Soon after Dramae entered the empty plane of existance that would soon be known as Destinyscape Zetacraft, he recruited Medasz to help forge it. Hundred of years passed while they worked. When Dramae saw how well Medasz had performed, he formally gave him his title: The God of Matter. Dramae knew he needed more beings to carry out this world's needs, so he embarked on a journey to a nearby realm to recruit more powerful beings. He came back with a rather hostile male and a sassy female. Once they found their places in the world, they were given godhood.

Medasz was on a usual outing to the forest of Chirix, when he met up with Harral. It started as normal banter, until Harral made a comment that angered Medasz slightly. "I'd rather have DEAD trees here. And besides, this place is way too cheery. Let's add some chaos..." As he said that he reached for a tree, and Medasz punched him, very hard might I add. Harral, being a hothead, turned to Medasz and said: "You never should have done that." Not taking the hint, Medasz stood there dumbfounded by his words. Harral teleported behind Medasz and stabbed him in the back. They started brawling, taking down trees that stood in their path. It wasn't enough. They left the site of the battle to recruit soldiers. When they had collected their armies, the battle ensued. Four-hundred years passed with Dramae completely unaware of the battle. But, when he did find out about this, he wasn't happy. He called forth two people. His best Spell-Binder and his best Blacksmith to make a weapon of war, the Intertwined Soul Sword. He teleported himself and an army that outmatched both Harral and Medasz to the destroyed forest. The army swept across the wasteland like a ravenous fire, engulfing everything in fires of war. He approached the two "bickering imbeciles"(As said by Dramae) and demolished Harral with a swipe from the Sword, and blasted Medasz with a Supernova Spell. "This fighting stops here and now. May your armies rest in peace." At that, he used the remaining charge in his Supernova Gem combined with the Sword to split the earth beneath him. The two Gods fell for what seemed like an eternity, until finally landing in a Bedrock cell in the Nether Realm. As they looked about they saw nothing but the black walls of the cell. Dramae carved a hole to see through and spoke few words that the two will never forget. "Defend yourselves, or you'll be forever imprisoned. You two WILL get along in my Dimension, even if you don't want to." He dropped them into an arena, removed their Godly powers and left them with a holy sapling, water, food and some Iron. Not only that, but the worst of it was: They could feel pain, but couldn't die. For the next period of time known as the Iron Period, he tortured them with wave after wave of his army. He drenched them with Lava, played games of "Shoot the moving target", and fought them himself. After this, they gained a deep respect for his place in the God system.

After this event, Dramae felt horrible for what he had done to two of his closest friends. He summoned the aid of three Dimensional Guardians known today as: Yzaar-Raptoris, Yzaar-Drakus and Yzaar-Takous. The reason for this was, even if they might be evil, they have the purest souls that Dramae could find. He wished to seal himself away for a long while, and have them take over for him.

When he finally woke, he was told by his followers how well a job the Guardians did, and they were permanently recruited into Destinyscape Zetacraft.

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