Piecing the Puzzles Together

The Gods were lounging around, one late afternoon. Dramae was taking up an entire couch and the table coupled with it with books, scrolls and tablets. Zephyz was watching him, worried. Harral, Enigma, Ruuki and Ashura were indifferent, and had devlolved into a petty argument. Medasz and Reyial were playing a game of Tejiimat. Raptoris was helping Dramae put the pieces together, and Takous was monitoring the group of bickering Gods.

Dramae - "Damnit... It just doesn't add up."

Raptoris - "We don't have much information on the Voids, other than the fact that they've apparently attacked more realms than we can calculate."

Dramae - "Where's Schakkus?"

Schakkus materialized.

Schakkus - "You called?"

Dramae - "I keep seeing this person being referenced. Chzzijyznn?"

Schakkus - "So that's what his name is..."

Medasz, who has taken interest in the conversation, walked over.

Medasz - "C'mon, fill us in."

Schakkus - "The Cold, The Broken, the Twisted, Chzzijyznn, Anmdra. All names for the same person. My old leader."

Lobos - "Most members of the Void race don't even know the name of their leader. All we know is what he stands for."

Dramae - "What does he stand for?"

Schakkus - "Cleansing, as I told you when we first met."

Dramae - "Well, it says here that he contracted multiple powerful Nightkin, about 2000 years ago. For some "Project Spirit Trap"."

Schakkus - "I remember that project. It was abusing the natural hatred of Nightkin and Spiritkin towards each other. Most powerful beings are one of those two races. It's surprising those two are the tier that they are..."

Dramae - "Who are you referring to?"

Schakkus - "Nyxa, the Mother of Nightkin and Demons, and her sister, Hiuul, the Mother of Spiritkin."

Raptoris - "I've know of Nyxa... But, Hiuul is an old name."

Schakkus - "Hiuul is Nyxa's older sister. Hiuul made the Spiritkin, an incredibly powerful and intelligent race, ages ago. Long before most of you were born. Save Siskar and a few others."

Zephyz - "Is Hiuul really that old?"

Schakkus - "From what I know, yes."

Dramae - "Schakkus... What exactly are Voids?"

Raptoris raised a brow, as if he knew exactly what Dramae was going for.

Schakkus - "I'm mostly uncertain, myself. From what I've found in my research, the Voids are what happens when a Spiritkin and Nightkin are combined, specifically when that union goes sour."

Takous - "So, similar to the ancient Spiritkin legend of the Oculus?"

Schakkus - "Exactly."

Harral stood there, silently absorbing all of the information, as the other three Gods tried to punch him and kick him.

Takous - "For those who don't know, the Oculus were considered the perfect being. Although many Spiritkin were born with their Nightkin counterpart in the same body, most of the time, this union drove them to suicide. Two strong beings battling it out. It was truly an internal struggle on the level of the Gods."

Zephyz left the room, walking to the Station of Awakening. Harral noticed that she left and began to silently follow, slipping away from the chaos. She arrived, opened the doors, stepped inside and closed them. Harral, being the trickster that he is, dove into the shadows. As she sat in the room, a terrifying yell erupted from the air itself.

??? - "Zephyz, why will you not give in to me?"

Zephyz - "You can keep your damn Demon, but the power stays with me!"

??? - "Ah, ah, ah. Zephyz. I thought you knew better. Only Demons can use the Scream."

Zephyz - "Is that a challenge?"

The condescending voice turned brutal.

??? - "No. That was a threat. Don't try anything funny."

Harral - "You can shut it, now, y'know. I know who you are. Skril' Astriloth. Leave her alone or I will destroy you."

Astriloth - "Firstly, Harral, Lord of "Doom", you're far weaker than I."

Harral stood there for a moment, as if waiting.

Astriloth - "What, did I spook you already?"

Harral - "Place and time."

Astriloth - "Sorry, what was that?"

Harral - "Okay, we'll just do this the fun way. My favorite way."

Harral disappeared. Zephyz rushed into the main hall, where everyone was discussing the new discoveries.

Zephyz - "Dramae! Raptoris! Takous!"

Dramae, Raptoris and Takous - "What?"

Raptoris and Takous gave each other the evil eye. Zephyz, trying to catch her breath, explained.

Zephyz - "Harral's angry at Astriloth... So he's... Going to fight him..."

The entire room - "WHAT?!"

Dramae - "Damnit, Harral. Just when I think you won't cause any trouble."

The Gods were pondering what to do, when Zephyz heard a noise. It was coming from one of the fountains. She gazed into it, and Mora exploded from the water, shockingly, she actually had clothes on, this time.

Mora - "Are you guys REALLY this clueless? I'll go make sure they don't blow up any Realms."

Zephyz went to stop her, but Dramae put his hand on her shoulder.

Dramae - "Mora can handle this."

Over in another Realm, the two warring Gods were facing down. Mora had just arrived, but hid herself in a pool of blood. Astriloth, the incomprehensible beast, knelt and bent over, even though he still towered over Harral.

Astriloth - "Hello again, Harral."

Harral summoned his two pairs of wings, one angelic and one demonic. He summoned Skullcrusher in one hand and Rekasoul in the other. He donned his coveted Armor of Watching Eyes.

Harral - "Last warning."

Astriloth - "I practically own her. One of my Demon generals is sharing her consciousness. She can't escape, even if you beat me to a pulp, child."


As he spoke, his usual coal black skin cracked, revealing a glowing white inside. He blinked, and his eyes turned from blood red to swirling gray and cyan masses. Astriloth summoned his Godsword, even larger than Astriloth's towering form. He stabbed it into the ground, summoning millions of Demons as he teleported a fair distance away. The Demons closed in on him, covering him. Mora was about to jump out to help, but a bunch of white slashes sprayed from the mass of Demons. Harral, standing in the middle of the slain Demons, was having trouble containing the overwhelming power coming from him.

Harral - "Time to play with water."

He dispelled his swords, pulling the water from the Demons' blood. He held his hand in front of his face, and the water calmly floated around him.

Harral - "Now, do me a favor and die."

He formed a fist with his hand and the water shot out in all directions, like a million arrows. Landing direct hits of all of the Demons, he now had more water to work with. He began approaching Astriloth. Every step caused the water to burst up on either side of him. Mora materialized beside him.

Mora - "Do you really wanna kill him?"

Harral - "No. That would defeat the purpose. I'm going to make him wish Nyxa had never created him."

Mora - "In that case..."

Mora created countless clones of Harral. In her water sprite form, being incredibly light, she sat on his shoulder. Astriloth smiled, showing off his hundreds of teeth, yellowed with age. Harral jumped at him, along with his clones and prepared to strike. Astriloth lowered his stance, using the Dominion Stance from the highest sect of Dragon culture. He flew through the clones, and Harral. Even with a single swing, it felt like thousands of slices at once. Mora screamed in pain, and exploded into a giant mass of water. Harral's pained scream was muffled by the water. Feeling the countless cuts across his body, Harral got a delightful, wonderful, awful idea.

Harral - "...Mora."

Mora's figure appeared before him, in the water.

Harral - "Can I use your water?"

Mora - "Win this, Harral."

She dissipated.

Harral began condensing the enormous pool of water. Astriloth's voice was barely comprehensible.

Astriloth - "Another Water spell? What's next? A bath?"

Harral's eyes blinked again, taking on the color of Mora's eyes, a deep blue. The water flowed faster towards the singularity between his hands. After a short time, he fell to the ground. Harral's voice was now combined with Mora's.

Harral - "Well, here goes nothing."

Harral shifted to the stance of a Fire Storm spell.

Astriloth - "You foolish little child. A Fire Storm CANNOT HURT ME!"

Harral - "Shas Dael."

The orb of water dropped to the ground. A horrifying bellow came from the core of the Realm. The ground cracked open. Astriloth could do nothing to fight back. The Realm devoured him, casting him to the depths.

Harral - "Heh... Idiot..."

Harral fell backwards, and Mora jumped out of his body.

Mora - "Harral? HARRAL?!"

She slapped him, trying to wake him. Realizing it wouldn't work, she warped them to the Golden Palace.

Medasz and Zephyz - "What happened!?"

Mora - "He used a spell that even I'm unfamiliar with. The Realm swallowed Astriloth and then he just collapsed!"

Raptoris - "It's starting to happen."

Reyial and Zephyz carried Harral to his room, with Mora trailing behind.

Dramae - "What's starting to happen?"

Raptoris - "Harral has three races in his blood. Demon, Spiritkin... And Nightkin."

Ashura - "HAH! What a mutt!"

Medasz punched Ashura, and the two began brawling.

Raptoris - "Unlike most Spiritkin-Nightkin combinations, his internal struggle is oddly quiet. This allows both of those parts to cooperate almost seamlessly. He can use powers beyond his own comprehension, although he can't control when they come out, yet."

Dramae - "No wonder you picked him along with me."

Raptoris - "Now you understand... Also, if I recall, a close friend of yours will be arriving soon."

Dramae - "...Eschaviron..."

And It Begins...

The Gods were sitting around the dining table, just finishing breakfast.

Harral - "Thanks for the grub, Zephyz. You didn't burn it, today."

Enigma - "Yeah, I don't like eating charcoal."

Zephyz instantly got angry and threw her plate at Harral, who deflected it at Dramae. Dramae, being the slowest eater of the group, was still eating. As he swallowed, he caught the plate, handed it to Raptoris, who proceeded to take all of the other plates to wash. Dramae then flipped the table at the trio of bickering Gods. Enigma cowered behind Medasz, Harral ducked and Zephyz grew a tree through it.

Medasz - "Damnit, guys, now I gotta make a new table. I really liked that one, too."

Harral - "Whatever, go build a new one."

Medasz - "...Okay!"

Medasz skipped down to his workshop.

Zephyz - "Why do I smell blood?"

Harral pointed to Ruuki, still seated and eating a slab of meat, without the table. He smiled, blood and meat dripping from his teeth, and he waved. Zephz hid a disgusted look and waved back. Ruuki got up, wiped his face with his arm, which did nothing to clean his face, and downed the rest of the meat, with the bone. He growled, though not directing it at anyone.

Zephyz - "What's wrong, Ruuki...?"

Ruuki - "Thirst. I thirst for them. For their blood. For I have not tasted it. He of the Lost, He of Souls, come."

Ashura and Enigma - "What?"

Ruuki - "He of Souls, have you ever tasted the Soul of... A Void?"

Dramae's gaze sharpened.

Ashura - "...Now that you mention it, I'm kinda hungry. Care to join us for lunch, Enigma?"

Dramae - "I'm going with you."

Harral and Zephyz - "WHAT!?"

Dramae - "Think of it as a... Guy's day out. I'll be back, soon enough."

Zephyz jumped at Dramae, gave him a hug and saw him off. The group arrived in a world comprising of floating islands and giant floating orbs of different materials, courtesy of Ruuki's Blood Relocation Magic.

??? - "Hey, Dramae."

Dramae jumped forward, expecting an enemy. It turns out it was Schakkus.

Schakkus - "My Void Leeches spoke of an incursion into the Void. I thought I might tag along."

Dramae - "Very well. Now, here's the plan..."

The group huddled together behind some giant ingots.

Dramae - "Schakkus, are you able to escape situations quickly?"

Schakkus - "All high-ranking Voids are capable of voidstalking. I can find my way out without being attacked."

Dramae - "Go in, speak to the leader, see if you can't sway them to our side. If things go sour, give us a signal. Ruuki, Ashura and Enigma in that circumstance, go crazy. Kill, devour, burn, destroy all you want. In the confusion, I'll raid their info caches. If and when things go downhill, we leave no one standing. By the way, Ruuki?"

Ruuki - "Yes, He of Order?"

