NPCs are a planned subject, in which we will give people Nicknames and act as an NPC, though actually controlled by a player. So the technical term would be PC, or Playable Character.

NPC list

Rai: A Melee extremist, who loves swordplay and fist fights. During training he wears Team 2 Armor and wields a Stone Sword named PyreLance. Mi, Jes and him always get in fights, usually leading to one of them harmed badly.

Mi: A Magic extremist, who loves alchemy and potion-making. During training she wears Team 2 Armor and wields differing potions, both negative and positve. Rai, Jes and her always get in fights, usually leading to one of them harmed badly.

Jes: A Ranged extremist, who loves competetive Archery matches and cannons. Though this NPC's gender is unknown(Due to their secretiveness). During training they wear Team 2 Armor and wields a Bow named GaiaBow and Arrows named GaiaShots. Rai, Mi and Jes always get in fights, usually leading to one of them being harmed badly.

Lin and Rex: Lin is a Master Smith who often picks on her partner-in-training, Rex. She doesn't mean it, however, and is a valuable mentor and teacher to Rex. Rex on the other hand, is very anti-social. The only real time he spends with other humans is when Lin is teaching him about Smithing. Before he took up being a student, he was a very feared White Knight. He lost an eye in a fight with an unnamed dark creature, and ever since, has taken a vow of silence because of the horror he went through fighting it. It is impossible to get information on the creature, since he doesn't want, nor can he, speak.

Liam: Liam is an amatuer builder, whose ancestors helped build the God Temples. He tries to be as great as his predecessors, but mostly messes up whatever he's built. His most outstanding feat of building was when he repaired the God Temple's walkways. During this job, however, he lost two fingers on his right hand when a Cobblestone Block from the scaffolding fell.

Marcus: Marcus is a Powerful White Knight from Haven. He was teleported from his home by a Harralite Monk when he was on his regular trip to Haven for souls. Marcus was only 6 at the time, and the land below was dangerous. He soon found other people(Mentioned later): Mezol and Rauzul. When Marcus was 10 years old, he took up the job of being the first White Knight ever. Mezol and Rauzul followed, and not long after, they founded the Janni Camp .

Mezol: Mezol was an abandon Harralite child, and since dark creatures follow Harral, they raised him as their own. Once the creatures noticed his soul turning to the light, they abandon him again. At this point he was 7, and was wandering the forests of DestinyScape for a home. He stumbled across Marcus and Rauzul who were in the same predicament as him. They teamed up and founded the Janni Camp when he was 12.

Rauzul: Rauzul was a Neather-world native, and had accidentally wandered into DestinyScape via a portal. Since he was from the Neather realm, he was naturally strong and very immune to pain. This made his first years in DestinyScape easier, but it was harsh. When he was 6 he discovered Marcus, a DestinyScape dwelling abandon. Marcus tended to Rauzul's wounds, and struck up multiple conversations on where Rauzul had come from. After a few weeks, a boy wandered into their grove of trees, Mezol, and asked for shelter. They agreed, and a few years later had set up the Janni Camp together.

Dramyl, the Ancient: Dramyl is a 400 year old Dramaean(Pronounced: draw-may-an) High priest, who tended wandering adventurers and warriors in the forests. He used to be a mighty Paladin, user of sword and tome, but in a battle with a Dark Creature, was fatally wounded. It WOULD have been fatal, if Dramae hadn't answered his prayer to put him out of his misery. Just as he gulped his last breath, a white figure appeared and carried him away. The figure's simple touch seemed to revitalize him, but he was still weak. He was tended to by the strange one, and was released from the hut later that month. Ever since, he's been looking for that figure again, to thank him or her for their act of kindness. He was named after the God of Peace, Dramae.

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