There are many weapons and weapon styles that mortals of all races use. Some are specific to certain races, or smaller groups within those races.


Human weapons are basic and to the point. There isn't much extra added on for embellishment.

Blade Weapons

Swords are the obvious, and they're also used by most races. While Human swords are typically lower quality, they're easier to repair and they have much room to improve upon them. Their daggers are largely the same. Their axes are typically lighter and more streamlined than the other races.

Stabbing Weapons

Human spears, bidents and tridents are usually high quality, very streamlined and are built to pierce armor very quickly. However, they also do little overall damage because the tips are small and lack any sort of barbs.

Blunt Weapons

Since most humans can't handle large, heavy weapons, there aren't very many heavy, blunt weapons. Maces are the most widely used blunt weapon by Humans, as they're versitile enough to be used by many, while still being light. Hammers and warhammers are typically small with less crushing power, but more peircing capability.

Ranged Weapons

Humans mostly use crossbows for ranged weaponry, since it can have far more improvements built in than a bow. They were the second race to create a both faster action, and a rapid fire option for crossbows, right behind the Dwarves.


Demons use brutal weaponry, designed to make the opponent suffer, give up, or both. Often times, these weapons are designed to be disposable due to the fact that Demons like to leave their weapons in their opponents.


A Ketosh is a scimitar-like weapon, with blades in the formation of a claw. It's built to rend flesh. However, despite the fear this weapon inspires, the blades themselves are rather thin. While that's wonderful for cutting straight through flesh, it also makes them fragile.


A Kavesh is similar to a pickaxe, but is built more for combat. All of the edges are sharpened, and any part that can be removed safely often is, to make it easier to swing. Sometimes, you'll see serrations on the blades, in more brutal versions.