The God Wars is made of multiple pages, dealing with different parts. Look here to find the other parts of this section.

The God Wars are a location marked by a sign. All areas past this sign allow PvP, and even Gods themselves are allowed to "PK" or player kill. This means any travel through or into here usually ends in death, or harm. Sometimes if the Gods are surprised at your skill, you might get a reward as well as warding of the God. This depends on the person. No quests are found here, as it could cause some serious trouble.

The God Wars used to be a peaceful grassland where Dramae resided with the most happiness. Soon, ending the era of peace between the Creation and Iron periods, Medasz and Harral got into an argument. This rose into Medasz hitting Harral with his strong smith arm, and Harral struck back...With a blade. Even though Dramae didn't have much rage in him, he was enraged to his own limit. He cast a surprisingly destructive spell, cracking the earth in two at his feet. Harral and Medasz were teleported into the Nether world and further more, into a Bedrock cage. Untrue to his nature, Dramae tortured Harral and Medasz for a century. Between these events was about 1-5 years. After their torture, Harral and Medasz repaired the mess they caused, which is untrue to Harral's nature. Even after repairing the land, it left it's mark. Fire spread for years, rain came, more fire, rain, and on and on. The trees were mostly gone, if they were there, they were barren. Thousands of years later, the land had healed slightly, allowing animals to wander the land once more. Demons of war still wander these plains, fighting for Harral and Medasz, nobody told them the war was over.

This is a hardcore PvP area. In other words, you WILL NOT get ANY items back. If you want PvP and get them back, go to an Arena.

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