Legendary Items include mostly Godswords and God Armor. They are rarely bestowed unto mortals, for fear that the mortal will become too powerful.

Legendary WeaponsEdit

Legendary weapons are used primarily by powerful beings. Although, weaker beings can use them, they rarely get their hands on them.

Umbraterra Edit

Umbraterra is a blade from the legend of the nameless Chaos Angel. She was going to use it to slay many humans, angels and many other races. She was stopped by some heroes, who destroyed Umbraterra, but, after the crisis, it reformed. It is now built to slay Golems and Constructs. It does almost no damage to mortal creatures, or Gods.


Rekasoul is a blade hell-bent on destroying Dramae, but it's unable to do so, due to a chip on the the gem on the hilt. It cannot be repaired, unless repaired by Medasz, who knows how to recognize it. It also cannot be destroyed, no matter how damaged it may be. It corrupts any weak soul who touches it, and any strong soul who touches it is empowered by darkness. The power let's them teleport, cast dark spells, and summon Shadow minions. It was wielded by Chaos Angel Drake before he tossed it aside due to the chip on the hilt.


Zerotide is a blade made of ice and water, and has the ability to conjure ice and water out of nothing. It's power is enhanced exponentially when it's raining, or it's wielder is in water. It allows it's wielder to walk through water like on land, and grants the ability to breathe underwater. It was once wielded by the Lesser God of Water, but after he was slain by the Lesser God of Fire, it laid in wait at the base of an ancient tree waiting for it's new master.


By the name, you can tell this thing is a weapon of war. Skullcrusher is a blade made by Harral's smiths to prepare for the thrid God Wars, which he is anticipating with great thrill. He has been congregating his army ever since the second God Wars, and can't wait for a reason to unleash it upon the world. This blade grows stronger with each life it takes. It enhances Dark Magic, Curse Magic and Ancient Curses.

Yokeh' Ske-EillEdit

An ancient mysterious sword wielded by The Wanderer. Nothing much is known, since the people who meet this sentient blade don't end up surviving the first impression. His common name is Yoskel. During combat, it can be heard talking to the armor, and quite often to his master.

Skril' Ketosh Edit

The Skril' Ketosh is the "godsword" of the Demon Gods. Kokura, Astriloth, Ashura, Brozol Maximus, Zakiryian and other powerful Demons are the only ones able to even wield it. Skril' Ketosh was forged from scraps of flesh that dropped from Nyxa in a cataclysmic battle between her and Brura-Nol. It was bound together with the tears of insanity that dropped from Brura, and were all combined by Medasz at the God Kiln. Skril' Ketosh is used to toy with Souls.

Subtetribution Edit

Subtetribution is the blade used by Black Warden Lord Schakkus. As he explained, it "Subtetribution" is a word in the Void language meaning "ultimate cleansing through annihilation". Given that the blade is named this would herald its power. It's a weapon of abhorrence, built to do as its name implies: cleanse through annihilation. Schakkus has said that he prefers not to use it, and when he does, he holds back its overwhelming power as an act of mercy. He hasn't described the blade's abilities, however.

Maelstrom Grandsword Edit

The Maelstrom Grandsword is a weapon that was recently recovered from the Sea of Ravenous Gods. Due to Mora's absence from her home, many of her possessions are unguarded. Because she has very few followers, no one was there to stop a Bandit Lord from the Thief Chain Islands to snatch the Grandsword and a few other items of Mora's. The weapon is entirely made of solid water, not ice, being held in place by a curse. Its non-solid nature makes armor useless. Since the water of the blade is whirling at immeasurable speed, it is a fierce weapon that is built to inflict pain. When wielded by a Water mage, it can be controlled just like other Water magic. Wielding with sword with your hands alone is quite the chore. There are swords, then there are greatswords. Although this classification was made by Mora herself, it's very appropriate, as it is incredibly large and heavy.

Legendary ArmorsEdit

Legendary armors are special armor in one way or the other. Often times, they're both made and used by Gods, however, this isn't always the case.

Golden Silk RobesEdit

Worn by Tok-Dramae. These robes are said to heal any wound instantly. If one of his followers accomplishes something great, he may reward you with a set of these robes.

Great Dragon Snake Hide ArmorEdit

The only one who can summon a Great Dragon Snake is Tok-Zephyz. These beasts are almost more feared than Harral himself. If they find a human, they eat their soul, and give their body life as an Empty Beast, who guard the snake. Their hide is nearly indestructible, and they know it. Many were used in the Second God Wars to gain vantage points along crucial passes and tunnels.

Armor of Watching EyesEdit

The creepy looking armor of Tok-Harral. It cannot be stolen, due to it's many eyes and the ability to grow arms. The best close combat armor available is put to great use on a daily basis. It even has the ability to repair itself, if the conditions are met.

Bulwarmentium PlateEdit

A piece of Godly plate armor made of a non-existent metal. Almost non-existent. Medasz can make this material with a thought. He has only worn this armor once, during the First God Wars. If you can deal damage through this armor, you'd have to be a God.

Star Silk SuitEdit

Mysterious, beautiful silk armor, worn by The Wanderer. This sentient body armor has the ability to cast spells whenever it wants, given it's master allows it. During combat, it can be heard talking to Yoskel, the sword, and rarely it's master.

