Many kinds of Angels exist in the realm. Most of them follow Dramae, but, some follow Zephyz or Rhahamiir. Typically, Angels are similar to paladins, in that they use power from their God to fuel their Magic. However, not all Angels are pillars of good in the world. Some remain neutral, and some even turn on the innocent.

Angels Edit

Angels are winged humanoids, with white skin, and variations of flame colors for hair. They're innately powerful, but grow slower than other races. They're obsessed with the God they follow, often devoting their lives to serving said God.

In DSZC 5, Angels start with relatively high stats, 5 HP, 10 STR, 10 Mana, 0 ARM. They have wings. Natural +1 trait.

Enforcer AngelsEdit

Your standard heavenly Angel, who stands for good. They are surprisingly less common these days than the rest since most went into hiding according to Dramae. They rarely battle, but when they do, they often wield dual dual-sided swords made from an unknown material. When traveling on the surface, they go in packs of 3-4, and strike down any wrongdoers they come across.

Guardian AngelsEdit

These guys are the muscle of the Angelic community. They wear armor heavier and stronger seen ever, only second to the armor of the Gods. They often carry Warhammers, Axes and 2 Handed Sword. They very often travel in pairs, but can be found congregating near monuments to the Gods.They are are force to be reckoned with, and only smite those who commit serious crimes.

Light Seeker AngelsEdit

These are the beautiful, close cousins of the Guardian Angels. They always appear as beautiful women, who can change their appearance at will. They only use this power for good, by using their beauty to bring male criminals to  the court of the Gods. They often bring in more criminals than their other counterparts, since they don't really need to try as much. They always travel alone to avoid appearing intimidating to their targets.

Dark AngelsEdit

These guys love to put you in pain for no reason at all. But, lacking any magical knowledge, they cannot cast spells of any kind. This is a good thing, since they're crafty enough as it is. They often carry many different weapons, including Axes, Hammers, Sword, 2 Handed Sword, Throwing Daggers and more. They travel alone, since they're often greedy. They usually eat the victim after they're killed, then they take their gear.

Ancient AngelsEdit

These guys are real jerks. They stalk their prey in ancient ruins, and as their target feels uneasy, they strike, and often instantly kill them. Never go alone in any ancient ruin to avoid these. They lose their pride once they're outnumbered, so ward them off with a couple deadly warriors. If found outside a ruin, warn everyone about it, and prepare for an assault, since they're notorious for raiding towns.

Watcher AngelsEdit

The most fearful evil Angel that isn't chaotic. They gracefully wield Scythes, and wear black cloaks. The spitting image of a reaper, and yet they can't kill you instantly. They love the heat of battle, and just can't get enough. They watch your every move, as to learn your patterns. If slain, they often die with a smile on their face, bestowing the warrior with their Scythe. They are the kindest of the evil Angels.

Chaos AngelsEdit

Powerful, often cocky Angels, whose words are more terrifying than their sword skills. They often carry Scythes or extremely long Swords. These are often the evil counterpart of a selfish king, or lord, giving them strength from the darkness. The king is often devoured by the Angel, thus giving it even more power. They also retain the name of the person they came from. They usually reside in castles on top of mountains. They usually own the contracts of many kinds of evil Angels who acts as warriors and soldiers for the Chaos Angels.

Unity AngelsEdit

Beautiful Angels adorned with gold and jewels. They do not carry weapons, and use their words to escape dangerous situations. These are also the most unstable of Angels. They often fall to greed, or they lust for the taste of combat. The ones who fall to greed usually turn to Chaos Angels. The others simply die, not understanding how serious combat is, and how dangerous it is.

Dire AngelsEdit

These strange things wander nearly anywhere. They supposedly follow Raptoris, but he has remained mum on the matter. They often speak of Raptoris' teachings, and praise him. They usually carry a multitude of armors, weapons, spells, and more on their travels. Unlike most of Angels, these will speak to humans. There are very few successful Dire Angels who gain a controlling position. The most known are Racht' Zktharoth, Urok the mighty, Ki' Aiakoza, and Brakath the silent.

Pseudo-Angels Edit

Pseudo-Angels are Angels that can also be classified as another creature as well.

Nkdaris Edit

Nkdaris are strange wandering beings. Though they look dangerous, are actually quite tame. They have six oriental wings, which aren't used for flying, but for show. Nkdaris are rarely seen with a face, if seen at all. They use huge single claws that are attached to their wrists to fight. They are considered a safezone, since they are opposed to Gods. But, they don't like it when you follow them for long periods of time.

Zaerls Edit

A Zaerl is a huge behemoth-like beast, with white scales and blue eyes. They mostly wander the plains, feeding on trees, or rocks. They are docile, until attacked. Once ready for battle, they grow spikes all over their body, their nails grow longer and sharper, and they grow huge tusks. Fighting these is not recommended, unless you need something from them.

Luxilus Spark Edit

These little glowing orbs of light love to hide in caves, tree trunks and other dark places. That is, until night, when they travel in huge swarms, which are a beautiful sight to be seen. They have no self defense, other than sheer numbers. They are valuable little guys, given that they're a high-leveled potion making ingredient. But, they don't come easy. Trapping them takes years of practice, and learning how and when they will move. They are worth thousands of coins apiece. They hold as much power as the sun, thus, if you look straight at one without protection, you will be blinded. To properly defend yourself, use any dark colored eyewear.

Battleangel Edit

Battleangels are huge, godlike tools of war. They don't use weapons, because their magic is strong enough. They never actually fully surface from the ground. A Battleangel is as tall as the distance between Haven and the surface. Those who can slay a Battleangel will gain a fragment of their power. Though, gaining this power makes the warrior overcome by light.