Dramae - "By any chance, do you know Ancient Curses?"

Ruuki - "Although I was informed Ancient Curses are illegal, I do.

Dramae - "If we succeed, set up a teleport tether here. We're reclaiming the Void, piece by piece. I'll make an excuse for you. We ready?"

Ruuki closed his eyes and shivered. Ashura smiled, showing off his jagged, bloodstained teeth. Enigma caressed and kissed his blade, staring at the reflection of his devious smile. And, Schakkus closed his eyes, when they opened them, they began dripping black liquid, and his fingers grew into claws.

Dramae - "Go."

Schakkus immediately calmed down, and teleported into the stronghold's main chamber, right before the leader's hall.

Schakkus - "Jnozozjk Jknnlo. Lnzjoz Znjo Ojzjki Zinnjoojkikz Zjkikzki?"

Void Guard - "Lobos."

The Guard leaned into the hall.

Void Guard - "Schakkus, Lobos!"

Black Warden Lord, Lobos - "Schakkus, Kinzojkikz."

Schakkus entered the throne room.

Lobos - "Zjkiizizoz, Schakkus. Zn Ojkznojooj Loozno Nnkzki Jkozznnzjn Lnkiiziz."

Schakkus - "Zn Nnzi. Zn Zjnnilki Nn Ochilozkz Ojoz Nnjozo."

Lobos - "Chzloojzjznnzjn Onozkz Loozno."

Schakkus - "Kzozznnz Zilo Ikchojoki, Nnjchznnzjooj Anmdra."

Lobos sat in his throne, leaning on his fist, deeply considering the offer.

Lobos - "Zn Nnjnkzkiki, Ionooj Zn Nzkikijk Ojoz Kzkionkzkijozj Zilo Joozizjkznkikzjo."

Both Lobos and Schakkus drew their blades, and started slaughtering guards and soldiers. Once outside, Schakkus launched an enormous ball of fire into the air that exploded after a few seconds.

Dramae - "The signal! Get to killing, I'll get the caches!"

Dramae snuck into the stronghold to find any information. The rest began fighting. Enigma began impaling a Void Scout. He created a massive sword, which he pushed through the top of its head. He launched himself into the air, and he slammed into the pommel, splitting the Void in half. Over on Ashura's end, he and a Void Soldier were in an intense sword match. Despite having eight arms, the Void's swift movements were hard to match. Knowing that his sword skills could only match this Void, he started fighting dirty. He trapped the Void's blade, and grasped his own head with two hands. He pulled it and his head was revealed to be the handle to a giant Godsword. He retracted his metal, tube-like tail and donned a pair of heavily armored legs. He jumped back, blocked with his six blades, and readied his Godsword. As the Void ran at him, he showed off the fact that he's a master swordsman, just like Harral and Enigma. Using the Flash Step technique, his blade flew through the Void, he instantly stopped, spun about, jumped, kicked off its back, sliced through him vertically, and cut with a star pattern straight through it. His body relaxed, and the Void fell into countless pieces.

Ashura - "I'm the better swordsmaster, fool."

Ruuki was having too much fun fighting the Voids. He was staring down a Void Soldier, who was poised to strike. Ruuki's pupils shifted and the Void lurched at him. Once it was inches from Ruuki, it froze, unable to move a muscle. Ruuki climbed on to the Void, opened his mouth, filled with red, shard-like teeth and started ripping the Void's flesh off. Ruuki couldn't stop himself. He devoured the Void. He stood there, shaking from excitement. Cupping his hands, he lifted Void blood over himself and showered himself with its remnants. The battle continued for what seemed like hours, before Dramae ran out of the stronghold with a backpack. Schakkus nodded at Lobos, and Ashura motioned to Enigma and Ruuki. Once Ruuki got over his handy work, he warped everyone out, and into the Golden Palace. The table was back in place, and everyone, save Dramae, Enigma, Ruuki, Ashura and Schakkus, were eating. Dramae dropped his bag onto one of the couches, and the group sat down. Lobos sat on the couch next to the bag, and Takous brought him some tea. They began talking as the conversation at the dinner table burst into life. Zephyz stood up, and slammed her hands on the table.

Zephyz - "I was worried about you! Why didn't you get back sooner!?"

Dramae - "Void caches are tough to locate, and even tougher to break into! Stop freaking out!"

Ruuki - "...Blood..."

Ashura - "WHOOOOOO! I don't think I can eat dinner, tonight. The amount of Souls..."

Ashura leaned back in his chair, with his mouth open.

Ashura - "...To die for."

Enigma - "That was a decent fight. It was fun, and I got a couple Souls, myself."

Ruuki - "...Blood..."

Zephyz - "Please tell me you guys are okay."

Dramae - "I'm fine. I didn't need to fight much. Other than one guard, the cache was unguarded."

Ashura - "You're KIDDING! That was THE ABSOLUTE BEST!"

Enigma - "No kidding."

Ruuki - "...BLOOD..."

Schakkus took a bite of a big hunk of some sort of root vegetable. He swallowed.

Schakkus - "We also gained the allegiance of a lesser Black Warden Lord, named Lobos. We'll be relocating his pocket into the Destiny System within the next couple of hours."

Dramae - "Good to hear."

Harral - "Makes me wish I had gone along. Sounds like it was fun."

Ruuki - "BLOOOOOD!"

Zephyz - "Shut UP, RUUKI!"


Zephyz tackled Ruuki, and they started brawling on the dining table. No one acknowledged the fight, and continued talking, even though their plates had been destroyed. Once Medasz' plate was gone, he got up and yelled at them.


Zephyz - "SHUT UP MEDASZ!"


Dramae slammed his fist on the table. Medasz looked over. Ruuki and Zephyz both looked over, even though both of them were very precariously positioned. Ruuki fell off the left side of the table, and Zephyz flopped onto the table. Dramae sighed and walked to his room. All of the Gods looked at each other, not knowing what's wrong. Zephyz followed quickly behind him.

Zephyz - "Dramae!"

Dramae entered his room and slammed the door. Zephyz approached the door, but found that Reyial was already standing there.

Reyial - "Hey, Zephyz... What's up with him?"

Zephyz - "I dunno. He got angry when Ruuki and I were fighting, and he stormed off."

Reyial knocked.

Dramae - "Who is it?"

Reyial - "Reyial and Zephyz."

Dramae - "Enter."

The duo entered the room to find Dramae at his desk with a couple stone tablets, some papers and an obsidian pendant. Zephyz leaned over the back of the chair, and hugged him. Reyial approached the desk, eyeing the pendant.

Reyial - "What's that?"

Upon closer inspection, it was an exact replica of Dramae's, only made of obsidian.

Dramae - A calling card... They'll be here, soon."

Harral was listenening outside, with his ear against the door.

Zephyz and Reyial - "Who?"

Dramae - "Eschaviron."

The Petra System

The Petra System was designed by Niarev Petra. It's a system explaining the tiers of realms and Gods. You can read more about it here.

Magical Specializations

It's the 13th hour, and there's a meeting in the main hall of the Palace.

Raptoris - "Thank you all for coming. This is something incredibly important for everyone, including myself. Also, I'm glad you decided to join us, despite your condition, Zephyz."

Zephyz - "I wanted to hear what you had to say. That's all."

Raptoris - "Here's the deal. Everyone here knows Magic. Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Fire, Sky... But, only one or two of us have a Specialty Magic."

Medasz - "What's that?"

Raptoris - "Specialty Magic is a type of Magic that is specific to a person or group. There are very few beings in our range of power that use Specialty Magic. And even less mortals. I'm a person that does use it, which is why no one can replicate my Magic. I use a Magic called 'Tip the Scale'. It's focused on leveling the playing field, so I can finish off my opponent with regular Magic types. Specialty Magic is based on your personality. It represents you, your goals, your emotions and your morals. I want you guys to develop your own. Dismissed."

Divine Ostracism

It was eight in the morning, and the Gods were already up and about.

Harral - "Well, you smell like Medasz' armpits when he hasn't bathed for a month!"

Enigma - "Your weak attempts at insults makes my essence want to die."

Harral - "Well, at least I've got a steamy lady friend, you soulless reject."

Enigma - "You refer to the water wench? Pfft. She'd drown you before you even get the chance."

Harral - "You underestimate the power of the shadows."

Enigma - "You'd get lost in the depths, my stunningly dim co-worker."

Dramae - "Enough, you two. I have a conference to go to over in Wintergreen. Be good while I'm gone. I have eyes everywhere."

Enigma and Harral - "Yes, sir!"

As Dramae stepped through the huge portal, the two glared at each other, inches from the other's face.

Zephyz - "Split it up, boys!"

Enigma and Harral - "Shut up, brood mother!"

Zephyz stepped back as they teamed up on her. She walked into the Kevalanos Wing, where Medasz' room was. Their argument was barely comprehensible from the endless echos of their voices on the empty walls. Zephyz' knocks on his door were just as hollow.

Medasz - "Who is it?"

Zephyz - "It's me."

Medasz - "Sorry, I can't have you in right now. Can't risk you being affected by this."

Zephyz - "But..."

Medasz - "Please understand. It's too dangerous."

Zephyz lowered her hand from the door, and began walking towards Takous' room. Her footsteps betrayed her arrival. Takous came outside, closed her room's door and ran past Zephyz.

Takous - "Sorry, I need to check on Medasz!"

Zephyz raised her hand, planning to yell to her, but decided against it. She began towards Raptoris' room, but found the door open and the room empty. She heard a loud crash from the main hall, probably Raptoris getting the belligerents to calm down. Finally, she walked towards Reyial's room, knocked, and no one answered. She cracked the door to find Reyial sleeping soundly, without a rain cloud over his head, this time. Not wanting to disturb his serene sleep, she closed the door as softly as she could. Zephyz turned around, leaned against the door and sat on the cold, silent marble. She only wept a few tears before realizing her last option. To be alone, in a place not even the insane venture. She opened a portal and stepped through. She ended up on a beach. She stepped into the water. It was strange. Although it was the ocean, it felt as warm as her own skin. Unable to break the feeling of abandonment, she shed tears into the warm waters. Moments later, the tide picked up. The riptide pulled Zephyz out into the open water. The shock caused her to curl up.

??? - "Child, why do you weep into these waters?"

Zephyz opened her eyes to see a human shaped figure in the water.

Zephyz - "My friends... They've-"

??? - "You needn't say more. Your tears tell me what happened."

Zephyz - "Who are you?"

??? - "A friend. Come here."

Zephyz reached out to the figure, who grabbed her hand and pulled her close. The water around them pushed away, leaving Zephyz and the figure floating in midair, embracing each other. The figure, revealed to be female, spoke to Zephyz.

??? - "Listen. I know you, and your friends. They don't strike me as the heartless types. I'll go back with you. You need someone to truly care for you. I will be that person."

Zephyz - "Thanks... Umm... What's your name?"

Mora - "Mora. Mora Glacios, the Elder God of Water."

Zephyz - "Thanks, Mora. Let's head back... But, first..."

Mora - "Yes, child?"

Zephyz - "You should put on some clothes."

Mora stared into Zephyz' eyes.

Mora - "Point taken."

Zephyz makes a dress in a flowing and fluid style for Mora, before they both warp in. Now, three people are arguing. Enigma, Harral and Raptoris, all screaming at each other.

Mora - "I'll handle this."

Zephyz stepped back.

Mora - "Boys... THAT'S ENOUGH."

The three bickering idiots fell over from the sheer force of her voice.

Mora - Do I have to fix EVERYONE's problems?!"

The trio of idiots - "No, ma'am!"

Mora - "And you!"

She pointed at Harral.

Mora - "I expected more of you. Treat the young lady with respect. Is that UNDERSTOOD?!"

The trio of idiots - "Yes, ma'am!"

