Spiritkin are powerful beings that are much like Humans. However, Spiritkin have the ability to grow up to one thousand times stronger and up to five thousand times older than a Human. They were brought to the realm by an unknown being, but whoever it was has left their mark.

The Spiritkin were known to build magnificent cities within pocket dimensions. By far, the most notable part of these cities were what they used to power them. Even now, we barely understand the technology used to craft the engines, that generate power out of seemingly nothing. Aside from the engines.

Building cities in pocket dimensions wasn't simply because they wanted to prove their power. It was a necessity. The Spiritkin, early in their race's history, failed to take care of their homeworld. Now, their world is a husk of the once plentiful utopia it once was, filled with only the hardiest of souls, and looters. The Spiritkin, similarly to the Uares, had managed to create the technology to traverse the Void. Because of this, the Spiritkin are spread wide across the cosmos.

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 1 STR, 10 Mana, 1 ARM. They learn all Magic faster than other races, and gain more Mana upon leveling up.

Well Known SpiritkinEdit

As time has progressed, more Spiritkin have been noticed around Zeterra. Many powerful beings are either full-blooded Spiritkin, or part Spiritkin. That isn't to say that only Spiritkin become powerful, but it makes it easier.

Genesis, or the Silent Apocolypse, is easily one of the most known Spiritkin. He was young in both Human and Spiritkin years, but he had the knowledge of those before his time. He possessed god-like power, which he employed to try and save the Voratian people from nearly dying out. His attempt was mostly a failure, allowing a Demon army to invade and destroy Zakianshin.

The Knight Valor is another Spiritkin. His name is known across Zeterra as a god-like warrior. He acts as the leader of the group, the others being Shkilor Ikhram and the Grand Magus Laren. Both Shkilor Ikhram and the Grand Magus Laren are also Spiritkin, and are often considered Valor's equals. In the arts, the three of them are almost always depicted together.

The Cold Warrior is a heartless assassin who has been known to kill Gods for money. He wields a huge Warhammer with the ability to crush someone's fighting spirit, making them give up. Older brother to the Occult Wanderer and the Spirit Diviner.

The Occult Wanderer is a terrifying being who has been known to make shady deals with Demons. He sports a massive Claymore and more than his share of Demonic spells. Younger brother to the Cold Warrior, and older brother to the Spirit Diviner.

The Spirit Diviner is a soul stealing witch who acts as a buffer between the two others, to avoid conflict. She brandishes a Scythe made from the bones of Gods. Younger sister to the Occult Wanderer and the Cold Warrior.

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