Many different items exist in the realm, and most have many uses. It would make no sense if only one person could make them all. That's where brands and models come in. Some add special features to items that others don't. This makes branding a big deal when it comes to picking out the item that's right for you.

While there are smaller brands, we'll be listing the biggest brands here. New brands will also surface, and others will dissipate as their usefulness runs dry.

Weaponry Brands Edit

Bridaelus Edit

Bridaelus is a melee weapon brand, but specializing in bladed weapons. All Bridaelus weapons have either razor sharp blades, or impossibly sharp spikes. These weapons perform even better when pitted against enemies with flesh, or when poisons are added.

Avarii Edit

Avarii is a melee weapon brand, specializing in brute force. Many of their best works are warhammers, maces and other heavy weapons. However, due to using dwarven technology, they have added this effect to bladed weapons. Using steam powered pumps on the weapon and a backpack-like addition, the blade can be forced away from the actual body of the blade. This allows the user to cut through tough objects, including their opponents.

Geminus Edit

Geminus is a ranged weapon brand, specializing in penetrating heavy defenses. They use enchantment on their weapons to increase the projectile's speed. One of their strongest models, known as the Geminus Cross Cutter, which employs Darkness Magic to create a dark clone of the arrow that breaks defenses before the arrow gets to the target.

Daedakis Edit

Daedakis is a ranged weapon brand, specializing in multi-shot weapons. Daedakis weapons mainly consist of crossbows, but Daedakis is ahead of their time with other models. They've developed the Dragon Cannon, a hand cannon that fires shards of metal.

Armor Brands Edit

Evnasis Edit

Evnasis is an armor brand that focuses on fluid and uninhibited movement. Despite being comfortable and easy to move in, Evnasis armor is usually made of Mandrake Oils and high-grade alloys, making it very expensive. This expense is not in vain, as this combination is unmatched in performance.

Ghrakk Edit

Ghrakk is an armor brand based in a goblin settlement, specializing in heavy and durable armor. Ghrakk armor is only suggested for the hardiest of warriors, as it's extremely heavy. It also usually has spikes attached, deterring melee attackers from getting too close.

Other Brands Edit

Penliffe Edit

Penliffe is an apothecary brand, which focuses on restoration and positive effects. Whether it's a healing potion or not, most Penliffe potions have a healing effect. Penliffe also produces powerful anti-poisons and resistance potions for those looking to adventure.

Maldyryk Edit

Maldyryk is a magical research brand. Maldyryk researches new Magics and counter-Magic items. However, Maldyryk rarely comes out with anything, as Magic is a difficult and volatile subject.

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