The three all walked to their rooms.

Zephyz - "Your voice... It was..."

Mora - "No, child. My voice is normal. However, I can control every drop of water in a person's body, forcing them to bend to my will."

Zephyz - "Amazing..."

Mora - "You're more amazing than I. You control life itself. You can create life. Use your talent well."

Zephyz - "I will. Say, Mora, do you need a place to sleep? You can have my bedroom if you want."

Mora - "Simply make me a bed, I don't need yours."

Zephyz - "Alright. Anyways, welcome to the team."

Defector of Destruction

One late afternoon in the Golden Palace, uneasiness runs rampant among the emotionally torn Gods. Medasz approached Dramae, who was sitting on one of the luxurious couches, with Zephyz asleep leaning on his shoulder.

Medasz - "Dramae? Lately I've been feeling sickly... Do you have any ideas as to what might be causing it?"

Dramae - "I know the feeling, Medasz. It feels like the void. Void rot. Somehow."

Medasz - "Any ideas where it's rooted?"

As he said that, Zephyz shifted, opened her eyes and looked at Medasz.

Zephyz - "I'll handle this one."

Dramae and Medasz were utterly confused as Zephyz warped out.

Somewhere in Zeterra...

Zephyz - "Who do you think you are?! And what are you doing?!"

The figure froze, and after a moment, turned... To reveal a Void God. Zephyz froze as she gazed into the monster's loathesome black and gray swirling eyes.

??? - As I can see, you know what I am. One of the Voids. One of your enemies. I am Black Warden Lord Schakkus. The strongest Void God, second to our lord and master. And-"

Zephyz - "Lemme guess, you're here to finish Drakus' job! Well, I can't let you do that!"

Schakkus - "Have I attacked you? No. So, please allow me to speak. I am Schakkus, Lord of Warfare. I love my people. My beautiful Void children. However, I no longer share the views of my master. So he is my master no more."

Zephyz - "...Come with me immediately."

Schakkus - "I was already planning on it."

Zephyz made a portal, ordered him to enter, but he refused until she went first. She begrudgingly entered first, and he followed shortly after. The moment they entered the hall, Dramae, Medasz and Raptoris, who were eating, all looked towards the approaching Gods.

Raptoris - "A Void."

Zephyz - "He's supposedly a defector."

Dramae - "Why should we believe you?"

Schakkus - "Do you honestly think I'd abandon the mission I was given from my master just because I wanted to cause you grief? Of course not. Drakus was fool to accept his assignment here. Too many powerful beings gathered in one place. It wouldn't be wise to attack this system, even for a Void of my standing."

Raptoris - "What do you bring to the table, Void God?"

Schakkus - "I come bearing many gifts. My master and I have conflicting interests... So, I offer my services."

Zephyz - "What exactly do you mean?"

Schakkus - "I am the Black Warden Lord of Warfare. If my master needed to muscle someone into doing something, I was the one to do it. I've laid siege to too many systems to count. I've devoured too many Gods to count..."

Medasz - "Quit bragging!"

Schakkus - "And I hate it. I hate all of it. I joined my master... My old master, thinking he would bring be bringing peace with his plan, but I found that all it would do is sow chaos and take more lives than you could possibly understand."

Zephyz - "Come to think of it... You don't seem like the evil overlord type. You seem more gentlemanly than anything."

Schakkus - "Now try to convice your friends of that. They still seem skeptical. And, thinking about it, I don't blame them."

Raptoris - "...Continue with your list."

Schakkus - "I can offer my army. Those who defected with me have proven themselves loyal to my cause. I offer technology. Research and information from the Voids and the countless systems we've stolen. I will also offer myself as a sacrifice to atone for my sins against you and everyone else."

Raptoris - "I... See. Dramae, your thoughts?"

Dramae - "I must ask, are you aware of any other Voids who may try to finish Drakus' job?"

Schakkus - "I'm doubtful. However, there were some Lords on standby, my old master is still interested in this place, and there are a few who would be brash enough to try. Namely Oltakus or Bflals, the Lords of Manipulation and Attrition, respectively."

Dramae - "I've heard of this Oltakus..."

Schakkus - "I would hope so. He's the one who... Attacked your home as a child."

Dramae's gaze widened, and as Schakkus said that, Zephyz ran up behind Dramae and hugged him tightly.

Schakkus - "He came back after the siege and bragged about how he killed a few powerful Gods... But, met a strange child. The child was said to wear a necklace with a seven-pointed star. A child who couldn't be touched by the Void rot. It was banished as the child's anger grew. You scared him off that day, but the realm still died due to Void rot."

Dramae - "This is a lot to take in... Schakkus, you seem reasonable. Do you mind joining me in the study?"

Schakkus - "Of course. Lead the way."

Zephyz - "Dramae..."

Dramae - "Yes?"

Zephyz had tears in her eyes. Dramae sighed.

Dramae - "It'll have to wait, my friend from the Void."

Schakkus - "As you wish. Could anyone show me around?"

Raptoris - "I will. Follow me. This place is pretty huge, it's easy to get lost."

As the rest of the Gods wandered off from the meeting, Dramae lead Zephyz back to the couch where this began. He sat down and Zephyz did the same.

Dramae - "Look, Zephyz, it wasn't your fault. I should actually thank you."

Zephyz - "Why?"

Dramae - "I learned more about myself and my patchwork past."

Zephyz smiled, rested her head on his shoulder and promptly fell asleep. Dramae let out an exhausted sigh and fell asleep as well.

Harral and Enigma Duke It Out

In the Golden Palace, during the dark hours of the morning...


Enigma - "Oh, please. Demons are beautiful. You're insulting Zephyz."


As the two argued, Zephyz and Raptoris walked into Harral's room, where the argument was taking place.


Harral - "SHADDAP, WOMAN!"

Raptoris - "SILENCE, ALL OF YOU!"

The group finally quieted themselves.

Raptoris - "I'll handle this, Zephyz."

Zephyz - "Fine..."

Raptoris - "This is the last time I will hear you arguing early in the morning. If you don't stop fighting, I will have to punish you. Take some time to get to know each other. Some bonding time. Now get to it, and let us sleep."

Raptoris left and slammed the door, leaving the duo staring at each other.

Harral - "So... Wanna go torture some helpless mortals?"

Enigma - "Not really."

Harral - "Wanna burn some poor sap's house down?"

Enigma - "Not really."

Harral - "Okay... Wanna bomb a small town with a bunch of rotten bananas?"

Enigma - "Not really."

Harral - "DAMNIT! What DO you wanna do?"

Enigma - "Hunt things."

Harral - "Wanna kill a few Hellbreakers?"

Engima - "Did that last week."

Harral - "Wanna try to find Zephyz' secret gardens?"

Enigma - "I've already located it. I've killed every animal the realm has to offer."

Harral - "Fine... Hey, Enigma, ever hear of the Sea of Ravenous Gods?"

Enigma - "Yes. And I know the stories."

Harral - "Wanna try to find these 'gods'?"

Engima - "I guess."

The two warped southwest of Aruna on the Theif Chain Islands. Harral tossed Enigma a fishing pole.

Harral - "Get to it, buddy boy. Whoever gets the bigger catch wins."

Harral picked up a log and threw it into the water.

Harral - "Get on."

The duo boarded the "boat" and began to drift. They sat on the log for a few hours.

Enigma - "You're scaring all the fish away. I'll go off on my own."

Harral - "Fine. Be that way."

Enigma split the log in half and floated off. Harral shook his head and started muttering insults to himself. He cast his line again. After about fifteen minutes, the water began to glow. Harral bent over to see what was below him, and the water itself grabbed him. He opened his eyes to see a blue and white figure in front of him.

??? - "What are you doing in my domain, fool?"

Harral - "I'm in a fishing contest, let go of me, man!"

??? - "WOMAN, idiot."

She shot him to the surface and materialized in front of him.

Harral - "Well... Who are you?"

Mora - "Mora Glacios. I'm a God of Water. The most powerful in the realm."

Harral - "So, Mora... Could I say you're my catch in this contest? After all, I cast the line, and you bit."

Mora - "Perhaps..."

Harral - "Look, I'm sorry about messin' with your water, or whatever. I got into a huge argument with Enigma, and Raptoris yelled at us and told us to have some 'bonding' time, and-"

Mora - "Shh. I've heard enough. Here, take this. You might want it. You'll understand when you see it."

Mora handed him a scroll container.

Mora - "Farewell, Harral, Lord of Doom."

Mora disappeared into the ocean's water. After about three minutes, Enigma rowed up to Harral, with a giant sea Dragon in tow.

Enigma - "Looks like I win, Hag-ral. I got the bigger catch... You found a scroll. My Dragon wins."

Harral opened the case and read the scroll.

Harral - "Oh-ho-ho, my boy. I got the bigger catch."

Necessary Sacrifices

As Medasz ran down the hallowed halls, he felt uneasy. His breath shaky, his soul trembling. He ran to the last door on the left, burst through the door and couldn't believe what he saw.

Medasz - "REYIAL!"

Medasz bolted next to him, put his ear to his chest and listened. A weak thumping sound echoed into Medasz' ears as he thought of what to do.

Elsewhere in the Golden Palace.

Raptoris - "After that, Ruuki, the one who spoke to you the other day, fell from-"

Raptoris' attention shifted, as he felt a disturbance.

Dramae - "You feel it, too?"

Raptoris - "It's Medasz. Something's wrong."

Raptoris, Dramae and Takous all left the study and ran towards the disturbance. They arrived at Reyial's room to find Medasz sitting on the floor next to Reyial.

Takous - "I'm such a fool..."

Raptoris - "What are you talking about?"

Takous - "Before Dramae awoke, I was with Zephyz, as she wept. She missed Dramae. Suddenly, Reyial showed up. He mentioned "talking with Dramae." I can't believe it..."

All four of them realized it at once. Reyial had used his ability to project emotions to amplify a siphon spell.

Raptoris - "Incredible..."

Takous - "I understand why he did it... But, why, Reyial? I should have followed my gut..."

As the others stood in disbelief, Dramae stared at Reyial. The others started discussing it and Dramae slipped out of the room. He walked into the main hall, and approached a pillar at one end of the hall.

Dramae - "Activate."

An interface made of Magic appeared in front of Dramae. He tapped on it a few times, and Ashura's face appeared on it.

Ashura - "You called?"

Dramae - "I did. I have a job for someone of your talents."

Ashura - "What I like to hear. How about you pay me a visit. We'll discuss it in detail."

Dramae - "I'll be there in five minutes."

Back in Reyial's room...

Raptoris - "We need to stop standing around... We have many other things to worry about."

Missing You

Within the Golden Palace, the Gods are relaxing. Many of them are sleeping, and Raptoris and Takous are discussing matters of the realm.

Raptoris - "Sorry to deviate from the topic, but have you seen Zephyz, lately?"

Takous - "...I have, but why do you ask?"

Raptoris - "Something's been off about her lately. She smells differently."

Takous - "So, is this what you do in your spare time? Run around and smell young women? Creep."

Raptoris rubs the back of his head and laughs.

Raptoris - "That's not what I meant, but y'know."

Takous - "Kidding. Anyways, I know what you mean... And I know what you mean."

Raptoris - "I don't wanna come off creepy, so could you talk to her for me? You're better with people than I am, anyways."

Takous - "I'll get around to it."

Takous walked past Raptoris, punched him in the shoulder and walked towards Zephyz' room. She knocked on the gilded door.

Zephyz - "Come in."

Zephyz was seated on her bed, reading a book. She looked up.

Zephyz - "Oh, hey, Takous."

Takous seated herself next to Zephyz. She looked Zephyz in the eyes.

Takous - "Have you been crying?"

