Masks are items of power for certain Gods. Each God has three Masks that represent them, and in each Mask holds some of that Gods power. Wearing the Mask of a God you do not follow gives negative effects.



Mask of Crying AngelsEdit

Let's the wearer be immune to all Angel attacks indefinitely. However, disallows them to enter Haven or the Janni Camp. If they do enter, they can be actively killed until the Mask is no longer in use.

Mask of SkullsEdit

A Mask that terrifies Demons, and while worn, you cannot be attacked by Demons. This disallows the wearer to enter HELLovale, or any forts/towns in the Nether. If they do enter, they can be killed or imprisoned, depending on what the leader of the fort/town chooses.

Mask of LightEdit

A Mask of great holy power. It completely wards off Evil Angels and Demons when worn. The only downside, is that the wearer cannot attack. If they do, and they are seen, the Mask can be stolen and given to Tok-Dramae to get the abuser punished.


Mask of Sk' OllEdit

Let's the wearer be reborn with increased magic, melee and ranged skills, as well as being completely invinicble for a week after being reborn. It will only take effect when the wearer dies.

Mask of Lis' IcmarthEdit

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