Team Energy at your service. As a pack, we have very strict rules and clear ranking systems. You must always have AT LEAST two people to a troop, and Males MUST stay and watch your camp. If there are only Males, they may decide who does what. The Females are warriors and MUST have more time in combat. If there are only Females they may decide who does what. There is always at least one Alpha and no more than two. Alphas may not be the same gender. Alphas always get a high share of loot. If you report to us with some loot, we may reward you for helping our cause.

Advantages of EnergyEdit

There is always a team banded together, chance to get some nice stuff from the Leaders, complete PvP protection in the Overworld.

Disadvantages of EnergyEdit

Very strict customs that MUST be followed, somewhat sexist system, no protection in the Nether or the End.

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