Part-Humans is actually larger than just one race, it's made 6 races who all come from the same region. The place they all came from is a large island cluster, southwest of the Main Continent, called Iorjin-Nalma, translated to Island of Origin.

The Cthaki (Insect-Humans)Edit

The Cthaki are a peaceful people, who despise war in any form. They are master smiths like the Dwarves. When they are forced into battle, their forte is their numbers and their ability to make weaponry and armor. The Cthaki also possess the ability to communicate with other insectoid creatures, by modifying their speech patterns. Their allies include the Feylu (Feline-Humans).

In DSZC 5, they have 15 HP, 1 STR, 1 Mana, 5 ARM. Being able to modify their speech gives them many options in obtaining allies.

The Draconi (Dragon-Humans)Edit

Draconi are the most powerful of the 6 races. They are experts on Melee combat, and can use powerful jump attacks. The more powerful Draconi can increase the size of their weapon just by willing it so. They're the most war-like, but have close ties to the ground they walk on. They can tell if the land is in pain, or if it's angry. They can speak to nature, and are very good at making potions and farming the soil high up in the mountains. Their allies include the Canis (Canine-Humans).

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 5 STR, 1 Mana, 5 ARM. They possess incredibly jumping ability, making them incredibly effective siege and first-wave soldiers. Being as strong as they are, they find using large weapons simple, and applying force to be second nature.

The Feylu (Feline-Humans)Edit

The Feylu are swift, and are also cunning. They're pacifistic like the Insect-Humans, but also enjoy a good hunt. They're great with tactics when it comes to war, and they rarely lose. They're beastmasters, they have the ability to speak to animals. Their allies include the Cthaki (Insect-Humans).

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 1 STR, 1 Mana, 0 ARM. They are exceptional at dodging and swift movement. Not much can keep up with a Feylu running at full tilt. They're also fairly stealthy beings.

The Canis (Canine-Humans)Edit

The Canis are very berserker like, they're also war-like, much like the Draconi. They go by the Berserker rule: Get in, kill everything, get out. They don't use any plan other than that. They make almost none of their own supplies, instead they get their food, weapons, and other items by trading with others. They're often found with the Feylu, since they get along well it seems. Their allies are include the Draconi (Dragon-Humans).

In DSZC 5, the Canis have 20 HP, 3 STR, 1 Mana, 0 ARM. They don't know how to give up, and even if injured, they push forward through the pain.

The Futr (Futuristic-Humans)Edit

The Futr are by far the most intelligent of the 6 races, and not only that, but they have special traits that no being shares with them. Their skin is has hard as Steel, and is just as flexible as regular skin. They're also extremely intelligent. However, they've been pushed to extinction due to people hunting them for their skin. They're good at almost everything, except for combat. Their allies are the Lost Souls.

In DSZC 5, the Futr have 10 HP, 1 STR, 5 Mana, 15 ARM. They have great fluid intelligence, making them adept at solving and applying knowledge.

Lost SoulsEdit

Lost Souls were created through experimentation by the Futr. They took a member of each race and combined them. This made a nearly indestructible being. As you may know, Souls are the best form of power. They contain 6. The Souls of the 5 races, and their own. They're amazing in combat, nearly as strong as a God. However, they have one design flaw. If you were to damage the base of the head in the back; along the spine, you could instantly kill one. They were used by the Futr to keep their remaining people alive, but it didn't end out so well. Their allies are the Futr (Futuristic-Humans).

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