The Testing Server is full of things we are yet to judge. Each thing will be though over and we will see how players react to certain things.

Say we release an Item and no one wants it, or people make fake ones. We have to remove it. But, where do we get our ideas for the Items? The Testing Server.

The Testing Server has been up for about 3 weeks, each day we spend time developing ideas. We have hundreds of chests with tested, but not used Items. We may release them if we feel it will work well, or that it's worth giving them to players.

On October 29th, 2012, Makselord made a working auto portal in Vanilla Minecraft. This uses: Any block not affected by gravity, Redstone, Dispensers, Fire Charges, Water Buckets, Obsidian, and Doors. It took about 20 minutes of testing before a legitimate working version was found.

We recently added God Temples to the Test Server.

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