Zephyz - "What makes you say that?"

Takous - "You look like you've been crying. And you seem a little sad."

Zephyz sighs, closes the book and lays it on the bed.

Zephyz - "I miss Dramae. I really miss Dramae."

Takous - "It won't be long now. He'll be back soon."

Tears began to well up in Zephyz' eyes. Takous pulled her close and hugged her.

Takous - "Take it easy..."

Zephyz gripped Takous even tighter. As the two sat there, another knock came upon the door.

Takous - "Who is it?"

Reyial - "It's me, Reyial."

Takous looked at Zephyz, who nodded before trying to situate herself even closer to Takous. Reyial entered the room, scanning the scene with his mysterious purple eyes. Reyial sat next to Zephyz.

Reyial - "Zephyz...?"

Zephyz uttered a "what?" through her tears.

Reyial - "I wanted to tell you... I spoke with Dramae earlier."

She lifted herself away from Takous slightly, and turned towards him.

Reyial - "I know how much you miss him..."

Takous' gaze sharpened, as if picking apart his words.

Reyial - "I think he wants to see you. He's up in the Station of Awakening."

Reyial gave her a hug, though she didn't reciprocate it, and left. He slowly closed the door.

Takous - "I think we should go see Dramae. After that, I want to talk to Reyial."

Takous helped her up and they walked to the station. When they reached the chamber where he is, Takous instantly felt uneasy.

Takous - "Zephyz, wait here for a second."

Takous walked over to the spire that the station rests on, reading the gauges. Zephyz walked over.

Zephyz - "What's wrong, Takous?"

As soon as she Zephyz said that, she noticed it, too. The energy gauge was jumping about, and the stability gauge was on zero. Zephyz bolted up the steps and into the station. She froze in her tracks. Takous wasn't far behind.

Takous - "What's wrong?"

She stepped inside to find Dramae sitting up on edge of the container he was sleeping in. He sat there, groggy from sleeping for 140 years. His eyes were barely open, unable to see the two in the doorway. Zephyz couldn't contain herself, and ran at him. She jumped straight into him, sending them both into the bed-like container. Dramae, now almost awake and fully aware of what had just happened, spoke his first words in over 100 years.

Dramae - "Zephyz... What are you doing?"

She was overwhelmed with excitement, so much so that she couldn't even speak. All she could do was squeeze him and cry. Finally realizing that talking is beyond her at the moment, he wrapped his arms around her. Takous could only smile, holding off responsibility for just a few moments.

Takous - "Good morning, Dramae."

Dramae lifted himself and Zephyz up, and greeted Takous with a smile.

Dramae - "I'll be down in a minute, Takous. Get everyone's attention. I need a moment with her."

Takous - "Of course. Take your time."

Takous left the two in the small sleeping chamber. Zephyz finally loosened her grip and looked up at Dramae. Dramae gave an awkward chuckle.

Dramae - "...I'm back."

Zephyz once again hugged him tightly.

Zephyz - "You're home..."

Lost in that moment, the two seemed to forget that they have somewhere to be.

Dramae - "Shall we, then?"

Zephyz smiled. The two left the chamber, walked down the steps, and into the main hall. The duo was greeted with a full room.

Raptoris - "Welcome back to the world of the living, my lazy apprentice."

Harral - "I'll give you ten minutes. Then, one on one, you and me."

Medasz - "Seriously, Harral? Give the guy a break."

Ashura - "Pfft. Took you long enough."

Brozol - "G'morning, Dramae. We missed you."

Enigma - "Now, when are you continuing your research? I'd very much like to see how you proceed."

Ruuki - "So... He is the one of Order that you speak about. He of Order, I would like to speak with you when you can."

Zephyz stepped out in front of Dramae.

Zephyz - "Calm down, guys! He JUST woke up! Give him a while!"

Harral - "As I said, ten minutes."

Medasz - "Harral!"

Harral - "What? You wanna go first?"

Takous - "Boys, calm down."

Harral - "Shut up, lady, this doesn't concern you!"

Dramae - "Chill out."

Once Dramae spoke, the room went silent.

Dramae - "I need some time to fully wake up. Until then, Takous and Raptoris, I want to know what's happened since I went to sleep. The rest of you, keep everything in order until I'm ready to talk business."

Harral - "No way! I've waited over a hundred years to challenge you again!"

Zephyz - "He said enough, Harral!"

Dramae - "You wanna fight? Fine."

Dramae closed his eyes, summoned his armor and Harral did the same. The group of Gods backed up. Harral ran at him, and summoned a sword and a dagger.

Zephyz - "Does he even understand what "hold back" means?"

Medasz - "No."

Harral rushed Dramae's left side, which Dramae blocked with his gauntlet, but he didn't foresee his finisher. Harral swiped with his dagger on Dramae's right, making him back off.

Dramae - "Don't think I'll let that happen again."

Dramae took his gauntlets off and threw them to the side. He motioned to Harral, who once again ran at him. Harral got close, he swung at him in a scissor motion, but Dramae grabbed both blades, twisted them about, disarming Harral. He threw the dagger into the marble floor at Harral's feet to distract him and flew at him with a furious combo of cross slashes. He faded out and appeared behind Harral, swept his legs, chopped his neck and flipped him over onto the ground. He did a final crushing kick which sunk Harral an inch or two into the cold marble.

Dramae - "There's your fight. Raptoris, Takous, to the study."

They responded in unison.

Raptoris and Takous - "Of course."

The rest of the Gods were stunned, except for Zephyz, who had picked up his gauntlets and was holding them tightly against her chest.

Medasz - "Wow... Even minutes after waking up from a long sleep, he still dominated Harral."

Zephyz - "He is amazing..."

Medasz - "Hey, have you seen Reyial?"

The Whisper Lashes Out!

Only a few hours ago, the Whisper, the incarnation of Brura-Nol's madness, launched a projectile at the main realm. The Whisper was position relatively close to the Zeterra, and while it passed by, it fired a projectile, landing in the Southern Badlands. It flew too close to the military settlement of Elves known as Laakuun and deflected off of their anti-Magic shields, bouncing an incredible distance due to its speed. The object was then tracked to a western island in the Diisa region of the Deadlands. When approached, viewers quickly found that it was nearly as bright as the sun when they looked at it. With an LU value of approximately 143, it was only about ~10% dimmer than the sun itself. Typically, only powerful beings or raw Souls can give off such bright light. As it turns out, those who discovered this strange object found both. When they attempted to get a closer look, the object burst open with a flash of red light, and before them was a deep red figure with yellow eyes. The following story was told by one of the witnesses to the event.

Witness - "Hello...?"

The being spoke, but it was incomprehensible because of the mass of red liquid dripping from all over its body. The liquid poured over his mouth as he spoke, rendering it a garbled mess of words.

2nd Witness - "Again...? I didn't hear-"

As the second witness spoke, the being gave them an evil stare. The stare intensified before the witness exploded into a mess of blood and entrails. The other witnesses backed away, except for 4th, who stepped closer to the figure.

4th Witness - "Speak, demon. Explain yourself. If you cause too much bloodshed, the gods will smite you."

Most of the red liquid had dripped off the figure, its speech was now coherent.

Figure - "Demon...? Don't estimate so low."

Witness - "Who and what are you, then?"

Ruuki - "Ruuki Kre-Oi-Neh. Born of the Whisper. Rin wished for me to be born. A child of blood. So, of blood I profess, and a child I am."

3rd Witness - "...A child of the Whisper..."

4th Witness - "You should speak with the Gods immediately."

Ruuki - "How do you propose I do that, child of the realm?"

As Ruuki finished saying that, a black portal opened and Harral stepped out. Harral stared at Ruuki for about a minute before Ruuki broke the silence.

Ruuki - "I was told to talk to you."

Harral - "Come with me. Now."

They both stepped into the portal. They ended up in the main hall of the Golden Palace. As the two approached the table to sit with the other Gods, a blurry pink and black figure appeared at the table with them.

Raptoris - "Well, this is interesting."

Rhaha-Miir - "Indeed..."

Raptoris - "I ask, who is this red being?"

Ruuki - "Ruuki Kre-Oi-Neh."

Medasz - "Are you not very good with Voratian?"

Raptoris - "Apparently, you haven't gotten to informal Voratian, yet, Medasz. Kre-Oi-Neh translates directly to "Sed", but repeated letters are often ignored. Thus, it's "Seed". Your name is Blood Seed. Who created you, Ruuki?"

Ruuki - "Rin Me-Ma Brura."

Raptoris - "Are you referring to the Whisper?"

Ruuki - "Yes, He of Balance."

Rhaha - "Very interesting..."

Rhaha begins taking notes.

Raptoris - "I can discern a few things. One, you're a God. You wouldn't be standing here if you weren't. Two, you profess in Blood Magic and Ancient Curses. The former is apparent due to how you... Dealt with the annoyance, ealier. The latter is that you can use both formal and informal Voratian quite well. Three, that figure in the chair across from Medasz-"

Raptoris looks at the figure and then looks back.

Raptoris - "-Is the Whisper in its humanoid form. The Whisper is also a God and is a female."

Zephyz - "Wow, all that from just this simple conversation?"

Takous - "Even I couldn't do that. Raptoris separated himself when Drakus, himself and I were training to become Elders. He advanced faster due to his way of thinking. Taking that into consideration, it's not that strange, Zephyz."

Raptoris - "Sorry to interrupt your little chat, ladies, but we have more pressing matters. Ruuki, why exactly are you here and why were you born, if you know."

Ruuki - "I was told by she that I should become something. I was to be her child. To spread her seed of influence. So I became."

Raptoris - "Do you know our rules, Ruuki?"

Ruuki - "No. I wish to be left with no interference."

Raptoris - "Basically, don't cause mass death for any reason. Don't destroy any large areas. Don't hurt the realm. Keep to that, and you'll be fine."

Ruuki - "I understand. Ikrham Lo Uurn?"

Raptoris - "Yes. We will be here if you require us."

At that, Ruuki left. The Whisper smirked before vanishing into a pink mist. And the Gods carried on.

The Spiritkin City Comes Alive Once More!

Even though the city is back online, that doesn't mean the chaos and confusion is over. The Demons are still hellbent on attacking the city. The group runs out of the power citadel and to the express tunnel. Countless large machines fly down the express way.

Raptoris - "Medasz, quick! Make something out of Godstone for us to travel on!"

Medasz builds a makeshift transport machine and they headed towards the central area of the city as quickly as possible.

Raptoris - "Everyone off! NOW! Stop the Demons and help the Spiritkin!"

As Raptoris stepped into the entryway to the tunnel, he yelled "Iln!" The room shook, the Demons and the Spiritkin all stopped and turned towards the source of the ancient words. At that moment, the Spiritkin flocked to him and most of the Demons backed away. However, one figure approached him; an unidentified Demon general.

General - "Ahh. Yzaar-Raptoris. Surprising to see you here. I thought you were playing with Genesis."

Raptoris - "Call off this attack, or I will end you and your Demons."

The general hefted a massive cursed hammer onto her shoulder.

General - "You see, I would. But, I'm not in charge."

Rpatoris - "Then, who is? Tell me, NOW!"

The general smirked and started pacing.

General - "A Nightkin. One who you may know, Yzaar-Raptoris. We've all heard the legends of you two fighting back when you were growing up."

Raptoris - "Lok-Hino is dead. I killed her many years ago. And, who are you to stand against your superior?"

Skol' Kria - "General Skol' Kria, Lok-Hino's second strongest general and her master-at-arms. Ilhallen failed to pay their price in time, so Lok-Hino decided to end them."

Raptoris - "As I said, leave, or I end you."

During the entire conversation, Harral was examining Skol' Kria very closely.

Skol' Kria - "Well, given Lok-Hino is dead, I guess I have no choice."

