Understanding Magic Edit

Magic is the use of, creation of and organization of a type of matter known as Mana. Yes, I'm sure you've heard that term before. Has it ever been explained to you fully? Most likely not, so I'll do it now in the context of Destinyscape-Zetacraft.

MC: Mana Count. This number shows how much mana is stored or can be stored within it.

MRR: The rate at which a material will regenerate Mana. An object whose MRR is higher than its MDR will regenerate Mana. An object whose MRR and MDR are equal will neither regenerate or lose Mana. And lastly, an object whose MDR higher will lose Mana.

MDR: The rate at which Mana decays in the said material. This is the main function of Magic canceling items, as they have an extremely high MDR.

UMC: A container that holds useable Mana, thus called: Useable Mana Container.

There are four types of Mana on the realm: Stable, Unstable, Aberrant, and Anti-Mana.

First we'll talk about Stable Mana. Stable Mana is used in all Spells, evil or good, powerful or weak, in order to conjure up whatever you're using(Fire, Water, and nearly anything else).

Unstable Mana is our second subject. Any space where Stable Mana is, this is never far behind. It's the aftermath of used Mana. So, that fireball you shot only did damage because of the Unstable Mana that had contact with the guy you wrecked back there. The heat from the fireball came from the decaying Mana, which in a large scale, would have exploded violently. Apart from being a byproduct of Mana, it's also naturally around you in small amounts. It can be used to make explosives, if used correctly. If you can condense it, pack it in a Rune, and carry it without it bursting, you have a successful Mana bomb.

Abberant Mana is our third subject. This strange and deadly Mana is found when Stable or Unstable Mana is fermented. This happens if the Mana cannot move for a long time, making it literally rot. This kind of Mana can actually be seen, and should be avoided. If you breathe it in, ingest it, or otherwise get it inside your system, it'll rot you from the inside out. There are some mages who use it, and can "safely" be around it. This is because they've already taken in the lethal amount, and can't feel the effects. This allows them to do research on how to use it, or at least make it safe.

Last, but not least, is Anti-Mana. Anti-Mana is the absence of any other Mana, and not only this, it destroys Mana. Not much else is known about Anti-Mana.

There are some spell types that do not use a specific Mana type.

There are many kinds of Magic. They're split into groups in order to organize them by power and Mana cost: Basic(1), Advanced(4), Concentrated(16), Deadly(64), High-Energy(256), Overcharged(1024), Supercharged(4096) 

Mana can be used to make objects. These are known as Nova Gems. Nova Gems are basically tanks of Mana, they can't regenerate Mana but hold massive amounts. In this system, Nova=128. If you combine 2 Nova Spells with each other you get a Supernova Spell, worth 256. Combine 2 of those to get a Hypernova, worth 64. Combine 2 of those to get a Meganova, worth 128. Seal it's power inside a UMC capable of holding a total amount of 11576 MC or more. This usually means a semi-rare gemstone such as a Sapphire or Emerald, if you don't want to waste. This creates a powerful and valuable Nova Gem. Most of the time, only experienced magic users or priests can create and use these.

After that, get a UMC capable of 133,943,776, usually meaning a Ruby or Diamond. Using 2 Nova Gems, force their MC head on into the stronger UMC. A powerful impact causes them both to explode, and then absorb that energy into themselves, powering up the resulting energy exponentially to 133,943,776. This is now called a Supernova Gem.

Once this has been made, and a duplicate has been as well, you then have the power to make a Hypernova Gem. Proceed to do the same process done earlier to create the Hypernova Gem. This time, you need a UMC capable of containing a staggering 17,940,935,129,138,176 MC. This means using Onyx or in rare circumstances, a Godstone.

Using the power of 2 of these, you can then create a Meganova Gem. It is required you use a Godstone, or it's power will overflow and cause the UMC itself to explode violently, engulfing you and quite a bit of the realm you're in. It has no other way to discharge power. Once charged into the Godstone the same way as before, you have a Meganova Gem with 1,287,508,613,231,777,039,783,154,002,427,904 MC.

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