In the products of this lore, there have been many powerful entities. This is a list of boss-like entities from roleplays, games and other works.

Major Legacy Bosses(Historical)

The Agony Colossus

The Agony Colossus was an overgrown Agony Elemental, which made its home in the swamps of Witherwood. It employed control over literal endless waves of Agony Elementals, as well as its own gargantuan size.

It was first weakened by the attempts of the Mage's Colony of the Basics, and was later finished off by the Knight Valor.

The Kokuran Shaman

The Kokuran Shaman was a powerful mage fought by a group of Mage's Colony students; Toma Ramaz, Jevv, and Orias. The Shaman was guarding an ancient shrine to Tok-Zephyz, which actually housed the labyrinth created by Zephyz, as well. The Shaman used its superior control of Earth magic to liquefy the ground, but was ultimately defeated.


Zarite is a current member and student of the Mage's Colony of the Basics, and was one of the finalists in the Mage's Colony Annual Tournament. He was originally defeated by a team within the tournament, consisting of Toma Ramaz, Jevv, Orias, Sannantha, Jaya and Ash.

Zarite, to this day, is formidable for his relative level of power. He makes use of a synergy between Crystal magic and Light magic, by refracting powerful light beams through the crystals. This, combined with his superb understanding of how light bends, and his spatial awareness, makes him a nightmare to fight. You can never tell if he's right next to you, or if that's just a trick of the light.