's orange, and its accepted, you will both receive 10 Mana. Gift of Truth can only be cast twice a day, before the cost increases by a single tier per cast)(T3)(B)

Combination of Magic Edit

Ice Edit

Ice is a combination of Water and Air.

LV1: Freeze Shot(Launch a spike of ice, dealing light damage and stuns the opponent)(T3)(D)

LV3: Freeze Blast(Cause a mini explosion of ice spikes, radiating from you, dealing light-medium damage)(T4)(D)

LV5: Shatter(Shatter an opponent's armor, decreases defense by 50%)(T5)(B), Frost Smash(Smash your weapon into the ground, causing a giant ice spike to come up from under your target, dealing medium damage)(T4)(D)

LV7: Deep Freeze(Seal an opponent in ice, decreasing defense by 25%, it also stacks with Shatter)(T6)(B), Icestorm(Cause a storm of slowing frost, inflicting light damage every second and decreasing attack power by 25%, lasts until dispelled or you run out of mana(Drains 2 mana per second))(T7)(D)

LV8: Sleetromancer(Become immune to ice, ice attacks deal double damage until you leave combat)(T7)(B), Ice Meteor(Drop a massive chunk of ice on your enemy's head, dealing heavy damage and inflicts slowness)(T7)(D)

LV:9 Glacier(Drop a glacier on your enemy(s), dealing massive ice damage, slowness, cut defense by 50%)(T8)(D)

LV10: Glacierstorm(Drop several glaciers on your enemies, dealing amazing damage, slowness and cut defense by 75%)(T9)(D)

LV11: Glacius Maximus(Call forth a clone of Glacius who will aid you in battle. The clone level is the caster's level, multiplied by three, and as long as the clone is alive, it'll give you a 100% boost to your defense and a 30% boost to your nearby allies' defenses)(T13)(S)

Lightning (Lightning Magic is amplified by a target wearing metal armor) Edit

Lightning is a combination between Fire and Air.

LV1: Chain Lightning(Chain a weak electric pulse to up to 3 enemies, dealing light damage)(T3)(D)

LV3: Shock Pulse(Cause 5 paralyzing, light damage pulses in a 3 meter radius)(T4)(D), Shock Smash(Slam your weapon into the ground, causing a lightning bolt to strike the enemy, cannot miss, dealing light-medium damage)(T4)(D)

LV5: Stun(Stop your enemy from moving for 3 seconds)(T4)(D)

LV7: Lightningstorm(Summon a lightning storm to electrocute enemies, strikes twice for each enemy in the area, each bolt does heavy damage)(T6)(D), Chain Laser(Sends a laser at up to 10 enemies, or loops back at the targets if there isn't 10, until all the 10 charges are used up, each hit does medium damage)(T7)(D)

LV8: Plasromancer(Become immune to stun of any kind and lightning, lightning attacks deal double damage until you leave combat)(T7)(B)

LV9: Thunder Pillar(Fire a pillar of lightning from under your opponent, stunning them for 10 seconds and dealing massive DOT, until the attack stops)(T8)(D), Heat Lightning(Burn up to 5 enemies with heavy lightning damage, and decrease their attack by 50%)(T8)(D)

LV10: Devilthunda(Strike up to 10 enemies with both a massive laser, and a black lightning bolt, draining 10 mana from each target and adding it to you, dealing amazing damage)(T9)(D)

LV11: Sky Split(Cut the sky in half and drop a beam of Lightning on the opponent, causing a heavily damaging explosion, and amazing damage over time. Anyone other than yourself caught in the radius will be stunned for 3 seconds and their attack power will be cut by 90%)(T11)(D)

Chaos Edit

Chaos Magic is created by infecting oneself with a profane amount of Darkness. This can be achieved through self-targeting or through an intense Darkness attack that did not kill you. Chaos Magic is dangerous, as, if you are not strong-willed, it will destroy your sense of self and your ability to feel emotion other than rage, often accompanied by an insatiable hunger. The Mana cost is split between Health and Mana.

