Pets were added in DSZC 4, to help players advance faster through the game. They can be used to heal, for ambient damage, or even to carry items. Most must be bought, but some can be earned otherwise.

List of Pets and their prices/locations

Canine Pets

Wolf-Can be given weak Magic-Price: 3000/Can be obtained from killing wolves

Mage Fox-Is weak with Melee, but superior with Magic-Price: 8000/A rare strand of Mage Fox can be found in the Mage Challenge

Dire Wolf-Can't use Magic at all, but superior with Melee-Price: 12K

Skeletal Wolf-Somewhat good with both Melee and Magic-Price: 15K


Wraith-Superior with Melee, but has low defense and health-Price: 24K

Enchanted Wraith-Can have high level Magic, but is horrible with Melee-Price: 40K

Shadow-Can possess weaponry and float around doing good Melee damage-Price: 50K

Spirit of the Hybrid-Uses Melee, Magic and Ranged, and very well-Price: 80K


Red Dragon-Powerful with Melee and Magic-Price: 100K

Green Dragon-It's breath is extremely toxic, making it good with Ranged-Price: 150K

Black Dragon-An extremely powerful Dragon, which uses Ranged, Melee and Magic-Price: 400K

Skeletal Dragon-The most powerful pet from the shop, uses level 9 Fire, Ice, Lightning, Darkness, Healing, and level 4 Water, Earth and Light-Price: 1M


Dark Runner-High damage from ramming into enemies-Price: NA / Summoned using the Dark Runner Summoner