Tears are items obtained from Gods. They have a "Special" use, if you can figure out what the clue is.

God Tears

Each God has a Tear named after them, with an enchantment added. The Tears hold the very essence of the said God, thus making them valuable and rare. These can be used to great effect if you know how to do the "Special" task tied to them.

Guardian Tears

These are far more rare than God Tears, and hold the essence of EACH and EVERY God there is, including Secret Gods, Lesser Gods and the like. They can be traded to Medasz or Takous for awesome items and enchantments.

Chaotic Tear

These evil and demonic items hold the power of an ancient, unknown God. Getting these won't be easy, but the rewards would be great. An excerpt from an old book may be of use: "When Moons turn red, and Gods wage war, water may bring on Zed, and Tears of War will be all the more." Can't ever be too sure. Try and figure it out. Should be pretty easy, if you think about it.

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