The strongest Greater God is Tok-Harral, the God of Doom. He has little to no respect for Tok-Zephyz or Tok-Medasz, giving them a hard time whenever he possibly can. He's a force to be reckoned with in combat, with the ability to drive the fighting spirit out of his opponents. He can shift between many evil and Demonic beings at will, and his close range combat skills are of legendary proportions. He likes to take the form of a black cloud, a completely black glowing demon, or a regular human with black and red robes. He usually starts squabbles because of his troublesome nature.


The second Greater God on the list is Tok-Zephyz, the God of Life. She's extremely sassy and doesn't like to listen to ANYONE ELSE, which makes her useless in battle. However, when she does battle, she possesses the ability to manipulate any form of life, including her own. She has also gained the ability to morph into a Demon at will. She often lounges in Haven with the Lesser Gods. When she isn't being lazy or disruptive, she's tending her farm that she protects with her life. Despite her rash nature, she is very caring when the time comes, so she often tends to people in need of medical aid if they are currently her follower. She had a major role in the second God Wars, which she started. She has strong feelings for Dramae and often worries about him when he's away or injured.


The third of the Greater Gods is Tok-Medasz, the God of Matter. He is extremely important, because he was one of the Gods who helped create helped create the Realm of Zeta(Along with Dramae, Raptoris and Takous). Also, him and Dramae are very good freinds and Medasz is allowed to do things no other God can do: Take Dramae's place temporarily as the seer of light. He played major roles in every God War, because of his ability to conjure weapons out of dirt. But, no matter what the other Gods do, he will not join anyone except for Dramae. He is kind, and doesn't like violence like Dramae. He loves building and crafting things, as well as mining. Even Zephyz bows when he enters the room, same with Harral, though this may be hard to believe.


The fourth of the Greater Gods is Tok-Reyial, the God of Magnitude. He was recently recruited to help Dramae. Reyial is adept with magic, and is very wise. He knows how to bend reality to the impossible possible. He is very good with abstract thought, which is useful to Dramae, since he doesn't notice all the strange events that take place on Destinyscape Zetacraft. He isn't good with combat, but is an expert when it comes to support. If Reyial and Dramae were to combine their powers, Reyial would increase Dramae's power exponentially, bringing him to the power of an Elder God or greater. Tok-Reyial is cold to outsiders, and is extremely withdrawn when it comes to social situations, and he's also very quiet. When he gets angry, he possesses the same, if not more power than Dramae. When he is sad, torrential rains usually begin near him. Basically every emotion he has is amplified, and is projected into the world. He also has the ability to feel other people's emotions. His colors are Dark Green and Dark Blue is purple.

Skril' Ashura

The fifth Greater God is Skril' Ashura, the God of Souls and Demons. Also known as the Devourer for his addiction to devouring Souls, was promoted to Greater God after a trial, but first has to serve 20 years of imprisonment in the pits of the Underworld. Ashura's strength lies in his ability to destroy magical defenses, break wards, dispell seals, create Godswords, and intense mind control. Without those, he's still a deadly opponent, having eight arms, each capable of simultaneously doing different actions. His head can also deploy two extra spectral hands, allowing for even more domination. He only has average intelligence for a Greater God, but knows more about Souls than any other. He's very hostile when he speaks with mortals who do not follow him as their leader, but otherwise can act with kindness and respect. Just being near him makes mortal Souls grow distant from their host, eventually leading to their removal. Ashura also has six eyes, and each can cast a spell of some kind. His colors are Black, Red, Light Gray and Light Blue.