What is Slayer?Edit

Slayer is the general term for people who have either Demonslayer, Slayer, Hero or Slayerlord. It's given to the most elite of warriors, who protect the weaker population.

Rank Requirements:Edit

To obtain Demonslayer rank, one must:

-Achieve Knight Rank

-Get 50 nether stars and pay them to an admin.


Demonslayers are rather well respected players, however, one of the driving reasons behind getting this rank is the ability to join the to be released Guilds. Another reason is the Demonslayer shop; A shop in which demonslayers can purchase some of the most devastating weapons for the battlefield.


Known DemonslayersEdit

Currently, there are 3 Demonslayers.

MrMinecraftMeep - First Demonslayer

MapMaster - Second Demonslayer

Canadianplayr - Thrid Demonslayer

Origins of the rankEdit

When the server started, Demonslayer was fairly easy to get- It's requirements were much easier to meet. Instead of 50 nether stars, one had to pay only 5. Also, there were no pre-requisites to the rank. 

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