The DSZC game is based on part 5 of the DSZC series, Survival. The game itself is titled "DSZC-Survival", but most of the Survival aspects haven't been added yet. 

The game does have a few features added in, as well as a new area never before seen in the DSZC lore, a new main character and a new story.

Features already in gameEdit


Crafting will play a large role in DSZC-Survival. The cheapest way to get gear, food and even upgrade items will be through crafting. Whether or not you kill that enemy up ahead may depend on if your weapon is upgraded enough. You may save some cash by crafting armor instead of buying it.


Currently, difficulty doesn't affect a lot. It only affects how much EXP and Gold you gain from killing an enemy. However, it will soon reflect how Survival really works. Difficulty will affect how much EXP and Gold you get everywhere, you could start with an extra item, or you might even start in a random location!


Jobs are also a feature that's in development. Currently, jobs are a one-time deal where you ask about a job, do said job one time, return and get paid, then you're done. Soon, it'll be based on a daily schedule where you get paid for the job daily, if you don't do your job you might lose it, etc.


The game has a heavy focus on RNG (random number generation). So, you may search a box one time and find 100 Gold. But, the next time you find some grass or a stick. When upgrading that Shiv to a Shiv+1, you may end up becoming a master craftsman for a second and upgrade it to a Shiv+2, effectively cutting the resource cost.

Important InformationEdit

You can download the Alpha 1 version here . Keep in mind that this is basically a demo. It doesn't have much content or gameplay.

Have feedback on the current version? Leave it in the discussion section below or leave me a message (Makse10) on my page.

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