Thynad is the capital city of the Thief Chain Islands. It's a bad place to be, even compared to the rest of the island chain. Criminal organizations often find their roots here. Even the Bandit Overlord of the Thief Chain Islands is crooked.


The DrucanitesEdit

The islands have been known to attract many strange visitors. One such group was the Drucanites, a group of Dragon-Humans from the Origin Islands. However, only 3 months after the group arrived, many started dying of an unknown cause. It became apparent that a Death God had become angry with them after an artifact was stolen from it's temple.

The Kgal-Kahni'Edit

The Kgal-Kahni were a group of Demon monks who were being chased from the mainland after razing a village "in the name of lord Harral". They soon turned bandit, quickly creating one of the largest and strongest criminal organizations in the Realm.

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