Dragons are the children of the Dragon Gods. Despite their outward appearance, almost all breeds of Dragons are highly intelligent and are fully capable of learning many languages. Dragons inherit knowledge from their parents. The knowledge is simply added to their base knowledge as a baby Dragon. Dragons are symbols of power, intelligence and majesty to many different races. Dragons are also considered to be the "master race" as their potential is much higher than that of any other mortal creatures.

Dragons can use many kinds of Magic. Keep in mind, the color of a Dragon does not determine what kind of Magic it may use.

Standard Dragons

Red Dragons

Red Dragons are one of the more common breeds of Dragons. Red Dragons are often seen in the Blacklight Mountains of the Deadlands and also the mountain range between the Deep Woods and the Kotanian Jungle of the Mainland. However, there have been sightings as far as Kokura's Rift. They're relatively hostile, often killing invaders in their territory. Red Dragons are also typically smaller than other breeds, growing, at max, to about 3 meters long, with a wingspan of roughly 2.5 meters.

Blue Dragons

Blue Dragons are relatively common in the forests of Soulreach and the Westerlands of the Mainland. They're fairly docile, unless you approach them hostilely. Blue Dragons are large, about 7 meters, with an impressive wingspan, about 12 meters. Blue Dragons often spend a lot of time in the air, in search of the right grazing grounds. Because of they share their habitat with Behemoths, the two are often seen fighting.

Green Dragons

Green Dragons are a breed of flightless Dragons, that often inhabit jungles or dense forests. Green Dragons are unique in that they have four legs and a pair of small, dexterous arms positioned at the base of their neck. Green Dragons have large, expandable mouths, similar to a snake, to swallow their prey whole. They spend a large amount of time, both day and night, lurking the forest floor, searching for herds of Metal Beasts.

Yellow Dragons

Yellow Dragons are enormous, eyeless, flightless, carnivorous Dragons that typically inhabit deserts. Yellow Dragons are viciously territorial, and upon encountering an invader, will attempt to devour them. Most of the time, Yellow Dragons lie in wait under the desert sand. When they sense something moving overhead, they burst from the sand, often disabling larger prey or killing those smaller. A Yellow Dragon's long neck and head are highly flexible, and incredibly muscular. The last place you want to be is near a Yellow Dragon's head.

Wood Dragons

Wood Dragons are small, lizard-like insectivorous Dragons. They live in small colonies of 20-30, and are highly social. Despite their small size, they can still use Magic, and also have a venomous bite. Despite being venomous, they're typically not hostile, and often follow those who trek through the forest in which they dwell. Wood Dragons communicate with each other via chirps of different tones. Despite being fully sapient, they make great pets.

Wasp Dragons

Wasp Dragons are a tiny breed of Dragon. As in only a few inches long. They often inhabit forests, jungles, and meadows. They have four small wings, which they flap with great ferocity. Wasp Dragons have relatively weak jaws, which can really only be used to eat plants. However, they have small spines all over their body that produce a powerful paralytic toxin.

Water Dragons

Water Dragons are a small, carnivorous, aquatic Dragons. Their legs are adapted slightly for both land travel and swimming. Their jaws are relatively large for their body size, and are quite powerful. Fishermen have been known to lose fingers to Water Dragons that also want their fish. They're typically lone hunters, and will often attack other Water Dragons that want their food.

Sea Dragons

Sea Dragons are massive, carnivorous, sea-dwelling Dragons. Sea Dragons sometimes look like whales, but unlike whales, they're highly aggressive. They have been known to capsize even larger fishing boats. Unlike Water Dragons, they're quite social, and typically live in pods of 3-5. Despite their size, which ranges from 77 up to 100 meters long at adulthood, they can move quite quickly, able to easily overtake the fastest seafaring vessels.

Sky Dragons

Sky Dragons are large, airborne Dragons. Sky Dragons act much like birds of prey. They're brash, and not above making a mach-speed dive onto their prey, which typically consists of Blue Dragons. Their roar is highly distinct compared to other breeds, being a high-decibel scream. It's roar often heralds its swift approach. Sky Dragons have large, powerful jaws, that have been known to crunch steel beams and bracing in half. Sky Dragons are typically around 30-55 meters long, at adulthood.

Rot Dragons

Rot Dragons are Dragons that have been afflicted by the Dragonoid strain of Minor Necrosis. Their flesh begins falling away, typically only leaving their internal organs and their tougher skin. However, destroying their organs is pointless, as it's not their organs keeping them alive. Rot Dragons will poison the air, water, and contaminate most objects they touch. These Dragons are invariably hostile.

Skeletal Dragons

Skeletal Dragons are Dragons entirely made of bone. They're incapable of flight, but can still see, and hear. Skeletal Dragons are created when a particularly powerful Dragon dies. The Dragon's Soul has a strong enough will to survive without a body for a short time. During this time, it may seed itself into multiple different Dragon corpses in an attempt to prolong its life. These Dragons are highly hostile, as the Soul has often already started to rot.