Ancient Gods are those responsible for making all of the Realm systems. They also were the first to make other beings into Gods. Both Yzaar-Takous and Yzaar-Drakus were trained by the Ancient Gods. However, Yzaar-Raptoris was the outcast. None of the Ancients accepted him, due to how he thought. So, he taught himself on how things should work and be. Through this, he gained his power faster, and became leader of the Elders. The Ancients, after training the Elders, decided to hide away in a place no other being could find. This place is called the Final Rest, and only those who have matched the power of an Ancient can enter, to rest after creating massive things such as Realm systems.

Two of the Ancients are known as Osis and Asmus. Osis is the Ancient of Existence and Asmus is the Ancient of Non-Existence. Just by willing it, they can create or destroy anything they please.

The power of an Ancient can't really be measured. They are often asked by mortals to create pocket Realms. Almost 100% of these requests are denied with silence. One man who managed to contact an Ancient managed to gain Godhood. This man was Ortaan Evenoth, a powerful mage-lord. He had managed to repair one of the moons when it was blasted in half by some adventurers back about 300 years ago(From the time this was written; Year 2549). For this feat, he was rewarded with a visit from an Ancient. However, no one beleives him, claiming that he's a liar trying to gain attention. He was also rewarded with Godhood, and became the God of Doors, Yira-Naoikre.

Other than instances like that, the Ancients try to leave the mortals and other Gods to their business, unless the Multiverse is at stake. There are no records of this ever happening.

Even though Osis and Asmus are the most powerful local Ancients, that doesn't mean there aren't others. Below is a list of the other known Ancients and some information about them.

Ancient Gods Edit

Keep in mind that other than the information displayed, we know nothing about them. They don't often show up around the Realms, thus we can't know what they act like.

Nahkinaal, Ancient of Emotion Edit

Nahkinaal is better known as the Mother of Yndra. She created the Yndra, those who gain power from emotion. Not only can she gain power from emotion as well, but she has the ability to project her emotions into a physical force. Happiness will bring about fortune and good luck, while sadness and depression will bring about conflict. She is also one of a small handful of Gods who are allowed to directlty control and interact with mortals without permission from either Osis or Asmus.

Brura-Nol, Ancient of Madness Edit

Brura-Nol, also known as the Lord of Confusion or the Damnation of the Mind, is the being responsible for the crazy and bizarre things that make no sense. He is the one responsible for all of the times when you forgot something important. And last, but most certainly not least, he created the Whisper. The Whisper, a being the size of a Realm that is madness incarnate. Trying to understand Brura is like arguing about whether or not arguments exist. It makes absolutely no sense, and you'll soon after forget why or what you where doing. Despite his lack of logic and reason, people worship him to the point of complete obsession.

Rhahamiir, Ancient of Wisdom Edit

Rhahamiir the most social of the Ancient Gods, if you consider social to be being in the same building as another person. She is almost always in the Golden Palace's library with Yira-Naoikre, the Lesser God of Doors and Gates. Working together, they have hundreds of pocket Realms filled with records, books, scrolls, engravings and more items that can store information. The information she has reaches far beyond the birth of the Destiny System, and even the cluster that the Destiny System is a part of. The oldest known document in her possession is well over a billion years old. She's a bit hostile to almost everyone, and is also a bit impatient. She also has a tendancy to randomly violently lash out at pretty much anything for any reason. She also has a few grudges against the male Gods in the Golden Palace. Being one of a handful of female Gods in the system, she complains of getting quite a bit of unwanted attention. One notable grudge is one against Harral , who has always been known to cause trouble.

Nyxa, Ancient of the Unknown Edit

Nyxa, who is known as the Night, the Darkness, the One Who Watches and so on, is a very powerful Ancient God. She is the darkness of night, the unknown that lurks just outside of your vision and the mother of the dark ones. She is the one who created the first kind of Demon, the Skril' Demon. She had two sons, one of which was a Demon and the other was a being that no one really understands; a Nightkin. The Demon son was later named Elder God of Demons, Skril' Astriloth, and the Nightkin son was named Lesser God of Doors. Nyxa is incapable of having an actual physical form, as all it would be is a shroud of darkness. She is also the one who "created" fear. She was the original fear, the fear of the unknown.

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