Dragon Gods are the beings that all Dragons and Dracokin worship. They gain their knowlegde and power from their predecessors.

In total there have only ever been two Dragon Gods in the entire Realm system. Schalos was the first, and most powerful. Schalos was as powerful as an Ancient God, but was confined to her Realm, the Dragon's Keep. She was banished many years ago, and her oldest son, Seiyrg, took over. Since she didn't die, Seiyrg couldn't absorb her knowlegde and power. Thus, he had to ask their followers to constantly sacrifice living creatures in order to increase his power.

The Dragon Gods don't actually need to reproduce, as they're able to wish other Dragons and Dracokin into existence.

Schalos, the Mother

Schalos is known Joh Druca, or Mother Dragon. She is the original Dragon who gave form and gave birth to all of the variants we know. Schalos is also an Ancient God, but prefers the title of Dragon God. She's kind when she wants to be, but her past makes her a bit irritable. She was banished, similar to Skril' Astriloth, when she got into an intense argument with another powerful Dragon. You may or may not know that they use Voratian words to project power into a physical form. This fact is why she was banished, as the area had been ravaged by her heavy and destructive voice. She has since retired, much like many Ancient Gods, and will only rise to action if all is at stake.

Seiyrg, the Stormrider

Seiyrg is the first and strongest child of Schalos, and flaunts this fact often. He's called the Stormrider due to his abilities, which lie in bringing storms down on his enemies. He's as rash as he is strong, which is a horrible combination. He also has an obsession with growing as powerful as his mother. Seiyrg lacks any decent leadership skills, which isn't a good thing, as he's the current leader of all Dragons. Seiyrg has a daughter, named Cardes, who he only cares for because she's the heir to the Dragons "throne". He constantly asks his followers to sacrifice mortals to further his power.

Cardes, the Time Child

Cardes is Seiyrg's daughter, and from birth, she's shown impressive abilities. Even before she hatched, the egg she was encased in had a time-warping effect on the area around it. Cardes' true colors haven't surfaced yet, as she's still only a few years old. The Dragon mage, Memenix, was sent to a far off realm system to retrieve her egg, which was sent astray.