Raptoris - "Good. Return any Souls you have, and return any stolen goods. Decide not to, and I'll just kill you."

Kria and her Demons gave up countless Souls to Raptoris and repalced some stolen items. After that, they left. One of the older Spiritkin approached Raptoris.

Elder - "Are you truly Lord Raptoris?"

Raptoris - "Yes, I am. What is it you need?"

Elder - "First and foremost, I want to thank you for saving me and my people. Secondly... I wish to know how you knew about the attack."

Raptoris - "That is a long story..."

Raptoris told the remaining Spiritkin of how they found the city, repaired the citadel and caught them up on a few important events. Most of the other Gods in the party left, but he and the resrearcher remained.

Elder - "I see... Well, I thank you again. Miir Msesil Rkon-Os. I'd assume the other cities are long gone. We will try to rebuild here."

Raptoris - "Miir Msesil Rkon-Os. I wish you all luck. Call me if you need me."

Right before he left, a figure approached him. The lighting of the area made it hard to see them. The figure stepped closer.

??? - "Guess I'm a little late, huh?"

It was The Knight Valor. He was holding a little girl's hand, leading her to her parents.

Raptoris - "A little? Even the clean-up crew has already left, Valor."

He led her to her parents and continued to converse with Raptoris.

The Knight Valor - "Well, I'm glad the city's safe."

Raptoris - "Any news of the other cities? Anything from your travels?"

Valor - "Only this one and a small handful of others remain. Most were wiped out when this one was compromised. That means that-"

Raptoris - "Rhisina's gone, too... I know because the portal leading there said "critical" on it."

Valor - "Raptoris, if I could have saved it-"

Raptoris - "I know. It's not your fault, Valor."

Valor - "Hey, Ra-"

Raptoris - "Sorry, but I need some time alone."

Raptoris left without another word. He sat in front of the portal labeled "Rhisina" for what seemed like hours. Althought I didn't see him cry, I knew he was holding it back. His solid-as-a-rock composure seemed frail at best. After a while, he stood up, walked to the portal to Zakianshin, looked back, closed his eyes and walked through.

Valor - "A bitter-sweet ending if I ever saw one."

The Ruins of Zakianshin Held More Secrets Than Previously Thought

Examinations of Zakianshin halted when we thought we knew the whole story. However, in the decrepit library, a gate sealed with incredibly powerful magic was discovered under a pile of rubble. Once it was found, we asked for an audience with the Gods. Medasz, Harral and Takous answered our call.

Takous - "So, I understand you've found something of extensive interest. Do you care to explain?"

Researcher - "Of course, Lady Takous. I realize that since you're so powerful, you probably wouldn't care for many mortal affairs-"

Harral - "You've got that right. This had better be good."

Researcher - "I'm sure you know the Spiritkin, correct?"

Takous - "Old, very powerful race of humanoids. Yes."

Researcher - "Older than the Voratians, yes?"

Medasz - "Much older, at least a century."

Researcher - "We've found ruins under Zakianshin of Spiritkin origins."

The room went silent, mostly due to the shock factor.

Harral - "What was inside?"

Researcher - "That's the problem. It's sealed with a magic we've never even heard of, let alone seen. We came here to ask for your help."

Takous - "Raptoris knows far more about the Voratians and Spiritkin than us. I'll go get him."

Takous warped out and about five minutes later, she came back with Raptoris.

Raptoris - "You've found Spiritkin technology under Zakianshin?"

Researcher - "Yes, Lord Raptoris, without a doubt."

Raptoris stood there, seemingly in shock.

Raptoris - "Everyone, prepare yourselves. We need to check this out. Zephyz can remain here, we need someone to watch over the realm."

Raptoris teleported the group to Zakianshin. We walked to the library ruins, and to the gate.

Raptoris - "Incredible."

He stepped closer, and as he did, wind started whipping around him. It push the mortals away, but the Gods were unfazed. He spoke words at the gate, most likely in Voratian.

Raptoris - "Drei, Lok-Muun-Lensa, Neion Mame-Ui Ukro."

The magic sealing the gate slowly dissipated, and the wind flowed back towards the gate. An orb of swirling white and black energy formed floating above it. Raptoris touched it, and it went gray, dropped onto the gate and it slowly opened. After that, we entered the portal.

We arrived in a massive room, with thousands of portals lining its walls. What was strange was that all of them were deactivated.

Raptoris - "It's a deactivated Spiritkin Waystation. I visited a few of these before I became a God. They connect all of the known realm systems for fast travel."

We walked through the great chamber towards a door. Around it were countless Demon soldiers, warriors, captains, generals and any in between, all frozen in time.

Researcher - "Wait... Does that mean the Demons didn't want Zakianshin, but the portal?"

Raptoris - "It would seem so. It also makes a good bit of sense that they're located here."

Research - "Why? What's so special about this?"

Raptoris - "Demons from many places converged on this place through the gates. These Spirikin-tech doors are impassable when closed. I've tried before. Even portals stop working due to these doors."

Researcher - "Incredible... Can you still find a way in?"

Raptoris walked along the wall to the left of the door, touching the wall as he walked.

Raptoris - "Yes and no. As I said, they're impassable. Even if we found the switch, it would remain shut."

Researcher - "Why?"

Raptoris - "The main power is offline. I've lived in a Spiritkin city before. There's a massive power citadel which powers the city via Mana resonance and pipelines. Looking at these Demons, the core resonance crystal was overcharged and released a time-nova."

I swallowed hard as he said that. I know the effects of Time Devourers and Nova Magic, so this must be devastating.

Raptoris - "Notice how old Zakianshin is. That gate was built centuries ago, and yet this place still looks new. Time has been halted here for at least 700 years. I don't recognize the architecture, so it must have been built after I became a God, which was about 4000 years ago. Either way, the time-nova froze time at the moment the core was overcharged, and this city was relatively new. They built fail-safes that could help them recover after time-novas, but, no one got out in time. We could find those."

He lightly dragged his fingers on the wall, but stopped after a short while. He turned towards the wall, flattened his hand against a brick, pushed slightly and the brick moved. The wall around it started fading and revealed a tunnelway.

Raptoris - "Through here."

We began walking down the passage as he explained more.

Raptoris - "These passages were used as escape tunnels and fail-safes for the city's residents."

We walked farther and rounded a corner to see a horrific sight. A group of Spiritkin running from a Vulcan charging a beam, yet frozen like the rest of the city.

Harral - "Hey, can't you unfreeze time here?"

Raptoris - "I'm not a God of time, Harral."

Harral - "Oh... Right."

We came up on a door that was slightly open. Raptoris and Harral worked together to force it open so we could pass through, and what we saw next left the whole group, save Raptoris, stunned. A beautiful city of white and blue stones, bricks, pillars and other architectural feats. Crimson pipes lined some of the walls and ceilings. There were thousands of Spiritkin frozen in time. Many warriors, a few fleeing civilians and a few Demons who had leaked in.

Raptoris - "If you think this is amazing, you haven't seen the half of it."

We walked in the direction of the fleeing Spiritkin and through an archway. We came across a massive road of sleek stone with many large structures on it.

Raptoris - "These places are called express tunnels. Those big machines are used to transport people and objects. It connects every part of the city with every other part. If we turn right and travel for a while, it'll take us to the main resonance engines."

We stepped into the express tunnel and walked for a long while.

Medasz - "Nothing "express" about this."

Raptoris - "If the main power were on, we'd have been there a while ago."

We walked about a mile before arriving at an archway labeled "Ghat-Lensa-Rkon".

Raptoris - "This is it. Everyone in. I'll need your help."

We all stepped inside a room lined with pipes and gauges and a door at the far end.

Raptoris - "Inside that door."

Researcher - "I'm not fluent in Voratian, but that door says "Nosei" on it. I won't be having any explosions today."

Raptoris - "As I said, it's offline. We'll be safe."

He opened the door to reveal a spherical room covered in mirrors and a massive crystal floating in the middle with a device of some kind pointed at it.

Raptoris - "You and Medasz go back outside to a door that says "Ealkos", Harral and Takous make sure there is no major damage to the mirrors and come back when you find something or need help."

Medasz and I went into the main room and opened the Ealkos door to find many multi-colored pipes.

Medasz - "Raptoris! We need some help!"

Raptoris stepped in.

Raptoris - "Repair any damages you see. Also, you see that orb over there?"

Researcher - "The one all the pipes lead from?"

Raptoris - "Yes. Check that, too."

Medasz - "All the pipes look good, Raptoris."

Researcher - "So does the orb."

Raptoris - "Good lemme check with the other two."

Raptoris checked on the others, and no major damage to any mirror was found. We all returned to the Ealkos room.

Raptoris - "I need anyone capable of Nova magic to fire into that orb. Nice and steady."

Harral fired into the orb, and a whirring sound echoed from all around.

Raptoris - "Nice work, you can stop now. The city is back online."

-End of part 1-

The Birth of New Godly Tools, Part 2

As part of this report, a member of the research facility has accompanied the two Gods in the creation of the tools.

The trio arrived in Reyial's pocket realm, a place brimming with excess Mana.

Medasz - "We need a design for the tools. Have anything in mind?"

Reyial - "I was thinking a sphere that could split in two and have the two pieces naturally attract each other. I've forgotten which materials attract, though."

Anonymous - "None from this system have a natural attraction strong enough to cause a perfect fusion."

Medasz - "I could create such a material, but it could take some time. Making new materials isn't as easy as one would think. I'll need your help, [redacted]."

Medasz and the researcher stepped through a portal, leading to the God Kiln.

Medasz - "I need an inventory on materials able to attract and generate Mana."

The researcher went to work, trying to locate materials that could be used for this purpose. They visited the God Palace and explored the archives. They stumbled upon a large book titled "Inter-Dimensional Archive Vol. 1". They found an open desk and started studying. While studying, they found a number of Realm Sytems with high amounts of magnetism. Notably the Hexial System, the Haemafortis System and the Milky System.

The Birth of New Godly Tools, Part 1

A recent meeting in the Golden Palace has both decided the birth of a new God tool, and caused a disagreement between the Gods. Most Gods don't support the use of such tools, even for their correct purpose, given how powerful they are. However, as stated, the meeting has decided that a new one will be created. The God in charge of the project is Tok-Reyial, the Greater God of Magnitude. Below is a transcript of the meeting that took place.

Everyone meets in the central hall.

Raptoris - "Silence. We're beginning the meeting."

Yira - "Why do we need a new object of power? After all, we have three that we can barely keep track of."

Harral - "False. We're able to keep track of the existing ones. Dramae is asleep nearby, the Ultima is stored under a mountain and the Spark is with Medasz, right?"

Medasz - "Right. I have it with me right now."

Enigma - "I support Yira-Naoikre. We almost lost two of them during the last war. Another would only give us a new weakness."

Raptoris - "You're always so negative. Along with a new weakness, we have a new strength."

Reyial - "What did you all have in mind?"

Raptoris - "Thank you, Reyial, for grabbing our attention."

Zephotar - "I would think it to be an object able to collapse power into a smaller form."

Takous - "What purpose would that serve, Zephotar?"

Zephotar - "Well, we need a way to hold large amounts of energy in small places. We seem to have a problem containing such power."

The Darkness Reaper - "Our friend Reyial is an expert on energy and power. Even more than your clan, Zephotar."

Harral - "Reyial, have you any ideas?"

Reyial - "Well... I'm not entirely sure. How about a pair of objects?"

Yira - "Pfft. Horrible idea, that. Two objects... Even worse than a single new one."

Takous - "Reyial, continue, please."

Reyial - "Yes, ma'am. My idea was that the objects need to be extremely close to even function correctly. Once in contact-"

Enigma - "Complete trash idea. What were to happen if one was stolen or destroyed? It would render the remaining object useless. And either way, what purpose would they serve?"

