The Deadlands are where multiple different kinds of Death Gods live. The population here includes almost no Humans, and is hostile to them. The types of "people" that inhabit this wasteland are: the Undead, Souls, Ghosts, Demons, Vampires, Goblins, Dragons, Werewolves, Wights and Fear Elementals.

Most of the Deadlands' inhabitants didn't move there by choice. Most were banished from their kingdoms and countries. The Deadlands can be broken up in seven distinct regions: Wildstalker, the Blacklight Mountains, the Bloodless Plains, Fear's Chasm, the Dark Depths, New Moon's Rise and the Head.


Wildstalker is a place filled with the exiled Demons of Skril' Astriloth's army. The area reeks of death, and the only safety you can find here is safety in numbers. Entering Wildstalker is a deathwish, given that there are still military camps of Astriloth's ancient army.

The Blacklight Mountains

This dank and deadly place is in the center most part of the Deadlands. It isn't home to much, with the exception of a few powerful Skeletal Dragons. As it plays out, those Dragons are like the "Kings" of the Deadlands, and govern most of the area. The Dragon Kings all live on the summit, each with their own palace and servants. The Dragon Kings are as follows: Death, King of the Dead; Nalrut, King of Disease and Muunidyr, King of Magic. Entering this area would be safe, if not for the active volcanoes in the area. The central mountain, Ytrik' Skil' Oki, is in fact a volcano. It's not your average volcano, either. The first eruption was so large, that it sent a supersonic pulse into the surrounding woods, shattering trees, leveling hills, and causing creatures to explode. The resulting smoke cloud was shaped just like a hand, and it slammed down to the ground, poisoning the earth on the entire continent. It was the last breath of Skril' Astriloth's attempt to destroy the Realm.

The Bloodless Plains

The Bloodless Plains are inhabited solely by Vampires and Wights. The area isn't as hostile as the first two, but those who enter are overcome by thirst. Most Vampires are created in this way in the Deadlands. The thirst forced them to bleed themselves and others out, eventually they became addicted to the taste and are thus called Vampires. To wander here is to risk your humanity.

Fear's Chasm

This god forsaken place is quite literally god forsaken. After Dramae overcame his fear of pure evil, he never allowed anyone to enter, or he would forsake them as well. After his test of courage, his fear took physical form, leaving behind terrifying Fear Elementals. They take the form of your greatest fear, and will amplify any fear you feel. The one true test of courage is to enter this place, look for a Fear Elemental, face your fear and slay the Elemental. Those who can truly have overcome their fear. Not only this, but Fear Elementals will never take form of your fears again, seeing that you have true courage. The very walls of the chasm are dripping with a liquid form of fear itself. It is an extremely potent alchemical ingredient, and very much worth collecting.

The Dark Depths

The Dark Depths are a bizarre series of constantly shifting tunnels and rooms with polychromatic walls, floors and ceilings. This place has been known to make the living go insane. The unliving seem to love luring things in, only to torture and devour them. Watcher Demons constantly wander the halls, searching for the unlucky creature to cross its path. Those who make it out alive will suffer with insanity, but, also increased knowledge of extra-dimensional physics. Other than the serious risks, the Dark Depths can allow a being to travel quickly between far locations. This seems to happen due to something quite outlandish. Once you enter the Depths, a tunnel will appear in front of you. When you reach the end of it, another tunnel will appear and the other will disappear. From past research, every foot traveled is equal to one mile traveled on the surface.

New Moon's Rise

New Moon's Rise is a massive rock spire with a city built on the sides of it. Suspended 500 feet above the ground, the city is inhabited by bandits, outcasts and those banished from their homelands. The city is ruled over by a "FALSE KING" as stated by the Death, one of the Black Dragon Kings. This ruler's full name is Oilu-Oiui-Hajeh-Rary-Yilo-Ryyi, but is often just called Hajeh, the Dynamic Lord. Almost everyone in the city speaks a different language, making communication difficult. Even worse, Lord Hajeh is the only one who speaks Voratian. The city has no laws, as they cannot be enforced, so the many Clans and Guilds here duke it out on the fragile city streets. The ruling Guild or Clan makes the rules, but Lord Hajeh still has a death grip on the city with his powerful military and devastating magic. Nothing happens in the city without one of the Guild Masters or Clan Leaders finding out within a day of it happening. The city is very cruel to travelers, often increasing the price of items or staying at an Inn for that person only. Also, ridiculous taxes have been placed on many services in the city. The Shop Tax, for owning a shop; the Buying Tax, just because you are buying something, you have to pay more; the Residence Tax, a ridiculously high tax for living in the city... Just to name a few. The black market is prominent here, and creature trafficking market is booming around there. If you need to earn a few coins, or maybe you need someone "taken care of", New Moon's Rise is the place for you.

The Head

The Head is a massive city on the northern end of the Deadlands. The Head is filled with crime, but this time, there is a common language. The ruler of this city, Maviis Rokul, is actually quite kind hearted and wants to fix the city. It's quite a spectacle to watch, as people actually respect her. She has stopped multiple Guild wars just by showing up and is a sign of peace and happiness for the entire city. Despite the efforts of Maviis, the city is still a melting pot of violence and hatred. Walking the streets alone guarentees either your death, or being attacked by Guilds. The Theives Guild has branches here and has many officials eating from the palm of the Guild's hand. Despite their efforts to rule the city, many Guilds attack the Theives Guild in the name of Lady Maviis, who is unaware of the conflict. There have been many attempts at Maviis' life, and each one failed horribly. Despite being one for peace, she's deadly in combat, but doesn't use this power to keep people in fear. Trading ships avoid the Head, since most are raided by bandits, so many supplies don't reach the city. The most common food items here are either Human or Demon meat. The herb market is always in full swing, as the volcanic ash soil is great for farming almost any herbs. If you're looking for action, Human meat, or herbs, the Head is the place for you.