This is the page about the races in the Runescape Roleplay. To find the game, follow this link: Runescape. More info on the game can be found there.


The Roleplay is currently about 5 races who inhabited Destinyscape Zetacraft, but moved to Runescape's realm, named Gielinor. The five races have been at peace, until the Yratian army moved to the same realm. At that time, the 5 races split up into three armies to war on each other. When you get right down to it though, they're all still friends.

The 5 Races

All of the races are either a mix between an animal and a human, have some special ability, or are very intelligent.

Insect Humans

This race is best displayed with the Carapace Armor available on Runescape. They're a peaceful people, and their forte is in their numbers and their ability to make excellent weaponry and armor. They congregate in grassy, jungly areas. Their allies include: The Feylu and the Lost Souls.

Draconi (Dragon Humans)

The most powerful of the five. This race is best displayed with Dragonhide Armor available on Runescape. They hold the ability to do powerful jump attacks, and cut swaths into enemy forces quickly. They are the most war-like, however, they also have emotional ties with the land itself. They can speak to nature, and are very good with making potions and farming their volcanic soil. They mostly congregate around volcanoes, steam vents, or other hot places. Their allies include: The Canis and the Lost Souls.

The Feylu (Feline Humans)

This race is the swiftest race, as well as the most cunning. This race is best displayed with any Armor made of cloth, that covers the player's face, available on Runescape. They are peaceful like the Insect Humans, but they enjoy a good hunt. Their plans win nearly every battle for them. They are beastmasters, and can speak to the many beasts on Runescape. They usually gather around and in caves and mountainous terrain. Their allies include: The Insect Humans and the Lost Souls.

The Canis (Canine Humans)

This race is the most berserker-like, depending on killing quickly, lacking strategy. This race is best displayed with Armor you think a Berserker would wear on Runescape. They are war-like, just like the Draconi, and are good with Axes, Flails, Hammers, Maces and 2H Swords. They focus on combat, and get their supplies from trading. They usually live with or near the Feylu, since they work well together. Their allies include: The Draconi and the Lost Souls.

The Futr (Futuristic Humans)

Their race is by far the most intelligent. This race is best displayed with regular everyday clothes on Runescape. Their skin is like Steel, and they're often hunted and killed for this. They love to research their surroundings and their people. They're good at nearly everything, except for combat. They dwell in cities and towns, blending in perfectly. Their allies include: the Lost Souls.

The Yratians (Regular Humans)

The Yratians are a war-like people. They are obsessed with taking even more control over the world, so they prey on weaker races such as the ones listed above. They're cocky, and always praise their nation, which they would die for. They're not very good with any skills other than combat, but can make decent weapons, armor and know a lot about Mining. They have no allies.

Lost Souls (God-like Humans)

Lost Souls are a hybrid race, made by the Futr. They use traits from each of the five races, and are almost indestructible. They're great with combat, making food, weapons, armor and are highly attuned to nature. They often act as leaders, or as supersoldiers for the five races. Their numbers are dwindling, however, with only six left in existence. They are allied with every race except for the Yratians.