The Frozen Wastes are a place far to the north of every known place. It is the home of many deadly creatures and forsaken locations.


Oculus Demon: The Oculus Demon is a Demon which towers over almost all known species of Demons so far. It sports eyes on it's hands, forehead, the top of their feet, along their back, and their tails. They can cast horrible spells from these eyes, and combined with their poisonous bite, make them a formidable opponent.

Dracoluminescent Golem: This Golem is only a rumor, and is not proven to exist. It's like other Golems, only made from Dracolumini Ore. If they do exist, they are the only known source of Dracolumini Ore. They are said to be twice the size of a full grown man, and as old as the realm itself. For this reason, they're also said to be extremely intelligent.

Snow Stalker: The Snow Stalker looks like a regular pile of snow in the north. Once it's prey gets too close, they devour them in seconds. There is no known way to ward them off. No one has ever seen one, without dying seconds later. it is unknown if they hunt in packs, or if they are nomadic.

Occurences and SightsEdit

If you can survive past the Frozen Wastes, you'll either arrive at the Frozen Maw or the Forsaken Plains.

The Frozen Maw is a place where Demons live and thrive. It was once rumored that it was once an ancient volcano, from which crawled millions of demons. These demons are also rumored to be wandering the Frozen Wastes surrounding the Maw. There is a large sword stabbed into the middle of the Maw. It is said that this sword caused the volcano's eruption, and transforming it into the Frozen Maw we see today. Some have spoken to Tok-Dramae about it, but he claims he didn't know of it's existence. Swords that look similar to it have been found in various locations around the world.

The Forsaken Plains are a grassland in the middle of the Frozen Wastes. It's completely uninhabited, and it is said even the Gods themselves fear to tread there. One group was known to have made it there, but soon after, magical transmissions ceased, and they were believed to be dead. Two of them returned, and stated the others just vanished, were frozen in time, or driven to insanity. Even the Gods aren't immune from it, it seems. A Lesser God; Romulkuous, the Lesser God of the Damned, was found face-down on the ground. He was supposedly transporting souls over the area, to his fortress west of the Frozen Maw, when he needed to rest. Whatever the Forsaken Plains are, it's unholy, and a danger to anything that enters. Do not venture there, it does not matter what reason you have. Don't do it.

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