Spiritkin are powerful beings that are much like Humans. However, Spiritkin have the ability to grow up to one thousand times stronger and up to five thousand times older than a Human. They were brought to the realm by an unknown being, but whoever it was has left their mark.

Much more of their history has come to light, recently. In the ruins of Zakianshin, there was a gate sealed by incredibly intense magic. Only recently has it been opened. If you want more information on this, see the News page. It'll be posted here later on.

Well Known SpiritkinEdit

I'm sure you've heard of Genesis, or the Silent Apocolypse. He was young in both Human and Spiritkin years, but he had the knowledge of those before his time. He also possessed godlike powers, unlike most Spiritkin.

The Knight Valor is another Spiritkin. He hold the record as the strongest non-God being in the realm to date.

Both Shkilor Ikhram and the Grand Magus Laren are also Spiritkin, possessing almost as much power as the Knight Valor.

Obscure SpiritkinEdit

There are only four well known Spiritkin, as the others stay in hiding to avoid being hunted down.

The three more obscure, but still known are:

The Cold Warrior, a heartless assassin who has been known to kill Gods for money. He wields a huge Warhammer with the ability to crush someone's fighting spirit, making them give up. Older brother to the Occult Wanderer and the Spirit Diviner.

The Occult Wanderer, a Demonic being who has been known to make shady deals with Demons. He sports a massive Claymore and more than his share of Demonic spells. Younger brother to the Cold Warrior, and older brother to the Spirit Diviner.

The Spirit Diviner, a soul stealing witch who acts as a buffer between the two others, to avoid conflict. She brandishes a Scythe made from the bones of Gods. Younger sister to the Occult Wanderer and the Cold Warrior.

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