LV1: The Voices(Summon a wraith of [your level]x[1.25] to aid you in combat. It's attacks do the same amount of damage as your last used attack, whether that be magic or physical)(T6)(S), Hellrend(Summon claws onto your hands that deal double the damage of your last used weapon before you cast the spell)(T7)(B)

LV2: Chaos Orb(Form a solid ball of chaos in your hand, and throw it. Despite being light to you, this orb is absurdly heavy to anyone else, easily breaking bones. This attack does massive damage)(T4)(D), Chaos Tendrils(From your hands burst bladed tendrils that seek out targets(+1 tendril every 10 levels). The tendrils deal heavy damage on impact)(T8)(D)

Metal Edit

Metal Magic focuses on refining Earth Magic, making it even more unmovable than Earth Magic, and even more devastating. Being a skilled Metal Mage, you can eat many non-edible things without consequence.

LV1: Iron Shot(Fire a small rod of solid iron at the enemy at supersonic speed. Deals heavy damage)(T4)(D), Heavy Shield(Create an incredibly large and thick metal shield, physical attacks that hit it will do 10% of their normal damage. Magic can still conduct through it)(T6)(W)

LV2: Steelstorm(Call forth a whirlwind of metal shards, each dealing medium damage for as long as the caster has Mana or stops the spell)(T6)(D)

LV3: Graveyard(Summon countless blades to shoot from the ground, creating a forest of giant swords. Upon summoning, if one hits an enemy, they take amazing damage)(T8)(D)

LV4: Iron Lotus(Throw 5 blades(+5 for every 10 levels) in every direction that will home in on your target or targets, dealing massive damage per blade)(T9)(D)

LV5: Karmic Demon Godsword(Summon a 30-meter long Steel grandsword, that you can swing with no hindrance. This sword deals the base weapon damage for steel grandswords. It also has a magic damage modifier of doing ludicrous damage)(T12)(S)

Flesh Edit

Flesh Magic has many applications. For an extremely experienced mage, you can create other living beings. For the less experienced, you can create malignant monstrosities, able to infect other living creatures, and other similar effects.

LV1: Flesh Strand(Fire a strand of flesh, acting as a tether. Upon impact, it deals medium damage, and will remain until destroyed or dispelled)(T3)(D), Bone Shot(Fire a collection of bone shards at your enemy(+2 shards per 5 levels), each for light-medium damage)(T4)(D)

LV2: Net(Release a large flesh net at your opponent, slowing them down and applying a medium DoT effect to them)(T4)(D)

LV3: Disease Shot(Launch a small infectious mass at your enemy, which, unless dispelled or intercepted, will Infect your opponent. Infected opponents suffer increasingly damaging DoT effects. At first, light damage over time, for 10 minutes. Then, light-medium damage over time, for 7 minutes. Then medium damage over time for 5 minutes. And, finally heavy damage over time for 10 minutes. After this, the effect will wear off, will give your opponent a 90% reduction in Infection damage for the next in-game month)(T6)(D)

LV4: Lord of Maggots(Taking 10 seconds to charge fully, once charged and cast, it will generate a 30 meter field of writhing maggots. Anyone the caster views as an enemy, and who isn't currently immune to Infection, will become Infected, and also take light-medium DoT from the maggots, until they stop touching them. The area of effect stays until the maggots are destroyed, dispelled, or the caster runs out of Mana)(T7)(D), Skin of the Beast(Alter your flesh to be more akin to a beast, increasing your defense by 50%, and make yourself immune to Infection, while restoring your health by 10%)(T7)(B)

God MagicEdit

God Magic is a form of Magic that can typically only be performed by Greater Gods or higher.

Skril ScreamEdit

The Skril Scream was created by Skril' Astriloth. It's a powerful demonic roar capable to shattering a foe's will to fight, as well as their defensive measures. It can usually only be used by other Skril' Demons, but if a being's hatred and willpower is strong enough, they can learn it.

