God Items such as Swords and Armor are used by Gods, and can be given to mortals on Zeta. There are 3 kinds of Armors and Weapons, among other things.

Godswords are obtained in the God Kiln Quest from Raptoris, where the player needs to bring him an ancient and powerful sword so he can "Take care of business". Once the Quest is done, they can be bought for (30000$). They can also be taken for free once the player completes the Silent City Quest, or a voucher can be won from a Book of Time.

God Armor is gained from the God Kiln 2 Quest from Raptoris, where the player needs to bring Tok-Harral's ancient armor to his Temple and throw them into the Doom Fire. Once the Quest is done, they can be bought as full sets for (64000$). They can be taken for free once the Shielded Soul Quest is done. There are no vouchers for God Armor.

Godstones are gained during the Broken Monument Quest to repair the Broken Monument. Once the quest is done, they're used for fancy buildings, and can be bought from any Greater God or Elder God while in Haven or a God Temple. The price for Godstones from the Gods varies from when they're in Haven or the Temples. When in haven they cost slightly more, at (100$) apeice, and at the Temples they cost slightly less, at (70$) apeice.

Dimensional Thread is used to make many items for the Gods. It's often used in the forging of armor, weapons. It's also used as an enchanting or alchemical reagent. It can't be obtained by an average person, as it's only found in the Void or from the remnants of realms that have exploded.

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