Takous slams her heavily armored fist on the table.

Takous - "Wait your turn, Enigma."

Reyial - "As I was saying: once they're in contact, they have the ability to grant a wish to their wielder. One that bypasses the restrictive rules of being a specialist God."

Zephotar - "I'm afraid I must object, Reyial. Those rules are in place to prevent any single being to hold too much power."

Harral - "Don't shoot it down just yet. We could find someone incredibly responsible... Damn. I wish Dramae was awake."

Brozol - "I'd elect Lord Raptoris. He's very responsible and highly wise."

Raptoris - "Thank you, Brozol. However, I'd say it could be used as a lesson for those less than myself. If this were the case, we could say it belongs to no one, no one to regulate its use. With it, we build a failsafe object. One able to destroy the first two objects regardless of their location. Along with this, we'd destroy the failsafe at the same time."

Reyial - "Sounds like a great idea. So where do we start?"

Takous - "Hold, Reyial. We must initiate a vote to decide whether or not we shall follow through with the plan. If more are in favor, the others must comply. Or, if there are more against, the others must comply, as well. I will now state what each side wants. Those for, you wish for a trio of objects. Two are used in unison to grant wishes beyond your normal limitations. The third is used to destroy all three in the case of foul play. Those against, you wish that these objects will not be made. You feel that they should not be created for a variety of reasons. All in favor, raise your hand."

Harral, Brozol, Zephotar, Reyial, Raptoris, Medasz and the Darkness Reaper raise their hands.

Takous - "All against."

Enigma, Yira, Gol, Lo' Zizsa and Drexomia raise their hands.

Takous - "Six for, four against. The objects shall be created. You are also to be given an allowance for the project. An allowance of three Meganova Gems."

Medasz and Reyial - "Thank you, ma'am."

Reyial - "Let's get to work. Medasz, I ask for your aid. I'll meet you in my pocket realm."

Announcing the Introduction of Skill Expansions!

We've decided to add to the existing skills and perhaps make some new ones. The new level cap for skills will be 200. New things to be added:

-More alloys for the Smithing skill

-More ores obtained through specific circumstances

-New "radiated" ores due to a spike in the Realm's MC

-More special boosts from he Soul Weaving skill

-More materials gained through Farming which will be used for Crafting

-Passive skill-based enemies(Can only be harmed with certain passive skills)

-A new combat-aiding skill called "Drive"

A New Hero to Guide the Realm?

Recently, a student named Illial from the Mage's Coloney was on an extracurricular lesson in the Deadlands, when his teacher, Death, noticed traces of Abberant Mana. He looked further into the strange occurance and found what seemed to be an Ancient Curse placed on the ground with a Rift tether nearby. This implied that it was a long term teleportation gate. Reading the symbols on the Ancient Curse, Death was able to find that the gate was linking this location with the Janni Camp's mines. Once this was discovered, Death and the student began looking for the beings that would use such a device. They came across a camp full of Demon soldiers, supplies and more. Being far from the colony, they didn't have time to go back to collect a troop of mages, so they had to use what they had.

Illial - "You get half, I get half?"

Death - "Ill, there's way too many for you to handle half."

Illial - "I'm no regular student, Death. I'm the best in my class."

Death - "If you die, I'm gunna hold that against you."

Illial - "Fine by me."

Illial drew his Dracokin-forged blade, spoke the words "Nyxa Hinonosei" and the blade began to glow.

Illial - "Let's get to work."

Death pointed the handle of his scythe into the air and cast a fire spell, launching a mortar-style projectile. He then ran into the camp, taking out a couple Demons on the way. Illial ran in, slashing straight through a Demon, making it explode with volatile Nova Magic. The Demons rushed at them, but couldn't break past the barrier Death had placed around the both of them. The two began decimating the camp with powerful curses, and the Demons could barely keep up with them. But, after downing about 50 Demons, the leader of the encampment came out from a nearby hut. He brandished a large axe with Ancient Curses scribbled all over it.

Death - "Hey, Ill, I've got a game we can play. Kill as many Demons as possible without getting deconstructed by that axe. Whoever loses has to buy the other three rounds of drinks back at the colony."

Illial - "Better get your purse out, old man, 'cause I'm not getting hit."

Illial jumped into a crowd of Demons, spun about in an instant, and cut close to 10 Demons in half. Death flew at the leader, who was slow, but skilled with that massive axe. The moment it hit the ground, a deadly shockwave burst from the axe, stunning Death and knocking Illial back a few feet. Death tried to get close enough to hit, but his attacks were met with a quick block. Off in the distance, Illial was having much better luck. He slashed through a few more Demons before deciding to help Death. He ran at the hulking Demon, who brought his other hand about to block Illial's sword. Illial began getting angry with the fact that he couldn't cut through this Demon.

Illial - "Hino Nyxa!"

At that, he gained some ground, but it was lost almost instantly to the Demon's quick reaction. The Demon swung Illial about, and then threw him. Illial landed on a tent, where it was obvious he was getting even anrgier. At that moment, the Demon knocked Death away into a pole. Illial stood, his expression grew pained.

Illial - "Did you hear me, Demon? I said..."

The Demon ran at Illial with his axe overhead. Illial looked up at the Demon with his sword in both hands.

Illial - "HINO NYXA!"

Illial ran at the Demon, full speed.

Illial - "I invoke Brurapov!"

Illial vanished as the Demon's axe crashed down on where he once was. The Demon turned about to face Death.

Demon - "You're next."

Death - "Heh. You brutes are always so stupid. Look up, you lumbering fool."

At that moment, Illail came screaming down from the stars, and invoked one final curse.

Illial - "Hino Sorsneion!"

Illial's sword hit the Demon's axe with such ferocity that it shattered, and the Demon lay on the ground alive, but unable to move.

Death - "You've mastered your meteor dive technique?"

Illial - "Down to the ability to shatter every bone in the enemy's body without killing them."

Death - "Impressive. You might be good enough to start... Nah, too much for you."

Illial - "What, Ancient Curse? I'm all good. I like playing by the rules."

Death - "Either way, it was a good show of your skill. Let's go home. And... I guess I owe you three rounds."

Illial - "That you do."

The Mage's Coloney Hires a Team of Powerful Guardians

This story will be told through the eyes of a student, who is also a part of the JCWP(Janni Camp Weekly Print).

I was called to the main hall of the Mage's Coloney of Basics. I had heard a rumor that a group of unidentified mercenaries was masquerading as students here at the Coloney, so I suspected that was what this was about. As usual, the students and teachers mustered on the lower level of the hall, while our Headmaster stood on the balcony. It was different this time, as she had 5 people standing with her. She spoke.

Headmaster Aviri - "Today, I stand here to inform the student body of those who stand beside me. Your teachers already know who they are, and I ordered them not to inform you. But, since their presence has been compromised, I must tell you who they are. These people are guardians. Tasked with defending the school from further attacks."

A student decided to comment.

Student - "But, isn't the defense of the teachers and yourself enough?"

Aviri - "That would be incorrect. Both myself and the teachers are powerful, yes, but what if a Demon army were to attack? A situation that isn't impossible. We would need more than just five powerful people. Besides, not all of the students here are capable of defending against more than a single attacker. I digress, I shall now introduce the guardians."

All of the guardians looked extremely young. Just barely older than myself at 23. She lifts her right hand.

Aviri - "To my right, stand Elitrix and Siris. Elitrix is a master in Dragon Magic, and is known for his ability to use heavy weapons with only a single hand. Siris is a Minor God of Ice, if she had to, she could freeze the entire student body with a single motion."

A few of the students who stood next to me seemed uneasy. Aviri continued, lifting her left hand.

Aviri - "To my right, stand Vix, Altorix and Reximus. Vix is also a master of Dragon Magic, and is known for her ability to cut through even the thickest of metals with her bare hands. Altorix is a master of both Dragon and Curse Magic, and has the ability to open rifts into other Realms with a swing of her scythe. Finally, Reximus, the leader of their group. Reximus is what's known as a Time Devourer. He is classified as a Lesser God, and is well on his way to becoming a Greater God. He excels in a lost Magic: Time Revision. This allows him to alter time itself, and can target a person, object or even a concept. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask during your time off from class."

I was astounded just hearing about them, so I felt I must talk to them. I proceeded to my next class, and afterwards, I managed to track down Siris. I decided to ask her a few things, since the research of Gods and their jobs wasn't one of my strong points. When I called out to her, she seemed to pay me no mind, so I ran after her. When I caught up, she didn't even send me a sideways glance.

Anonymous - "Excuse me, Siris?"

Siris - "What is it you want?"

Anonymous - "I wanted to ask a few questions... About you and your role as a God?"

Siris - "Proceed."

Anonymous - "I don't know much about Minor Gods, could you explain?"

Siris - "I guess if I have to. As you may know, Minor Gods are quite low on the scale of power. Given that fact, we often try to find fast ways to increase power, as we're still susceptible to mortal weaponry. That's the reason I was given a job here under Reximus. He promised that if I helped him out for a while, he'd pay me in Souls."

Anonymous - "I see... Uhmm... If you don't mind, could you explain what a Time Devourer is in more depth?"

Siris - "I was quite suprised when I met Reximus. Time Devourers are a dying breed, as there are no records of their Magic ever existing in the first place. It was taught through word of mouth and nothing more. He said even he didn't fully understand it. What he does know is that he can make, destroy, age or renew nearly anything he wants, just by thinking about it. He's quite powerful, but he's also pretty young. As such, he isn't experience enough to experiment much."

Anonymous - "About how old is Reximus?"

Siris - "Well, if you think about it, he could be any age he wanted. But, he says he's 27 and that he learned his Magic from his grandfather, Time Devourer Vexol. He spoke of a few times he had accidentally caused rips in time, causing a manner of strange occurances. He told me of one time that he accidentally created a Realm made from the memories of those around him, and his own imagination. The rip lasted for several years and took much effort from the Gods to repair. Since he was young, they were lenient and didn't punish him. Some say that rip still exists, but no one is sure where exactly. I'd reckon they have a portal leading to it in the God Palace, but I can't go farther than the lobby and the meeting room."

Anonymous - "I see... Sorry if I interrupted anything."

Siris - "It's alright. I thought you were going to be one of those immature little brats the teachers call students, but you're alright. If you ever need anything, let one of us know."

She walked down another hallway and waved at me without turning. I waved slightly, and continued my search before I had to leave for the day. I was walking the length of the second floor hallways, and started feeling a strange feeling that came out of nowhere. It felt like a combination of anger and sadness. It must be one of the Dragon Magic guardians. I turned to see just a silhouette of a being. As it came closer, I found it easier to see. When it reached me, I could see that it was Altorix.

Anonymous - "Uhm, excuse me? Altorix?"

The figure stopped for a moment and turned. Under the black hood I could see a very troubled face. She cocked her head to the side slightly.

Anonymous - "I was wondering if I could ask you some questions."

She stood there, unmoving, as if deeply considering my question. She looked past my shoulder, and behind herself. She then opened a classroom door and pulled me in. She closed the door, and stood in silence for a moment or two before turning to me and finally speaking.

Altorix - "So, what is it you want to know?"

Anonymous - "First off... What was that all about?

Altorix - "I don't like speaking. And when I do, I only speak one on one. Many who use the art of the Dragon adopt this ideal. To learn the art of the Dragon, one must understand the Dragon, know the Dragon and be one with the Dragon."

Anonymous - "Do you mean that you must live like one and learn of their history?"

Altorix - "Yes, I do. And after you learn of their torments, you're overcome with what they feel, as at that moment, you've become a Dragon in spirit."

