The Dreadnaught event is extremely dangerous. First off you get a 5 minute alert saying you will be teleported in 5 minutes regardless of if you are ready. You can leave before the event starts because you teleport into a cell. So unprepared people or low tier people can leave if they need.

If you don't leave, here's what you should expect. You enter a long hallway that is wide and tall. As you progress you will fight the 4 Gods and 3 Elder Gods. They will not be invincible, and any drops are kept by you. You begin by fighting the God of Matter, Medasz, armed with a Diamond Sword with no enchantments and Leather Armor. The second phase is with Harral AND Zephyz. Harral will charge players with his full Iron and Knockback II and Damage I Diamond Sword. On the other hand, Zephyz will stand back with a Fire Aspect Bow and Leather Armor. The next phase is with Dramae. People think he hates violence....He does, unless it's for sport. Even then he's not the biggest fan. He will FLY at the players with a Fire Aspect and Damage IV Sword, with Diamond Amor. Phase four is with Yzaar-Takous and Yzaar-Drakus' Shadow. Takous will charge by ground with Full DIamond with Protection II and a Fire Aspect Diamond Sword. Drakus will fly around at random, striking anything with his Fire Aspect, Damage IV, full Knockback Diamond Sword. After this is Phase 5 with Raptoris himself. He will only attack when approached, or shot with an arrow. He will Charge by flight and by ground with his Protection III Diamond Armor, Diamond Sword, and a maxed Diamond Sword when he gets low health. Once killed, the event ends...Not fully though. People who think they can do it, can fight ALL the Gods in an All or Nothing fight. People who survive this are considered pros and get their names on the WoF(Wall of Fame). This is extremely hard as said before, and a group will be required to survive the final onslaught.

Easter Egg: If you do the Hall alone, you get WoF, and if you manage the Onslaught alone,(Which is damn near impossible) you get WoF AND 1M Server Cash.

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