This is a Timeline of mostly major events happening in the world of Destinyscape Zetacraft.

Age 1-

Year 0-Year 5: Creation Period with Dramae and Medasz

Year 6: Skril' Astriloth banished

Year 7-432: Creation period continued

Year 433-629: First God War

Year 630-744: Peacetime, no hostile acts took place, but the growth of the races nearly doubled.

Year 745-1270: Second God War, Zephyz' punishment

Year 1271-1274: The Yratians attack and almost exterminate all Part-Humans from Zeterra.

Year 1275-1827: Peacetime, except for Zephyz withdrawing from the world for a few centuries.

Age 2-

Year 1828-2355: Nomads turn to small outposts, outposts turn to villages, so on and so forth. Soon, the major towns and cities of the modern realm.

Year 2356-2358: The Betrayal at Zakianshin, The Ilhallen Massacre

Year 2568-2571: The Demon Incursion I

Year 2872-2874: Void Scout attacks and claims three towns

Year 2875-2876: The Year of Blinding Light

Age 3-

Year 2877-2880: The Third God War; Yzaar-Drakus Vs. The other gods of the realm

Year 2881-2945:The rebuilding of the Realm

Year 2945-2965: Ashura's imprisonment, Soulreach is razed.

Year 2966-2967: Ashura is freed and he links his Realm, the Land of the Sleeping Giants, to the rest of the system

Year 2971: The first Demon scout was found infiltrating the Mage's Coloney

Year 3005: Information on other Ancient Gods was found

Year 3006-3015: Research on magic exponentially increases

Year 3019: Ilhallen was found inside the Zakianshin ruins and is resurrected, The Ilhallen Massacre

Year 3022: Ruuki was born from the Whisper

Year 3023: Dramae is awakened, Schakkus defects from the Voids into Dramae's ranks, the Gods raid a Void outpost and another Void defects to their side. The Dwarves begin to suffer a civil war.

Year 3024: Through more research, the leader of the Voids is discovered as a being known as Anmdra. The homeworld of the Uares, Stahlmite, was re-discovered. Astriloth and Schalos both joined the Gods. The Golden Palace was attacked by the Voids. The Fourth God War begins.