Her words were heavy with many different messages. Is this the feeling that all Dragon mages give off?

Anonymous - "Could you teach me more about Dragon Magic and it's users?"

She walked towards the front of the classroom and began playing with different objects on the teacher's desk.

Altorix - "We Dragon people are devoted to the defense of those who cannot defend themselves adequately. That is the reason I joined with Reximus in defending this school. If you have the ability to use the power of the Dragons, you are seen as one of them, even if not physically. We also prefer to be alone, which ties into what I said earlier about silence. However, we still have a leader. I may be a master in the art of the Dragon, but I'm still a hatchling compared to our leader."

Anonymous - "Who is your leader?"

Altorix - "The one who goes by the title of the Dragon Reaper. Despite what most people think and know, it is not a reaper of Dragons. It uses the art of the Dragon to reap."

Anonymous - "I've heard of the Dragon Reaper. Why do you refer to the Dragon Reaper as "it"?

Altorix - "It has no gender. I am glad for this, as it is not burdened by the animalistic feeling of desire. And, at the age of only 5, it has no reason to think of that anyways. Despite being so young, it's extremely intelligent. I've had the pleasure of speaking with it once. Although, you would not call it speaking. It is not that it prefers silence, it is a mute. It cannot speak. So it speaks with it's mind, and it is very selective about who can hear it. I'm glad to have such a leader..."

She then started staring at a Nova Gem she was holding, seemingly forgetting that someone else was standing there.

Anonymous - "Uhm... Altorix?"

She quickly regained focus and shook her head. She then proceeded to leave the room.

This concludes my research into the new guardians.

The Mage's Coloney is Rebuilt

The Mage's Coloney, the main Magic community in the System that was destroyed by attacking Dragons has been rebuilt. The Coloney now has a mainstay in the Mainland, multiple branches in the surrounding regions, and has even stretched to other continents. The Council of Magic is the core of the system, which has direct control over the Coloney of Basics and the Coloney of the Advanced Arts. From here, the Coloney of Expert Arts has their own base which is directly connected to the Council, and is NOT controlled by the Council. Beyond this, the Coloney of Masters is it's own section entirely. Each Coloney covers different Magic types, and a recommendation would be required to enter each. Recommendations are achieved by proving your worth at a lower tiered Coloney. The Coloney of Basics is where every aspiring Mage starts by learning how to control Air, Fire, Water or Earth. To get into different Colonies, one would need the prerequisite classes, a recommendation to the Coloney in question, and the correct personality for the spot. Race also has much to do with what recommendations you may recieve. Humans would be more likely to be recommended to Healing or Light. Demons would be more likely to be recommended to Curses or Darkness. Even though the Coloney has finally recovered from it's near fatal wound, they've been kicked while they were down. A pair of Demon infiltrators from the Deadlands had found a way into the Coloney of Basics, and managed to kill a student during the Magic Games, before casting an Ancient Spell to bind the Coloney to the Deadlands. The Master of Curses, Master Death, the resident Curse Teacher was unable to destroy the bond and is working with the students to try to seal it. It is unknown who would want to stage an assault on the Coloney, as the Black Dragon Kings have made it clear they have no want or need for war. Perhaps, there is another being there who wants to either destroy or cripple the Coloney. Only time will tell.

Ashura is Freed

Twenty years after he was locked away, he is released back into the Realms. And, knowing Ashura, he's already causing trouble. Only a few hours after his release, Ashura attacked a northern town, stealing about 100 Souls and a weak God was slain and his Soul was absorbed. And, soon after aborbing this power, he opened a portal where that town once was which lead to his Realm, the Land of the Sleeping Giants. No one else has entered this portal, as it's considered extremely dangerous.

A Yndra is Tried

After years of crimes against the Realm and it's Gods, the Yndra of Emptiness has been tried at the God trials.

As Yzaar-Takous stands before all of the other Gods, she picks up a scroll and speaks.

Takous - "Lo' Zizsa, Yndra of Emptiness, before you stands the force who will decide whether or not you will be punished, and how much so. I shall read off the crimes you have commited against the Realm and it's people. One, destructions of fourteen towns in the Southern Badlands. Two, the possession of a Blackhole Gem. Three, the use of a Blackhole Gem. Four, the act of stealing power from the God Palace, and every God who dwells there. For these crimes, the maximum sentance is 800 years. It is possible to leave this trial without a sentance. Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

Zizsa - "Uhmm... It was fun while it lasted. I desired entertainment. Dead people aren't very talkative."

Takous - "Alright. Today you will be judged by the fourteen attending Gods. Please decide and hand your votes in to Medasz when you are ready."

A few minutes went by, the Greater Gods cast their votes right off, a Reaper who was attending cast their vote, and the remaining Lesser Gods and Yndra cast theirs after that. At last, Medasz and Takous cast theirs and Medaz prepared to count them. After another few minutes, Medasz handed Takous a small piece of paper.

Takous - "The votes have been tallied. The final count was 7 for and 7 against. Your punishment shall be decided, however, it will not be the worst case scenario as some people thought your acts were justified."

The Gods then began throwing facts and opinions around the trial room.

Harral - "His actions are completely justified! You have no idea how BORING dead people are!"

Zephyz - "And? If he hadn't KILLED people, he'd have someone to talk to!"

Medasz - "But, Harral can revive people for entertainment, so his argument is invalid."

Harral - "Shut up, Medasz."

Enigma - "I love hanging out with dead people, they're quiet and don't complain when you dissect them."

Water Reaper - "You don't count, Enigma, you don't actually exist."

Enigma - "You wanna say that to my face? I'm your elder, give me the respect I deserve."

Takous - "Everyone, calm down. This is a discussion, not a war."

Raptoris - "She's right. I honestly think they weren't justified, however, he didn't commit as many crimes as Ashura, and definitely not as severe as his."

Zephyz - "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Water Reaper - "So, what'll we do with Zizsa?"

Harral - "I say let him off."

Zephyz - "No, he needs to atone for his sins!"

Medasz - "How about we strip him of most of his power? And rewrite his rules."

Takous - "I think that's a good course of action. However, do we know anyone who can rewrite logic?"

Enigma - "I can. After all, I'm the one who controls what logic isn't, so I technically have control over logic. I shall get to work right away."

Ashura's "Escape"

Deep in the Underworld's prison, the pits, a truly strange event took place. It was feeding time for the prisoners. When the attendant arrived at Ashura's Lockbox, the attendant found his body, lifeless in the center of the room. As the attendant approached the body, a beam latched onto them and pulled them into a rift that formed on Ashura's chest. At around the same time this happened, hundreds of people around the Realms were sucked into similar rifts. Harral was called to Ashura's Lockbox to investigate. Researchers arrived on the scene just as quickly. Harral decided to enter the rift as well. He established a mental connection with one of the researchers and entered. Inside was a gloomy, featureless landscape with many different victims walking about. A voice broke the eerie silence.

??? - "I grow bored. Entertain me, Harral."

Harral - "Who speaks to me in such a tone!?"

??? - "It is I. Ashura, the Devourer. Welcome to the Land of the Sleeping Giants. A Realm I created with my excess power while I lay dormant in my cell. I can do whatever I please here, however, I lack power at the moment, so I cannot create anything else at the moment."

Harral - "Why are you kidnapping mortals, Ashura? To feast on them in peace?!"

Ashura - "I have a simpler motive. I simply wish to make a new world in my own image. This place isn't called "the Land of the Sleeping Giants" for nothing, either. Three Skril' Demons live here, as well. They are the "Giants". You will cure me of my boredom, along with these few mortals.

At that moment, a massive stadium constructed itself. Harral was transported into the center of the field of play.

Ashura - "Now, if you value your Soul... FIGHT!"

A massive fleshy mass fell from the sky, into the arena. It slowly morphed into a Demon-shaped being. The fleshy substance then started to spread around the arena. Ashura's Soul warped into the arena, floated to a massive throne and Ashura materialized.

Ashura - "Begin."

Many weeks of fighting pass. Harral stood in the center of the arena, attempting to catch his breath as Ashura stood.

Ashura - "Well done. You've survived over a thousand of my most devious dreams. For this, I shall bestow upon you and the other Gods of them Realm this book."

Ashura conjured a book, and floated it down towards Harral.

Harral - "A book?"

Ashura - "The Osium Ark-Fura. A book with extensive knowledge of Souls. The only one in existence, written by myself. I have one thing to ask of you before reading it. Do not abuse the knowledge that lies within, or you will be corrupted... Just like my father."

Ashura floated down next to Harral. He released a seal that was on the book, and the arena collapsed around them. The other beings that were brought into the Land of the Sleeping Giants were released.

Ashura - "Meet you on the other side."

At that, Harral's vision faded, and he awoke next to a newly revived Ashura.

Ashura - "One more request, if you will. Before anything else, give that book to Miss Takous. She requested that I help her with the research of Souls. And, as a gift from me to you personally, here."

Ashura resisted the anti-magic field of the prison and summoned his Godsword. He broke a piece off the massive weapon, and handed it to Harral.

Ashura - "My Godsword has the power to remove someone's Soul without killing them. Enjoy."

Ashura used a spell of an unknown description to force all of the people from the cell, slam the door and seal it with his own magic.

Soulreach Falls Even Further into Chaos

After all of the chaos that's been plaguing Soulreach, and the Sanctum Lands in general, this last event has pushed the region over the edge. Two Lesser Gods got into a fight, which ended up attracting the attention of a nearby Reaper. After a few hours, the conflict drew many different Gods and powerful beings. Many Lesser Gods fell to the few Reapers that showed up. As soon as the Reapers were about to leave, a Yndra arrived. The fact that Yndra rarely enter the Realm was surprising enough. But, the fact that the Yndra that arrived was Kalmar' Dyodrida, the Yndra of Anger and Pain, made it a real war. Each of the beings in the fight can't technically die, as they all take a new "host" when they die. The Yndra wasted no time as he laid waste to half of the continent when his attack missed the group of Reapers. The explosion echoed all the way to the Deadlands, shaking the burnt soil. The sound angered one of the Black Dragon Kings, Black Dragon King of Death. He flew over the region, bombing the battleground with death beams as the battle ensued. After a few days of battle, the chaos began attracting more dangerous foes. The peacekeepers of the Realm finally found out about the chaos. The Nova Reaper, Healing Reaper and Light Reaper arrived first. They attempted to stop the fighting, but even those three couldn't handle it. The Light Reaper summoned the help of the remaining Reapers, and they arrived a few hours later. But, the battle became confusing with so many people of different factions. While all this happened, the Greater and Elder Gods were having a feast to celebrate the Realm's successful movement. Medasz, who was sleeping at the time of the feast, woke and rushed into the dining hall.

Medasz - "Takous! Urgent news!"

Takous was still chewing food, and she turned to him.

Medasz - "A battle has broken out in the Sanctum Lands!"

Takous stared at him as she finished her food.

Takous - "What's so bad about it? Battles always break out, and nothing bad ever comes of-"

Medasz - "They just razed Soulreach."

Takous took another piece of food as she said "Who's in the fight?"

Medasz - "Well, let's see... All of the Reapers, Black Dragon King Death, Kalmar, and a few Lesser and Minor Gods."

Takous raised an eyebrow.

Takous - "And you told me why? I would have thought you could handle it-"

Medasz - "There have been about 40 casualties."

Takous - "I see why you brought this to my attention. Let me finish my food, at least."

Harral - "Please, Lady Takous, allow me. I can handle this. This is my job anyways."

Harral made a portal of darkness and entered Soulreach. As he looked upon the land, the land burning with the fires of war, he saw that the battle had evolved into two factions. The violent and angry, and the lawful and peace loving. As the forces approached each other in the center of the battlefield, Harral raised his hand and his Godsword materialized in his hand.

