Demigods are beings that, in the hierarchy of beings, are ranked directly above mortals.

Demigods are created in a multitude of ways. Being gifted power, earning the power within a mortal lifetime, finding out how to transcend normal lifespans, et cetera.

Depending on how they achieved their ascension, a Demigod may have any number of traits, making them incredibly diverse.

While the technology to determine the exact quantity of Mana in a body has been known for centuries, there is still no consensus on what amount separates the mortals from the Demigods. The contested area is most commonly seen between 100,000 Mana and 1,000,000 Mana. To a mortal, this difference seems to be a world of difference, but to most Demigods and Gods, this amount is trivial in importance.

Previously, Demigods weren't even catalogued, due to how often they were being born and being killed. However, a decision between the Magic Council and the Research Facility has defined that any Demigod alive for more than a year may be catalogued. This rule is subject to change.

Catalogued Demigods


Omnari is what is informally referred to as an "All Mage", as she knows more varieties of Magic than nearly anyone else we know of. On her resume, she is also the instructor for Nova Magic, Headmaster of the Colony of the Masters, and Chairwoman of the Magic Council. She has close ties to the Research Facility, and has pioneered research in the "primeval" Magics. She, like a large chunk of powerful beings, is a Spiritkin. She is well deserving of the title "Demigod".

Bandit Lord Feirlan

Feirlan is well known in the Theif Chain Islands as the head of the "House of Magic". His family embraces Magic far more than the other ruling families. Feirlan's most defining feature, however, is the fact that his district in Aruna is filled with highly robust Golem guards. Once spotted by these guards, any other houses' family members are immediately detained and collected for questioning. Due to this, it's difficult to find any other houses' presence in the district.

The Grand Magus Laren

Skhilor Ikrham