Guilds are groups of people who gather together for a common cause. Guilds often pay their members for completing jobs, and these jobs are furthering the Guild's cause.

There are many Guilds, each one has their own speciality, such as Magic or Summoning.

Dragon Slayer's Guild: The first Guild ever made. It is used for training aspiring Dragon Slayers new Magic, Sword and Archery techniques. The Guild was "disbanded" when a massive group of Dragons attacked the Central Dragon Slayer's Guild Hall. There are a few members remaining, but those who remain live in seclusion to avoid any Dragons that may be looking to wipe them out.

Warrior's Guild: A Guild full of both powerful warriors and aspiring knights. They often get jobs from towns to clean up trouble monsters, but they have been recruited into the military, and have helped other Guilds with their duties.

Mage's Colony: The Colony was once a famous and powerful organization, having multiple bases in every region, including the Northern Continent, but was completely disbanded when a massive group of Dragons attacked the Central Dragon Slayer's Guild, crippling their main supplier. About a year after this event, the Dragons then attacked hundreds of Mage's Colony bases, destroying any architectural evidence of their existence. Years later, the Colony was rebuilt, and rebuilt stronger at that. The recovery became a major News story. More information on the Colony can be found here.

The Peacekeepers: A Guild of the strongest warriors in all of Zeterra, and it's neighboring Realms. The Peacekeepers are the first to arrive at a battle, and the last to leave. They are ruthlessly strong, killing the "unworthy" and banishing them to oblivion. The Peacekeepers also have the favour of the Gods, giving them even more power. Their leader, Lady Mauvitaa, is the strongest. In battle she uses Goliath Armor, made from a combination of all known metals. Her followers use Titan Armor, only slightly weaker than Goliath Armor.

The Order of Luna: The Order of Luna is a Guild who harness the sheer power of madness. Their attacks cannot be predicted, due to their strange fighting style. Their leader, Lady Luna, is the absolute pinnacle of madness, able to warp the area around herself to shred apart outsiders. Just being near her makes one go insane. Their group focuses on converting people to follow the Whisper and Brura-Nol.

The Thieves Guild: The Thieves Guild is a massive web of guilds, businesses and public figures who steal, cheat and lie to gain something, usually being money. Almost every town and city in the realm has a root or two of the Thieve's Guild. It's hard to say who's really in charge, since the Guild is so secretive.

The Order of the Tower: The Order of the Tower are a group that was formed when the people of the realm learned of Eschaviron. The Order focus on halting major conflicts between nations. Most that belong to the Order are Nightkin, but some are other races. They wield massive tower shields and are trained to use greatswords single-handed, a feat that most mortals cannot achieve.

With many military groups around the realms, they often follow the same ranking system.

Military Ranks Edit

Grunt: Basic unit. They're often cross-trained in many fields so they can replace each other, which happens often.

Elite: Tough guys that lasted more than a couple months. They're also cross-trained, but have specialties as well. They're often positioned in large quantities with points of interest.

Heavy: Heavies are the melee soldiers with extensive training in their field. They often have heavy armor and large weapons.

Ranger: Stealth units that keep to the shadows and defend from behind the heavies and other units.

Scout: Equal to the heavy and the ranger, they specialize in infiltration and locating interest points or resources.

Stormer: Basically a swarmer in that they take points in massive numbers. They're main job is taking things away from enemies quickly.

Barrager: Mages that were trained to carpet bomb hostile-held areas.

Saints: Healers trained to keep other units alive.

Cannoneers: A very uncommon unit, but very effective. They're often positioned at forts with large magic cannons. They're a worrying sight to hostile forces.

Officer: A low-ranking officer who commands a small amount of men, often as troop leaders.

Commander: A middle-ranking officer who has command over about a dozen officers, or a small fleet of ships or airships.

Sentry Commander: A middle-ranking officer who holds forts, towns and other settlements with about a dozen officers.

General: A high-ranking officer who has command over either half or a quarter of the entire military.

Ghat-General: The highest ranking officer who commands all of the generals.

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