The Dracokin(Pronounced: Drak-Oh-Kin)

Dracokin are highly intelligent and powerful beings. They're not related to Draconi in any ways, as the Dracokin arrived many years after. Dracokin are found to be 3/4 Dragon and 1/4 Human. Just like their Dragon relatives, they pass down knowledge to their young without having to teach them. This makes them far more intelligent than any race.

They do not usually worship other Gods other than their single Dragon God. They once worshiped the Dragon God Shcalos, but she was banished much like Skril' Astriloth. They now worship the Dragon God Seyirge who has been attempting to bring her back.

The heads of their communities, other than the Dragon Gods, are the Dragon Preists. Their ancestry goes back much farther than others. Along with this, they also have incredible Magic power, and can handle themselves in Melee combat.

Due to how their birthing system works, each Dracokin obtains the Soul of the departed ancestors, making them grow more powerful each generation. Since Destinyscape can generate it's own energy, it's an infinite process and the Dracokin can become even more powerful.

The only downside is that early in life, they cannot comprehend how things work, or even how to call on the knowledge or power of their ancestors. This makes them weak early on, as at that point, they cannot use a breath attack yet.

Dracokin have a leadership of succession through defeat. The current mortal ruler is challenged by another Dracokin, and the winner is given the title of Druca-Skhi, roughly translated to Dragon Lord or Dracokin Lord. This Druca-Skhi has a council of hundreds of followers, who listen to his or her will. It is then their choice to carry it out. Dracokin law allows the Druca-Skhi to kill any Dracokin he pleases for any reason, despite how this may affect their culture or community.

The average Dracokin's life is full of hardship, with much to gain. If they can make it past the first few years, they have a chance at greatness. Those who die young are forgotten, as those who were weak.

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 3 STR, 5 Mana, 3 ARM. Dracokin, from about the age of 10, onward, have the ability to use Dragonfire, based on their strongest Magic. If they do not have Magic, they cannot use Dragonfire.

The Dracokin are a Tier 3 Race.