We are adding a reward system to show off our veteran and extraordinary members.

Medals can be gained through any game we support(If you keep in touch with us), or here on our wiki.

The Medals we will give outEdit

Newbie Medal: Join us, and contribute little by little

Adept Medal: Contribute more than the average bear

Advanced Medal: Be an active member, play games with us

Pro Medal: Make your own lore on our wiki(Needs to be along the lines of our content), and make it detailed!

Legendary Medal: Make your mark on the community by doing some extraordinary things(Such as: Become known for something you did, organizing a movement, ect...)

Runescaper Medal: Meet up with us on Runescape

ROBLOXian Medal: Meet up with us on ROBLOX

RotMGer Medal: Meet up with us on Realm of the Mad God

Adventure Quester Medal: Meet up with us on AQ Worlds

Minecrafter Medal: Meet up with us on Minecraft

Terrarian Medal: Meet up with us on Terraria

Use Moderately Medal: Become a Moderator         ~Note: This Medal is nullified if you become an Admin!

Next to Godly Medal: Become an Admin

Unity Medal: Choose Light and Unity as your side

Chaos Medal: Choose Darkness and Chaos as your side

In Between and Something Medal: Choose Balance as your side

In Between and Nothing Medal: Choose to remain a mystery, or be a hired arm

Completionist Medal: Get every single Medal!    ~Note: The "Use Moderately" and "Next to Godly" Medals don't count for this, since not eveyone can get them.

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