The Dolma were an experimental race made by Medasz and Zephyz.

They were a combination of Construct and Dracokin. Luckily, after the resounding success of the first experiment, they saw no need to try and make them better.

The Dolma were massive sentient mobile statues of Dracokin. But, being a statue didn't make them slower. All it did was make them stronger, and even more dangerous.

They are immortal. That is, until they fall apart. In which case, each peice holds part of the Dolma's Soul. Dolma shards are often used as the ultimate power sources, or they can be used to recreated the ancient God-like beings. No matter what state they're in, they're always considered Gods.

13 Dolma remain intact, however, 12 of them live in a different Realm. The Realm where they live is still a mystery. The shards of the Dolma on Destinyscape are considered artefacts, and are extremely valuable.

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