The Battle Royale is a huge battle similar to the God Wars of the Past, only it includes ALL of the Greater and Elder Gods Vs. three different teams of Secret Gods. However, it is still a free-for-all, leaving each team to fend for itself. The way to determine who's team any one person is on is by a note next to their name in the chat. If it's an (EA), then they're with Enigma, if it's an (EY), they're with Energy, if it's a (G), then they're with Godly, and if it's an (ES), then they're with the Elenatis.

The BattlesEdit

The battles are taken to the doorstep and beyond of each and every realm, town, village and city. As long as you can identify your team members, you're all set. Whoever comes victorious, will have a battle named after them, as well as gaining one point for their team. The best part, is even the Gods themselves have at the action! Watching two Gods duke it out will definitly be a show to watch. The biggest battle you'll see if between Raptoris and Enigma and his legion of powerful warriors.

Points, and BattlesEdit

Nothing yet! Come back soon to check and see if any progress has occured!





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