The Gauntlet is a Dungeon on DestinyScape Zeta.Edit


The Gauntlet is a large stonebrick room with lava flowing from the roof and walls. Lava is a main feature in this dungeon, however, there is also a huge mob battle that can be activated in this area. The Gauntlet is a little different than other dungeons in that it has no specific direction, and leaves players to explore on their own. 


Inside of the gauntlet, there is one known chest. This chest contains:

The Fire Spirit Bow:Edit

A bow of the fire spirits. The bow is enchanted with Flame I and Infinity I, and makes for a great weapon for players early in the game.

The Dragon ArrowEdit

The Dragon Arrow is just like any other old arrow, but is enchanted to Sharpness I.

Origins and MythsEdit

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