Stats are a complex and strange thing. Here are a few things lying around the wiki...

Magic Damage Edit

Damage is simply the damage done when attacking.

When an attack deals light damage, it does equal to the [user's level] + 2.

When an attack does light-medium damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 1.5 + 1.

When an attack does medium damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 2 + 4.

When an attack does heavy damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 2.5 + 5.

When an attack does massive damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 3) + ([target's level] x 0.5).

When an attack does amazing damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 4) + ([target's level] x 0.75).

When an attack does ludicrous damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 5) + ([target's level] x 1.25).

When an attack does God-like damage, it does euqal to the ([user's level] x 7.5) + ([target's level] x 2) + 10.

So, if Jared's level is 32, and his attack is doing heavy damage, his attack would do 85 damage.

And, if Michael's level is 49 and his enemy is level 33, and his attack is doing massive damage, his attack would do 163.5, but would be rounded up to the nearest full number, so 164 damage.

The final number will be called [magical damage], just for the sake of learning.

Armor Bonus Edit

Armor blocks damage, as long as armor isn't ignored or shattered. Some spells also do more damage to an opponent with metal armor. For future reference, AV meaning Armor Value, or the power of the armor. Magic that is absorbed turns into Mana. It gives the exact amount of Mana used to the person being hit. Armor sets are made of 3 pieces: Helm, Body and Leggings. Helmets have 10% of the set's AV, Bodies have 50% and Leggings have 40%

Armor is separated into a few groups. Some can deflect magic, others can absorb it for the wearer, or the magic could be amplified and hurt the person more. Other armor can deflect arrows and other things like that.

Regular (Deflects nothing, absorbs nothing, amplifies Lightning) Edit

Leather(Minecraft Only): Full set has an AV of 7.

Bronze: Full set has an AV of 11.

Iron: Full set has an AV of 15.

Diamond(Minecraft Only): Full set has an AV of 20.

Steel: Full set has an AV of 35.

Absorption (Deflects nothing, absorbs some Magic, amplifies nothing) Edit

Mithril: Full set has an AV of 57, and absorbs Ice and Water.

Laevium: Full set has an AV of 147, and absorbs Fire, and Air.

Orphalite: Full set has an AV of 201, and absorbs Darkness and Light.

Deflection (Deflects objects and Magic, absorbs nothing, amplifies nothing) Edit

Adamant: Full set has an AV of 71, and can deflect Fire, Ice, and Darkness.

Zephyrium: Full set has an AV of 120, and can deflect Sky, Dragon and Earth.

Zamitite: Full set has an AV of 239, and can deflect Curses and Special Magic.

Power Armor (Deflects objects and Magic, absorbs some Magic and amplifies nothing) Edit

Runical: Full set has an AV of 94, deflects Water and Ice and absorbs Sky.

Dragonite: Full set has an AV of 173, delfects Sky, Earth and Fire and absorbs Dragon and Curses.

Rainbow: Full set has an AV of 260, deflects Fire, Ice and Lightning, absorbs Water, Sky, Earth, Light and Dragon.

Godly Armor (Varies) Edit

First Age: Full set has an AV of 333, deflects physical, absorbs all(not completely), amplifies Special.

Amount of damage blocked Edit

The amount of damage that is blocked by armor is determined by this formula:

([User's level] x 0.25) + AV

Whatever this formula equals is called ARM.

So if Max is level 78 and he's using Orphalite Armor, then his ARM is 240. This means he can take 240 Damage before he starts actually taking damage.

So the formula for how much damage you'll take is


If the answer is negative, that negative number is how much you take.

Let's recap on this so far. We have two people who want to fight. Lauren is level 50, and knows a spell that can deal massive damage. Aaron is level 20 and is wearing Runical Armor. Could Aaron survive the spell if he has 160 Health?

Aaron has 99 ARM in total. Lauren's Spell can do 160 damage total in this fight. So, let's use our formula from before. 99 - 160 = -61. Aaron will take 61 Damage, and be left with 99 Health.

Other Damage

Physical Damage Edit

Physical damage is more complicated than others since there are so many outcomes.

Physical damage is determined by the following formula:

(STR + ([user's level] x 0.25)) + [weapon's STR stat] = [physical damage]

The number that this equals is called DMG.

A weapon's STR stat is determined by it's [base STR], which is attached to it's [weapon type], and the [material] used.

Sword: Swords are fast, but give the lowest STR value. [Material] x 0.11

Axe: Axes are slow but the best STR value. [Material] x 0.2

Spear: Spears are pretty average, giving long reach, medium speed and the second lowest STR value. [Material] x 0.13

Hammer: Hammers are slow, but have a crippling effect and the second best STR value. [Material] x 0.15

Bow: Bows are quite average with medium speed and STR and have the capacity for long reach. [Material(Look in this link for Material STR values)] x 0.14

Bronze: Adds an additional 5 STR

Iron: Adds an additional 10 STR

Steel: Adds an additional 20 STR

Mithril: Adds an additional 40 STR

Adamant: Adds an additional 80 STR

Runical: Adds an additional 160 STR

Zephyr: Adds an additional 320 STR

Laevium: Adds an additional 480 STR

Dragonite: Adds an additional 560 STR

Orphalite: Adds an additional 600 STR

Zamitite: Adds an additional 620 STR

Rainbow: Adds an additional 800 STR

Ancient: Adds an additional 1400 STR

First Age: Adds an additional 2000 STR

So a Mithril Sword would have a [Base STR] of 44. A Zephyr Hammer would have a [Base STR] of 362.

So let's say Jay had an unlucky roll. He only got one STR every level for 20 levels. He likes using a Steel Spear.

(STR + ([user's level] x 0.25)) + [weapon's STR stat] = [physical damage]

(20 + (20 x 0.25)) + 3

(20 + 5) + 3

So Jay's DMG is 28. When in combat, he has a very high chance of hitting a 28.

Hybrid Damage Edit

This is where you can start dealing some seriously heavy attacks. Hybrid damage is where a weapon is imbued with a certain Magic Spell. Say we imbued Fireball(LV1 Fire) into a Bronze Sword. If the User was level 1, with 1 base STR with this weapon, it would have 10 damage instead of the normal 5 for a Bronze Sword.

How this is calculated is:

[weapon's STR stat] = [material] x [weapon type]

(STR + ([user's level] x 0.25)) + [weapon's STR stat] = [physical damage]

[physical damage] + [magical damage]

If you need info on [magical damage], see above in "Understanding Magic Damage".

This allows for some seriously powerful weaponry. Unfortunately, when you imbue a weapon, it only stays imbued until you hit an enemy. That first hit is powered by the imbue, and thus lets you do tons of damage early on.

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