Sandscar is a miserable village in the desert region of the mainland. It is said that a long time ago, Dramae dropped his Godsword here and split the very land in two. The name of this place came from that legend.

Sandscar is built into the cliffs of the chasm, connected by wooden catwalks and rope bridges. The town is also prone to Demon attacks. Which is why almost no one lives there, let alone visits. The few who do live there are extremely hostile and shoo away outsiders on sight. However, the legend seems to hold some meaning. Godswords are simply Swords with massive amounts of magical power. It seems that power has leaked into the rocks, turning them into valuable gems, minerals, and even precious Mana Stones and Godstones. For this reason, the few residents are quite rich and want to protect their niche in the mineral market.

Overall, Sandscar is dangerous, but it can be worth the trouble as much money can be made there.

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