Blinding LightEdit

Blinding Light was created by Dramae when he was still a Greater God. It takes a short time to charge, but as soon as it's charged, it can be used until the user runs out of Mana. This spell summons beams of cleansing light that emerge from the ground around the user. If a being who is perceived to be evil by the caster was to look at these beams, they would lose their sight permanently. If hit by one, the being has one of three reactions. One, if the being is weaker than the caster, it will be immediately destroyed with no trace. Two, if the being is only slightly weaker, equal or slightly stronger, it will take incredible damage and will find most of it's Mana gone. Three, if the being is stronger, it will slowly leech their Mana until it's gone, at which point it will target it's Soul. Only beings with white Souls can use it.

Soul FireEdit

Soul Fire was created by the Demons of the first age. Soul Fire's main purpose was to cause a Soul to grow abnormally large, killing it's body so that Demons could harvest Souls faster. This power was extremely draining. If the spell was cast incorrectly, or the target wasn't viable, the caster would potentially die. For this reason, it was only taught to Demon high priests.


Dragonfire was created by the Dragon God, Schalos. It is an extremely potent fire breath attack that destroys a being's Soul, so that the body can be revived as a slave. A substantially less powerful version of this spell was taught to most other Dragons to give an edge against those who would do them harm. Only one kind of material could resist this: Mithril. Mithril's anti-Dragon properties make it a must when fighting Dragons that can use any variation of Dragonfire. Dragonfire is not only fire, however. The effect depends on the Dragon's main form of Magic. So, it is possible to have Ice Dragonfire.

Super Dragonfire Edit

Super Dragonfire is similar to regular Dragonfire, however it has a few key differences. For one, this version can be launched over long distances in a napalm-like mix. This Dragonfire is also much more powerful, able to destroy the Soul of other Dragons.

Engine of WrathEdit

Engine of Wrath was created by the Energy Clan to purge impurities from the Realm. These could include Darkness rifts, Void Rot, and many other harmful effects. This spell is difficult to use, due to how much Mana it requires. The Energy Clan members all have unusually high Mana Counts, so they have no problem with it. If cast by others, a group is usually needed to sustain such a powerful cleansing Magic.

Nature's MightEdit

Nature's Might was created by Yzaar-Takous. She uses it to smite those who destroy nature without atoning for their sins. It's rarely used for it's true purpose, though. Often, it's used as a primary attack, coupled with fire spells. The attack itself grows a thick thorn bush around the target, injecting them with many horrible poisons. Since the bush is flammable, lighting it ablaze does even more damage. She had bestowed the knowledge of this spell upon Dramae and Saul, the two guardians of Zeterra, along with her more devout followers.

Forbidden Magic Edit

Forbidden Magic is just that: forbidden. Not on the level of Mortals, but of Gods, due to the implications and applications. While how to use them is not described in the vast libraries of Rhahamiir's, they are spoken about on multiple accounts. Many forbidden magics are abilities related to retribution, punishment or destruction on the scale of great regions of space.

The Shades of Cardindra Edit

This spell used as retribution against incredibly powerful wrong-doers. There are only four recorded instances of it being used, all of which have happened in the past 2,000 years. The spell consists of summoning forth the decaying souls of those who died during the destruction of Wintergreen. Resisting this spell is noted to be almost entirely impossible, although it is currently unknown why. The souls appear as ghostly figures, and slowly dance around the chosen victim. This dance is thought to be part of a ritual. Once this action has been completed, the victim's soul is extinguished, often resulting in death, or a death-like sleep.

The Tower of Babel Edit

This spell is very similar to the Shades of Cardindra in that it's also used for punishment. Whenever this spell has been referenced, the being known as "Babel" is also often referenced. Babel is thought to be a very powerful political figure in multiversal politics. There have been no accurate descriptions of this spell, because if you're close enough to see it, you're close enough to be affected by it. There have only been two instances of its use, and both times caused massive spatial distortions throughout much of the civilized universe. Unlike the previous spell, only one person we know of knows how to use this spell, which is clearly stated in multiple texts: Siskar. Siskar, being the oldest and most powerful God we know of, has access to powers beyond most we know of.