Harral - "This battle will stop NOW!"

Even though he proclaimed the end of the battle, no one stopped. He used his dark magic to power his Godsword.

Harral - "I said... THIS BATTLE WILL STOP NOW!"

He shot into the sky like a meteor and fell on the battlefield, sword first, causing a cataclysmic explosion. After the explosion subsided, he hefted his sword onto his shoulder. The fallen forces of both sides lay battered on the ground.

Harral - "Just because Dramae is sleeping does NOT mean you're free to fight. He may be the God of peace, but he also has to keep the peace. I shall follow in his footsteps and bring peace to this world. If you fight like this again, I will NOT hesitate to send your Souls to the Whisper."

Harral took the Souls that lay on the battlefield and devoured them. His body faded out, and he appeared back in the dining hall, sheathed his Godsword, sat down, closed his eyes and continued eating.

Takous - "Taken care of?"

Harral looked up, opened his eyes, stared for a second and went back to eating.

Takous - "Good work, Harral."

Takous tossed him a bag, which he quickly stashed under the table.

The Sanctum Lands are broken and torn, nothing but a shell of what they used to be. They may even become part of the Deadlands at this rate.

Ashura Ascends

Ashura, the Devourer kept to his nickname this last week. Ashura was weakened during a skirmish with a Void Scout a while back, and wants to come back with a bang. He ravaged many Soulreach settlements and devoured what seems like over 10,000 Souls. He also slew and devoured a Minor God, further increasing his power. Workers at the Research Facility in the Janni Camp say that his power was restored after about 3,000 Souls. The extra 7,000 and the Minor God Soul boosted is power equal to that of a Greater God. With this information, they approached Dramae and asked if Ashura would be formally promoted. He replied: "I will consider it. Yes, his power is now rivaling Medasz, or even Harral. However, he's committed crimes against the Gods and the God council." As the researcher asked what he committed, Dramae replied: "That doesn't matter right now. I will allow you to bring three of your researchers to the God Palace to watch the trial."

A Catastrophic Battle in the North

The ancient warrior, Sapphire made her way back to where she was being kept recently, but was stopped short. Not by Demons, but by a Reaper. The Earth Reaper was also traveling by, and Sapphire seems unaware as to what Reapers are. She initiated combat with him. The fight was quite normal until the Reaper took a critical blow to the head. He jumped back, and prepared a spell. Sapphire attempted to stop him, but he finished it. He summoned his pet, Earthshaker. The fight went on for a while, destroying nearby mountains and glaciers until Earthshaker got the upper hand, and launched Sapphire back to the main continent. She collided with a castle, and was once again imprisoned. Earthshaker has been seen patrolling the north since.

Yzaar-Takous Makes Her Appearance

After the events of the Third God Wars, Yzaar-Takous decided to check out all of the happenings of the Realms. She arrived today at the Golden Palace, where no one was expecting her to show up. She arrived in a huge wood and metal war plate. The only way you could tell a person was inside was the two eyes in her helmet. She had a mysterious looking Godsword on her back. She spoke in a strange voice. All in all, you could tell she was female by her voice, but something about it said she was a creature of some kind.

Takous - "So, I've heard much about the one called "Tok-Dramae". May I speak with him?"

Harral - "I'm afraid he's sleeping. It could be a while."

Takous - "Why is he sleeping? Did he just create a Realm?"

Harral - "Yeah... How'd you know?"

Takous - "Simple deduction. The only time a God needs to sleep for prolonged periods of time is when they do something that requires much power. Such events are often the creation of Realms. The sleep is to restore the body's high Mana Count. And, by looking at the size of the Realm he created, he will probably sleep for... 200 years."

Zephyz - "Wow, you determined that just from the size of the Realm."

Takous - "Ahh, it's good to see you again, Zephyz. You're correct. After many years of experience you can tell by looking at a Realm how much Mana the space is worth. Then add on other features such as livable conditions and it could add up to quite a lot. Anyways, I'll be willing to help recreate the Realm in Dramae's absence."

Medasz - "The help would be appreciated. We've got quite the job ahead of us."

Zephyz - "By the way, who's the leader of this project?"

Takous - "I could take that role. I've made countless Realms in my time, so I'd be good for it."

Harral - "Keep in mind, we've all made Realms, too."

Takous - "Do you know how to make a Realm regenerate Mana?"

Harral - "No-"

Takous - "Do you know how to link Realms or Realm systems?"

Harral - "No..."

Takous - "Do you even know how to banish a God?"

Harral - "Not really, no..."

Takous - "I'm better for the job."

The Demon Gate Opens

News from the Mage's Coloney tells us that the legendary Demon's Gate has opened beneath the Coloney. The Gate has been spewing creatures know as "Faces" around the entire Soulreach Continent. Further research will be done, but the estimated losses are around 20-40 villages, towns and cities being completely wiped clean of non-Demon life. The death count is far from accurate, but is nonetheless terrifying. Somewhere in the range of at least 40,000,000 bodies are accounted for. Most bodies are missing Souls, hinting that the Faces may be after the Souls instead of just widespread destruction. Soulreach is currently being evacuated, and sent to the exodus location in the Royal City. The Mage's Coloney has decided to stay through the crisis, knowing that the Faces are hunting all life.

The Destruction Revealed

It turns out that the destructive forces in the Frozen Wastes was something we thought we'd never see again. A being who we'd all thought had vanished for good after the Battle of Zakianshin. Sapphire is back. Only this time, she's stronger, and more terrifying. She's begun to move towards Haven, where Tok-Zephyz said she was waiting. There have been no sightings of Reuage.

Another Terrifying Force...

Recently, a mountain in the Frozen Wastes was annihilated. The region has been devoid of any living beings for about a week, and black and red lightning has been dropping on the area. Whatever is hiding in that god forsaken place can't be human. We'll give you the news on the situation as we get it.

Tok-Reyial's arrival on the Realm

A new God has made his way to the Destinyscape Zetacraft Realm! Tok-Reyial had recently arrived from the Lar' Aktar Realm System. He is a God of absolute energy and power, but he cannot use that power in an offensive way. He can only aid, heal and create utilities for other Gods. Dramae has taken quite a liking to our new friend, and it's only a matter of time before something happens due to his arrival.

The release of DSZC 4 is here!

The new story involves the characters who were involved with the Betrayal at Zakianshin. Reuage, Sapphire, Ragnar and Genesis team up with each other to attack many evil forces in the realm. 

Dramae had some trouble, but Harral, Medasz and Zephyz came to the rescue...

Dramae was wandering the woods south of Kotana, in the Kotanian Jungle, where he was attacked in a clearing. One of Yzaar-Drakus' minions had escaped his domain, and landed in the clearing. Dramae summoned his Godsword, and began to fight. Drakus is far more powerful than Dramae, and so is his minion. Thus, this huge life sucking demon actually damaged Dramae...Quite badly too. As the demon was going to kill him, a white light appeared in front of Dramae. No, it wasn't the afterlife. It was Harral. He knocked back the demon with a devastating spell, and began to bandage Dramae. Harral was slashed in the back, straight through his God Armor. Medasz and Zephyz appeared out of a portal, and held it back. Zephyz grew vines and trees to bind it, and Medasz made extra arms and weapons for himself. While Medasz was holding it back, she healed both Harral and Dramae. While healing them, she got knocked on top of Dramae with a huge swipe from the demon's wing. She was rendered useless, due to a heavy injury to her head. Harral became enraged, summoning two Chaos Angels to aid him. All four of them assaulted the demon, barely doing damage. Dramae, recovered from his injuries, shed a single tear and Dramae's angry side was released for the first time since the Second God Wars. He drew energy from the world, creating a huge, ethereal Godsword. He sprouted his wings, which he seldom does, and dived onto the demon from outer edge of the world's atmosphere. The demon then staggered around with a large dent in it's head, but it remained unharmed.

Dramae - "It's futile...We can't kill it..."

Harral - "Are you kidding me, Dramae?! You'd give up that fast?!"

Harral, better with weaponry, absorbed Dramae's weapon into his own Godsword, and lashed out at the demon. Did slightly more damage, but not enough. The demon laughed at their attempts, and turned to the weakened Zephyz. He was about to crush what remained of her, when Harral jumped between them...And took no damage.

Harral - "You may be all powerful. But I will NOT let you hurt my FRIEND!"

He began to glow white, which worried Dramae. He seemed more powerful, and took out his rage on the demon. It still wasn't enough.

Harral - "Must I bring out my Soul Guardian?"

He opened an unholy portal, sprouting from it, a huge humanoid with snake arms, a lion's head and ten Ashura blades. Harral floated behind the being he named Ashura-Omega, otherwise known as the Soul Guardian. It roared through it's sealed mouth, with a muffled moan. Swung it's blades once to the side, and nine times down on the demon's head. It then un-stitched it's mouth and started to draw at the demon's soul. The demon pushed Ashura-Omega back, and smashed it with it's wing. It came right back at the demon with a two handed Sword built especially for it. The demon deflected it. But, in it's recoil, Dramae pulled out his demon-slayer Sword, and stabbed at the demon's head. The demon looked stunned, fell backwards, and crashed into the Jungle. After all the ciaos Zephyz was still out cold from the pain. Dramae dropped to the ground out of pain. Medasz laid in the grass, resting from the fight. And Harral stood staring at his hands, leaning on a tree. Drakus and Raptoris, who had just felt an imbalance and teleported in. Drakus stood in disbelief next to his demon. Raptoris first walked up to Zephyz and healed her wounds and woke her up. After waking up she ran straight to Dramae, who was still sprawled on the ground in pain. Even though weak, she carried him away to an unknown location. Raptoris then approached Harral.

Raptoris - "Trying to understand why you could use the power of light?"

Harral - "Yeah...I shouldn't be able to do that."

Raptoris - "But, you did. And you did it well. I am proud of you. You saved them."

Harral - "I didn't. Dramae did."

Raptoris - "But, it was your courage and determination that made Dramae see. You saved them."

Harral - "I should get back home."

Raptoris - "Without accepting my thanks? And the other's as well?"

Harral - "I'm a God of darkness. I deserve no treat such as that."

Raptoris - "But, you do. Now, please, accept this..."

He handed him a charm with extraordinary powers.

Raptoris - "This Charm shows what it is you have done. It also gives you more strength. Make good use of it."

Harral nodded, as Raptoris approached Drakus.

Raptoris - "Are you surprised they could kill it?"

Drakus - "No. They're a tough little group. I admire Medasz and Harral for their bravery and determination. Zephyz did a good job too. She may be a whiny little female...But, she showed true courage today, knowing full well what would happen to her. And Dramae...It was stupid to approach Gri' Kthothek like that. However, he did what he thought he had to do: protect his realm. He did very well, other than almost dying."

Raptoris - "How did it escape?"

Drakus - "He was a scout. He was looking for something for a troop to conquer, when he stumbled upon this realm. He had no clue that I was part of it, thus he attacked it. He showed disrespect, and yet, he was useful. He showed us not to mess with Dramae. Next time a battle ensues, I will lend them my blade in battle."

Raptoris - "I see."

Drakus - "Raptoris...Listen. I'm very worried about Zephyz. You may have healed her body, but I've seen what happens to her. She get's traumatized a lot. I pray for her to stay sane. I was the only being she talked to when she hid herself away from the world. She sees me as somewhat of a father figure, and I need to care for her. Don't try to stop me, if I do."

Raptoris - "I will not stop you. Do what you think is right. I trust you."

Zephyz got herself in trouble this time

Zephyz got herself into a fix recently. She sent a spy to check up on Harral's army, and with her luck, the spy got caught. Harral is expected to send a few platoons to set her straight. Has she prepared an army of her own? Only time will tell...