Humans are a simple race. They inhabit most of the Realms in one way or the other. Compared to other races, they're the most versatile. They range from the weakest beings, all the way to the strongest. They have the most talent with survival, making them the trailblazers of the Realms. They were the first foreign beings in most of the other Realms, and are the most targeted by strong, God-like beings.

They're also quite violent, and are often incapable of understanding higher concepts. They have been more involved in wars than any other race, making great footsoldiers. They are considered as disposable by most Gods, even though they're the most religiously devoted.

Humans have inhabited nearly every reach of the main realm at one point or another. They typically reside on the Mainland, as many other places are far too dangerous for their simple lives.

The ruler of the Human race is Akorius the VI, who is currently a Minor God and is 337 years old. He is charged by the more powerful Gods with keeping an eye on his people, preventing racial wars, and other diplomatic tasks.

The higher ranks of Humans such as the Royal Court and many aristocrats are also given this task. The Court is, at its core, a group of highly respected individuals who dish out punishment and help the current king with his decisions. The aristocrats carry out less important orders from the Court, and help manage towns and settle new ones,

In the context of roleplays and games with Human characters, they learn most skills slightly faster than other Races, but lack any easy access to mastery of any skill. They have average stats(100 Health and Mana) and have no specific bonuses when it comes to defense, offense or the like.

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