Dragons are the children of the Dragon Gods. Dragons inherit knowledge from their parents. The knowledge is simply added to their base knowledge as a hatchling. Dragons are symbols of power, intelligence and majesty to many different races. Dragons are also considered to be the "master race" as their potential is much higher than that of any other mortal creatures.

Below are some of the standard forms of Dragons.

Standard Dragons Edit

Red Dragons Edit

Red Dragons are the most common, and least commonly hunted Dragon. Red Dragons often hide underground, or at the summits of volcanoes. Their prominent weapons are their teeth and claws. They rarely attack towns, and have the ability to breathe fire and smog. Their most valuable parts are the hides, claws, teeth and blood. Red Dragons are on the lower end of the intellect scale, along with Green Dragons.

Blue Dragons Edit

Blue Dragons are even more docile than Red Dragons. Residing either as guardians of cities, or upon huge mountains. It is illegal to hunt these, due to how much they help larger cities. Very few people wish to deal with a king's wrath, but, those who do would take the horns, hides and blood. Their prominent weapons are their freezing breath, and their huge exaggerated horns. Blue Dragons are high on the intellect scale with Blood Dragons.

Green Dragons Edit

The most commonly hunted Dragon. These Dragons are the third most hostile, attacking towns on a moments notice. Their prominent weapons are their toxic breath, poisonous bite, claws, tail, teeth and incredible ramming speed. They're hunted mostly for their extremely tough hides and meat. They mostly inhabit small islands, caves, and destroyed cities and towns. Green Dragons are the lowest on the intellect scale, right below Red Dragons.

Black Dragons Edit

The second most hostile type of Dragon. They're rarely hunted, due to how powerful they are. They often reside in huge craters, shielding it with magic. Their prominent weapons are their solar breath, dark magic, and huge, mace-like tails. When they are hunted, it's for their heart, since the rest of it is "cursed", according to legend. Their hearts have been known to grant the user enhanced magic, even if they were completely mundane beforehand. Black Dragons are in the middle of the intellect scale, right above Red Dragons and below Blue Dragons.

Blood Dragons Edit

The single most hostile Dragon, and by far the most powerful. They're only hunted by the hardiest of adventurers. This is due to their weaponry: Soul Ray, Nova Spells, Biological Spells, and a wide array of curses. When they're hunted, they're hunted for their blood, horns, hides, claws, tail, meat, heart...Everything. They are nomadic, wandering constantly, looking for an easy meal, such as a Dragon hatchling or cattle. Having a Blood Dragon's head is a trophy to be proud of. Blood Dragons are the highest on the scale, right above Blue Dragons.

Elemental Dragons Edit

Elemental Dragons each have a specific element that they follow, and cannot master, or even learn another as it would be conflicted with their current element. They also cannot be harmed with their element.

Fire Dragons Edit

Fire Dragons are violent, obnoxious and love to sow chaos in villages and cities alike.

Ice Dragons Edit

Ice Dragons are slow moving, and quite peaceful. Unless you get too close, in which case, they'll attack.

Lightning Dragons Edit

Lightning Dragons are quick to judge a situation and are often the first to attack in a battle.

Dark Dragons Edit

Dark Dragons are cold and heartless, giving little care about what they do to many different races and creatures.

Renewal Dragons Edit

Renewal Dragons are kind, and always willing to lend a hand to almost anyone.

Light Dragons Edit

Light Dragons are strong willed, but also very cocky. They think they're the best of the best, all of the time.

Water Dragons Edit

Water Dragons are calm, and are often protective of their friends and family.

Earth Dragons Edit

Earth Dragons are level-headed, and are willing to break their backs for their cause.

Sky Dragons Edit

Sky Dragons are very ominous, and prefer solitude over anything else in life.

Pure Dragons Edit

Pure Dragons are those who carry the weight of the entire race on their backs. They serve as leaders for the rest.

Nova Dragons Edit

Nova Dragons are apathetic and rarely help or hurt anyone if they won't get anything out of it.

Ward Dragons Edit

Ward Dragons are cautious and never take chances when it comes to anything in life.

Psychic Dragons Edit

Psychic Dragons charge blindly into everything, and depend on others to keep them afloat.

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