This is Team Enigma. If you side with us, you'll become as powerful as Engima himself in no time! All you need to do is give up your wants, dreams, and the ability to love to become an all powerful being just like Enigma! We realize you won't want to give those up, so here's an alternative: All your money will be equally exchanged for power. The more you have, the higher you're ranked in our Army. Better yet, if you die, Enigma will be generous and not eat your soul so you can continue your epic fight!

Advantages of EnigmaEdit

Money is turned into power, infinite protected access to the End, and a reward for each player you kill.

Disadvantages of EnigmaEdit

You're always short on cash, both the Overworld AND the Nether are constant danger zones, and without kills, you're just a liability unless you can produce weapons, armor, and other items effectively.

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