The Spider Events are just that, and the first one we'll talk about is: the Spider Waves. This Event has wave after wave of Spiders, the first wave has 10 Spiders, the second has 50, and the last wave has 100 Spiders. The best way to do this WITHOUT danger is to hide in a building with open windows, to shoot at them. For people who don't want to participate, hiding in houses or mineshafts is viable. Towns are not safe during any Spider Event, except for Haven.

The second Event we'll talk about is the Spider Slayer Event. In this Event you can win prizes if you survive, and have the most String at the end. The prizes can be nearly anything, so go for gold! This Event will target one town, and that's where everyone will start.

The last we'll talk about is the Village VS. Spiders Event. This Event places players in a random town, in which they must protect. If ANY Spiders exist in the town when the sun rises, you will get the "EVENT FAILED" message in the chat from the Head-Admin. If this occurs, no one gets a prize, and the town will be made more destroyed looking by the Admins. If you win, each player that stayed and did something during the Event will be rewarded. The formula for finding the prizes of the Event are as follows: Player amount+Effort rating+Win=#A. A is replaced with the reward.

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