Bludgeons are heavy club-like weapons used for smashing and grabbing. On the realm of Destinyscape Zetacraft, there are many different types of these useful weapons.

Bludgeon: Standard, run of the mill. This can be aquired at the upcoming Theives Hall. Has Knockback I.

Weak Bludgeon: These little dainty sticks may look worthless, but can pack a punch with their Sharpness II.

Warm Bludgeon: Taken straight from a Nether Fortress, these little suckers can knock you back and give you 1st degree burns. Includes: Fire Aspect I, and Knockback I.

Hot Bludgeon: Made from the remains of a Blaze, these aren't very heavy, but they'll give you a NASTY burn. Has Fire Aspect II.

Heavy Bludgeon: Made of quality reinforced Iron, and can pack a huge wallop, especially in the Nether near a Magma pool, or in the End. Has Knockback II.

Shining Bludgeon: Not very heavy due to being two whole pounds of 24 Karat Gold. Even such, it has alchemical abilities, such as loot duplication. Has Looting III.

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