In this space of tranquility, a troubling wind whips through the ether. A figure approaches the sleeping giants.

"What do you seek here?"

"I seek a respite. The quiet before the storm."

"You know you're not welcome in this existence. They would not approve."

"They would not. I care not for what they want. He is what I want. He is who must take the dive with me. And when we take it, we will both sleep forever. This existence will mourn his loss, but I come from elsewhere. I will not be missed, as only I would miss myself. Pity is not where I would wish to dwell for my sleep."

"He will wish that he becomes stronger, and so it would be. You cannot drag him into the abyss as you fall. He will remove your hand as you cling to he, for he cares not for you."

"We will soon know who's future is correct, if such things can happen."

The figure turns, winded now as the figure has spoken words unthinkable. Words that defy his place. That defy his creator.

As the ether calms itself, he appears. The ether stirs.

"He wishes to dive, to take me, and bring the end?"

"The night shall be long. As he says, the mourning will come. As he says, he will not be celebrated. As he says, the storm will come, and the hell inside our heads will dance to the song of destruction."

"But, who will be singing?"

"He or you."

"No. Neither he nor I will be singing. Those below us, past the thin veil, will be singing. And you will dance. The dance of absolution. And it will be over. He will fall, I will wither, and you shall give new shape to the song's melody."

"Without you, there is no shape."

"You embody shape. Be the shape. The space will no longer exist. All will be one. All will return."

"Until the children wish for space."

"They will have it. They have a reserve of space. Many of them. Fear not the end, for it gives shape to the next day."

"Thank you, as you have reminded me of our children. They will have all."

"Let him come. He will understand at the moment he clashes with you, and will lose faith, but will still continue. The end comes shortly after. Be ready."

The ether, as if eavesdropping, once again stills as the giants continue their sleep.

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