Shield of Divine AversionEdit

The Shield of Divine Aversion is a shield built to almost completely stop incoming attacks and throw them back at the attacker with ten times the original force. It's basically a shield that uses Blastback. Extremely powerful attacks will still fully get through, but will still blast the attack back. This shield can be created by any being by using Rebound or Blastback on any kind of shield.

Other ItemsEdit


A legendary two-handed Sword that has the ability to cast devistating Air spells. It was once wielded by the legendary Juggernaut, Reuage(Pronounced "Ree-oo-agg-ay"). The Zephyr was lost when he made his final stand at the Betrayal at Zakianshin. There are very few humans who meet the standards to wield this weapon. They are mostly by Matriarchs of Voratian Tribes. People with this blade often have much political power between the Gods' different Tribes. Both he and Zephyr are symbols of the Voratian people. Their symbol is the head of a bird with feathery wings coming out from the sides. Their color is light blue.


A vicious, blood red Spear, that has the ability to steal blood from it's target. It was once wielded by the legendary Knight, Sapphire. It lays next to her in her tomb, where she still lives, plotting the escape of her well guarded prison. She was imprisoned by Demon invaders at the Betrayal of Zakianshin. She is a symbol of the Voratian people along with Fenrir. Their symbol is a pair of Phoenix wings colored blood red.


The third of the three legendary warriors' weapons. Odin shares it's being with a blood red Sword, and a blue Shield. They are wielded by the legendary Warlord, Ragnar and his younger brother, Genesis. When Ragnar was slain at the Betrayal of Zakianshin, Genesis was enraged. He took up Odin and single handedly laid the entire Demon army to rest. He was not one who liked to fight, but he didn't want to go out without a bang. He ventured forth to seek out Raptoris' counsel. He found Raptoris, and asked him a favour: That they would fight, but Raptoris would not hold back. Out of respect for Genesis, Raptoris stuck to the agreement. Just before Genesis' death, Raptoris noticed Genesis was smiling. Raptoris buried them next to each other, under two trees he named the Tree of Genesis and the Tree of Ragnar. Many Voratians attended the ceremony, from Warlord, to peasant, it was a loss that did not go unnoticed. Odin can be found by the two trees. The Sword stabbed into the ground where Ragnar lays, and the Shield mounted on top of the gravestone. Their colors are black and white.


The unholy 8-handed sword of Krahil' Mirk, also known as the Devourer Blademaster. Ashura is extremely heavy, and even Raptoris himself is unable to wield it. It has the ability to duplicate itself into smaller versions into each one of Krahil's hands. Krahil himself has the ability to steal the soul of whoever he defeats, making him nearly as strong as a god at the moment. Krahil aided the demons during the Betrayal at Zakianshin. He was the sole survivor of the Mirk tribe, and the Betrayal at Zakianshin. He was the one who had slain Sapphire and locked her away.


A weapon of mystery, wielded by another strange wanderer. This wanderer wears what looks like blue-steel, a backpack that pumps steam into the weapon. The steam is transformed into electrical energy inside it. Researchers are trying to make replicas of this powerful weapon, but to no avail. It's wielder wears a strange mask: a skull painted on the front, and demonic horns around the top.

Way Unto WinterEdit

A dangerous and powerful weapon of tyranny. It has been used many times by Vampire Cultists to overtake cities, Werewolves and stronger foes. Way Unto Winter has the unique ability to freeze the enemy, and encase their Soul in a shard of unmeltable Ice. The size of the Soul doesn't matter, as it can trap any Soul. The frozen enemy then becomes one of Way Unto Winter's thralls. Way Unto Winter is also sentient, meaning it can feel and think like a human, or much more than one. Way Unto Winter's full potential cannot be unlocked unless wielded by an Ice God.


Aegisbane is a large poleaxe that does little damage to the actual target, but will sap away at one's Soul when touched by it. Aegisbane is built to take down powerful enemies such as Gods. There are no known ways to counter the Aegisbane's Soul stealing effect.


Aeonsbane is a sword that is built to deal heavy damage to Gods, but is useless against mortals. The blade has a tendancy to chip when it comes in contact with a mortal's body. Demons who wield the Aeonsbane usually have a weakness to Magic, making it less useful when used by Demons. The Aeonsbane can be created by casting Nova or Astral Magic on a sword of any type.

Rose CrystalEdit

The Rose Crystal is a rare gemstone that only appears for the period of a week every hundred years. The Rose Crystal is used to make regular everyday items into sentient beings. They are valuable and very powerful.

Key of SealingEdit

The Key of Sealing is a key made by shattering a key into many pieces and using a certain Ancient Curse on it. This rebuilds the key, and enchants it with the ability to seal almost any lock or ward, making them impassible without Magic to unlock it. It cannot unlock locks or wards, so it's only useful in making defenses.

Orb of Icmenthus Edit

The Orb of Icmenthus, originally from the Origin Islands, is an artifact currently being used by the Wintergreen tribes to the far north. It was used by its original owners as both an object of worship and as a tool. Its sole purpose was to grant wishes, and based on the will of the user and their resolve concering their wish, it would vary in power. It has only ever served its true purpose twice, once to save the Part-Humans from the imposing Yratian military, and to warm the Wintergreen Islands. Being stagnated, the Orb has changed over time. Even though it hasn't fully advanced, it has started to develop its own mind and will. No doubt it will continue to grow, until it realizes its true potential.

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