The Tower is a dungeon in DestinyScape Zeta. It can be accessed by doing /warp Tower.Edit


The Tower is an 8 story building filled with mob spawners. Each floor houses different mobs for the most part.

Floor 1:

When you begin, you drop into a room with 2 Zombie Spawners. The room is generally easy to beat using the charge method- See "Strategy" section.

Floor 2:

Floor 2 is a little bit harder than floor 1, specifically because of the Endermen. It would be an extremely easy floor, but enderman make this floor difficult. It holds 1 chest.

Floor 3:

Floor 3 contains slimes, which are easily walked passed. This floor is a rather simple floor and can be easily traveled through.

Floor 4:

Floor 4 houses 1 skeleton spawner and 1 zombie spawner. Going for the chest on this floor can be risky as turning around will lead you into some deadly skeleton fights. New players should go for the chest, as the iron chestplate inside can really help out new players.

Floor 5:

Floor 5 contains 2 spider spawners. This floor should be passed over unless you are trying to get string or spider eyes. However, one notable difference is that the staircase going up from this floor must be jumps up on. If you forget this, you may find yourself in a battle with spiders.

Floor 6:

Floor 6 is similar to floor 5, except instead of spiders, there are 2 skeleton spawners.

Floor 7:

Floor 7 is actually difficult compared to earlier floors. On this floor, zombies spawn, and in most cases, skeletons and spiders have followed you up the stairs, creating a huge battle. The toughest part of this floor is climbing the ladder up, because mobs will often screw you over while trying to get to the top.

Floor 8:

Floor 8 houses 4 cave spider spawners. Many players will find this floor somewhat difficult since the cave spiders can fit through the one block gap at the top allowing for a sneak attack. Although their poison is not applied these little spiders can be hard to fight in big packs. Walking through the iron doors will bring you to the end of the dungeon.


Inside of the Tower, there are 3 chests. One chest on the second floor, the fourth, and the eighth. None of the chests are hidden, and are fairly easy to get to. Many experienced players find this loot unnecessary, but many new players may find the armor found in the chests useful.

Chest 1: 

Location- Floor 2, on your right as you come up the stairs.

Loot- The chest contains 2 iron ingots and 2 gold nuggets.

Chest 2:

Location- Floor 4, on your right as you come up the stairs. Located on the opposite wall.

Loot- The chest contains 1 iron chestplate.

Chest 3:

Location- Floor 8, the final floor. Located behind the blaze spawners on the opposite side of the room. 

Loot- The chest contains 1 iron leggings, 1 iron sword, and broken diamond boots.


The tower can be difficult if not taken on with extreme caution, or without strategy. I've compiled a few strategies players use to complete this dungeon.

The Charge Method:

Many players charge through the map, grabbing the chests and bolting up the staircases. This is a very efficient method of completing the level, however, when going up stairs, it is very important you kill mobs on the staircases. Many of the enemy mobs will climb the staircases, and can push you down to enemy infested floors if not taken care of. Many players will push through. The only floor that can be difficult is the fifth, and this is due to the fact that many mobs are spawning at once and the way of traversing to the next floor is through a ladder, which mobs can easily knock you off of. However, upon beating this floor, you will be brought to the sixth floor. The sixth floor looks to be more challenging than it really is, as it houses 4 blaze spawners. It is recommended you bring potions of fire resistance and fight blazes to gain what many consider the map's true treasure- the diamonds and blaze rods that blazes drop.

The Sneaky Method:

Another method is to stay and fight mobs, while slowly working your way around the sides of the building. The main reason why this strategy would be chosen over the charge method is that you will get many more mob drops- ender pearls, string, bones, a lot more than players using the Charge method would.

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